Stand By Your Man: GOP Can’t Seem To Quit Trump | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Stand By Your Man: GOP Can't Seem To Quit Trump | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


    1. @Muddy Water Just like all those things Trump said would happen after November 3rd if Biden was elected: – – – you know like:
      > the stock market will crash
      > COVID-19 would disappear
      or, alternatively
      > Biden’s response to COVID-19 would be a disaster.
      The only folks that wish for Trump are the Trump cultist, people who for example believe:
      > Trump won the 2020 election
      > Trump did not incite an insurrection
      > Democrats are pedophiles running a child prostitution ring out of Washington DC
      > The events of January 6th were no different than BLM protests
      > Kyle Rittenhouse should be a free man
      > the Proud Boys have a legitimate point to make.
      Folks who agree even a little with any of these are not a folks to be reasoned with.

    2. @Muddy Water and your point is…sacrifice the planet for fossil fuels when we were talking about graham shenanigans?

    1. @Rachel Garcia that’s how it supposed to work. The AG and DOJ shouldn’t be taking marching orders from the president. We all must have collectively forgotten that after 4years of blatant corruption. Biden won’t ask for them because we aren’t Russia or Belarus – it has nothing to do with optics

    1. Graham knows that if the GOP steered away from Trump, he will have no place in it. That’s why he’s doing everything he can to move the GOP towards Trump just to stay relevant.

    2. Correct. An addiction to the pathetic orange DNA. They get it directly from the Nub.
      Appears worse than heroin.

  1. Georgia should also be looking into Graham’s attempt to interfere in their state election, which is a felony. Graham had no business contacting them and not his own state of S. Carolina.

    1. There’s an immense amount of turds up there already and still they fit more. Trump’s arsehole is like the Tardis.

    1. Trump would throw them under the bus without thinking twice 😂 he did that with the scummy terrorists (not rioters!) so I wouldn’t be surprised if he did that with the GOP guys

  2. Lindsey recognises that Republican voters are gone and all that is left is the MAGA crowd. Disavow MAGA and have nobody left to vote for you.

  3. Because you’re in a cult. You need help and you need to get away from the people like that. Love from Australia

    1. Both disgusting but Mitch isn’t nearly as slimy in public , Graham is as gross as you , get saying lara trump is the face of the republicans now and he openly supported Trump
      Mitch atleast said all the things Trump did wrong
      And I’m sure Graham’s breath smells like Trump’s hind end

  4. Well it’s the pro dictatorship party isn’t it? That’s why McConnell left it open for trump to repeat the insurrection in future.

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