Staffing shortages, flight delays snarl air travel

CNN’s Pete Muntean reports on the staffing issues, flight delays and cancellations that are making trips to the airport more stressful during the summer months. Airline and travel analyst Henry Harteveldt joins CNN’s Pamela Brown to discuss how the industry continues to adjust and what passengers can do to minimize disruptions to their vacation plans. #CNN #News


  1. In Europe it’s even worse especially the Uk thousands of flights cancelled & strikes are looming aswell.

  2. Airline profits are up. Service is down. Pay is stagnant. Apply that to all corporations.

  3. It doesn’t help that less and less people can be a pilot was already so expensive even before Covid and the inflation. It also has become more expensive since the increase of gas prices. It was never limited to just car gas.

    1. Keep buying and stocking all goods in this 3 weeks before oil price go to USD 130-150 per barrel in Aug!!!!​ He is an arms dealer!!​ War war war!!!

  4. We coming off pandemic where we shutdown industries because there was less demand. Now that we are coming off the pandemic it will take time for companies to hire and train employees. The good thing is that there is demand for workers and better pay and benefits. The bad news is that itsl going to take a couple years for things to get back to normal.

    1. @Jay Mass unfortunately Democrats on day one of the new administration. Going to blame everyone that nothing being done.

  5. The American dream in 2022Both parents wake up in the morning at 4 a.m in a house where they never truly own the property but more or less rent the property off the government by paying property taxes. They say good morning to each other and try to put together a lunch for themselves with food that’s price has increased on average 7% in the last year. They don’t get to see their kids off to school in the morning or welcome them home bc both parents have to work a job where they are making less this year than they were last year bc inflation has gone up 7% in the market but their paycheck only went up 3% bc that’s the national average. Then they proceed down the street in a vehicle where they are forced to pay to register, inspect, and preform maintenance on it yearly, on roads that haven’t been redone in years to a gas station that charges them between a .56 cents and .74 cents per gallon tax to “repair” said roads. Once they get to their place of work they work on average 10 hours per day for 5-6 days a week to then be taxed on that money, all while their government tells them what they must do health wise to come to work to pay those taxes that funds them. After all those taxes are taken out of their paycheck they then must still pay taxes on practically every other transaction of money they do, along with a price increase on every good. They get home in the evening worn out, where they hopefully get to see their children who are being raised by the government due to the fact both parents must work, where the government is grooming them to be the next generation of cattle to milk dry in taxes so the cycle can continue. They turn on the tv while they cook dinner to hear from their government officials that they worked all day to fund tell them how “they are the problem” and cause division across the country and when they are up for re-election convince you why you need them to fix your issues, tell you that they are sending billions of dollars overseas to assist them while our country has many of the same issues.They turn the tv off and walk upstairs and lay next to their spouse hoping and dreaming that one day in 50+ years if they are lucky to make it that long that they might get to enjoy each other’s company for 5 years together in retirement. The system is so broken and it’s disgusting. I hope people are waking up to the fact that more government regardless of party isn’t the answer. We don’t need politicians they need us, but somehow that narrative has been lost over time. Something needs to change in this country and it needs to happen quick bc the Nation is a dried out tinder box ready to be lit. I know I can’t be the only person tired of being stepped on in literally every aspect of life. It’s almost like we left a place once in our history bc of over taxation. This isn’t the American dream it’s the American nightmare where you aren’t a free American, you’re a free American to do what you are told.”- Tami Fowler –

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  6. Oh but don’t worry Pete buttigieg is talking to the airlines every day and watching things closely. Everything should be fine Pete’s on the job. What a joke

    1. I was dead heading back and was at Chicago O’Hara. They had 2 TVs at one of the gates, one with CNN and one with FOX. There was a crowd at the Fox Tv and just a few people at the CNN TV.

    2. Whatever Ray … i guess youve been to every airport on earth 😁🤪😆🤣😂😂😂😂

    3. Keep buying and stocking all goods in this 3 weeks before oil price go to USD 130-150 per barrel in Aug!!!!​ He is an arms dealer!!​ War war war!!!

  7. *Trump made a statement! Watch the video you will be shocked*

    Mr.Joseph – respect for you.

  8. There is only one way airlines are suddenly going to “cure” their staffing shortages. When cancelling any flight and unable to make alternate reservations to get the passenger to his/her destination within 4 hours if their original scheduled time, each airline MUST be required to automatically give the passenger a FULL CASH refund on the spot. No coupons, no vouchers just plain cash. Watch how fast the cancellations start dropping !

    1. @Linda C I only travel during non holiday periods. I love my family but not enough to put up with holiday travel stress.

    2. ​@Linda C that’s the point but that’s what all airlines are doing, scheduling flights for which they may not have sufficient aircraft or crews to fly them. The days of protecting and shielding carriers needs to end.

  9. While the CEOs make millions on top of millions after being bailed out with the people’s money. What else is new?

  10. You might mention that for years, decades really, commercial pilots were former military…since the US isn’t fighting any major air wars recently, there went your “feeder program”.

  11. We’ll soon be seeing want ad’s for air traffic control agents to work from home, 🤗

  12. When I got my VFR private pilot’s license in 95 it costed over $8,000 today it can go as high as $15,000 just for a private pilot’s license first you must get your private pilot’s license VFR rules then go for IFR then you can go for commercial

    1. Yeah, same here, PPL in 91, instrument rating in 92 and then commercial training. It was expensive then and it’s still expensive now. FAA and air carriers of course want appropriate experience, but man that’s expensive to do. I’m mainly a hobby pilot these days, but so much of my flying is really about staying current, particularly with the instrument rating. I sort of feel like i’m not having fun anymore, merely maintaining.

  13. If airlines are having “staffing shortages,” wouldn’t it be a good idea for them to schedule fewer flights in the first place?

    1. @usa911 There’s plenty of oil. An abundance. They are not refining it in order to keep prices high. People need to figure out ways to used much less to force a price drop. Corporate greed has caused this earthwide mess.

    2. It would be a good idea except for one thing – airlines don’t want any flights departing unless every seat has a paying passenger in it.

  14. The airlines can always bring ex-pilots out of retirement…if the retiree wants to return to the air. Yes, I know they may have to recertify …but it’s better than waiting for new pilots.

    1. Keep buying and stocking all goods in this 3 weeks before oil price go to USD 130-150 per barrel in Aug!!!!​ He is an arms dealer!!​ War war war!!!

    2. The US FAA has mandatory retirement age for commercial pilots, there would not be enough pilots to call back.

  15. I’m shocked people can still afford to fly. Have you looked at ticket prices? I would rather not go. I would say I would rather drive but that’s not an option either.

  16. Hey, if an airlines had given me $10,000, I’ never stop talking about how great they are! It’s free advertising too.

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