State Department Aide Overheard Trump Checking On Ukraine Scheme | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

State Department Aide Overheard Trump Checking On Ukraine Scheme | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


Rachel Maddow reads passages from the opening statement from the testimony of State Department official David Holmes to the Donald Trump impeachment inquiry in which he describes overhearing Donald Trump speaking on the phone with Gordon Sondland to check on the progress in getting Ukrainians to conduct investigations to help his reelection campaign. Aired on 11/15/19.
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State Department Aide Overheard Trump Checking On Ukraine Scheme | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

91 Comments on "State Department Aide Overheard Trump Checking On Ukraine Scheme | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC"

  1. It’s being reported that Trump was watching the hearings in his bedroom while feasting on a bucket of KFC, when he started choking on a whole drumstick when the news about someone overhearing his conversation with Sondland in a restaurant. Secret Service had to rush in and perform the heimlich maneuver on him. As the Secret Service was trying to dislodge the drumstick from Trump’s throat,  Melania sat watching from the corner of the room, unmoved, calmly filing her nails, with a smile on her face.😆

  2. Dumb Trump didn’t know that Kyiv (Kiev) was in Ukraine.

    • @Jayantha Raj : are you testing the water or your english isn’t good enough to understand the report on the news.
      We are impeaching the orange President for asking favor to destroy his politic opponent reputation and threatening foreign leader by holding the aid for that country which is in the middle of war with US government’s adversary.

      Trump betrays all Americans

  3. This call, most likely intercepted and recorded by Russia, is probably one piece of the kompromat putin uses to pressure trump into doing his bidding – this call happened in July, and what did trump do to make Russia win since then? Yea, exactly…

  4. When reality is getting more and more strange than fiction. Trumpf and his whole family should all go to prison for life

    • @rapunzel eh? yes,McCain did not want to keep paying-he thought he was being played and Hilary had the DNC pay for the dossier through her lawyers= Perkins Coi

    • @rapunzel eh? no, not “republicans” just John McCain- now you know why President Trump had it in for him.

    • @mike swiental yeah sure… it was one guy. do your research. google ‘which republicans opposed trump 2016″.

    • @rapunzel eh? you go back 3 years to try to win a losing argument? Durham is about to pee all over your Russian hoax parade-get ready for it.

    • @mike swiental wasn’t an argument. it’s a statement of fact. and the russian ‘hoax’- what are we up now – is it 6 or 7 people in jail or indicted or convicted? – minus all the russians – it’s hard to keep track. keep dreaming though. what’s it like to finally be a minority what with 70% of Americans in favor of impeachment now? must be getting lonely out there on that limb. and yeah yeah, you don’t believe polls unless they provide a number you like. you all read from the same songbook.

  5. The office of the u.s president will never be the same again, Trump egomaniac behavior is destroying the executive branch.

    • @imiss toronto While russian aluminum siding glistens on his house and throughout his sorry State to the tune of 200 million bucks IN EXCHANGE for easing sanctions, I ask – WTF?

    • @Claire Wright Hey – it’s the only constitutional remedy when our ‘elected official’ clearly and defiantly abuses the power of the office of the POTUS with all of it’s power no less. HE committed the offenses – not Repubs or Dems! The country is suffering and it looks more and more like the Republicans are paying at the elections and at the polls. And they probably should suffer if they’re continuing aiding and abetting HIM..

    • ​@imiss toronto I was in Toronto three times and I miss Toronto too – such a great city! But it is beyond frightening here. Reasoning with people has always been alarming. Jury duty is an eye opener too – you’d think twelve folks can agree on even simple matters? lol – there are a lot of dumb, gullible people, susceptible to Fox. There must be hypnosis and other powers being used – otherwise I can’t account for it, I can’t tolerate Fox for more than five minutes of their childishness – they might make ‘it’ simple for the ‘simpletons’ – and they buffalo my relatives even and other people all around us here, it’s very cunning and purely evil, since it all benefits putin. But the swing voters are swinging and with the hearings being public now – well, what can Republicans say to smart presentation on corruption? Many will lose their seats faster now than if it was kept, how they say, ‘in the secretive basement, behind closed doors, the DEEP STATE – lol working to undo the election..’ hey, didn’t HE lose the popular vote by 3 million people? Trump called for a (failed) inquiry on that! He’s about to lose by a much bigger percentage if the swing voters are both paying attention and have half a brain – collectively. Our most recent elections even in deep red States are turning a clearer red-white and mostly BLUE..this should be telling to Congress what they’re facing. They have their hands full just turning a blind eye on our Constitution and D.Trump while they’ll all, luckily be ‘towed away’ by the principals they swore to uphold. It’s not a job for these cowards to be shaping our future in any meaningful way. Many of them are exposed, serving time in prison, awaiting sentences or in line for it and shaking in their boots as it unfolds. I expected it would be entertaining, but it’s pathetic and there is great harm being implemented daily – but it will come to a head and we’ll place safeguards that it NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN. One of the courses at my junior high-school was called Problems of Democracy. The BOOK will have to be updated.

    • @Robert Acorn Yes I miss it terribly, but I moved for work, and I like to work.

    • @Robert Acorn Economy doing well, unemployment low, getting troops out of a war, apart from that the country is doing real bad! The sensible Democrats realise this is just a repeat of the Russia farce. Its much ado about nothing. If you want him out do it through the ballot box instead. A lack of grace has been shown in defeat. Fact is Trump won in 2016 fair and square.

  6. chopper talk did him in, lol. he got so used to yelling over the chopper blades that he was yelling over the phone 🙂

  7. Subpoena phone records of the two morons talking on unsecured phones in freaking Ukraine, prove the content of the conversation, impeach, remove, arrest, and jail Trump and his cohorts.

    • @Forrest Trump You have the grammar of a three year old, and you are calling someone else a moron. And you left wing clowns are so filled with hate, you wouldn’t know facts if someone wrote them on paper and shoved them up your a$$, so you could read them.

    • I don’t want to be a downer …BUT, I’m certain no matter what happens, trump will not be doing a day of Jail time (unfortunately) In your country your Justice system is broken…severely. There IS one Law for the rich and powerful and one for the poor… and the US just CANNOT be seen to have a Broken Defective Democracy , the same goes for the Judicial Processes…All this ridiculous crap passing those Judges and Moscow ‘Turtle’ Mitch just holding off Obamas for the entire time until the Presidency had run out wtf?. AND now he has Refused to pass any Bill put up by the Democrats who Hold Congress, again wtf?. He is and HAS just stopped your Legislator. One Man …
      Then the fact the Popular Vote was won by a huge margin and it means nothing (Broken Electoral System)
      This goes on and on and I’ve never even been to the states, I though what I learnt with Reagan and GW Bush was bad but it is progressively getting worse.
      But I can absolutely Guarantee trump going to jail will not happen…I would be the happiest man on Earth if he did, especially until he died, but it just will not be allowed.
      I’ve written this dozens of times but here is the best you can hope for…trump will be forced to leave under a made Health Excuse.

    • As long as you put them in cells next to Hilary, Bill, all living bushes, Obama, Biden, Pelosi, shift, the list is very long…… Because we have THIER own words admitting to fraud, corruption, and wrong doing to go off of…. So before you go jumping into the cesspool consider who your leaving our futures in the hands of. Stop focusing all your hate on Trump… Like seriously. Is he a great guy? I dunno… Is he crude? Sure… Is he corrupt… Probally he has money… But they ALL are and right now he is fighting corrupt and saying fine keep a magnifying glass on me! As there should be on ALL presidents. Cant we just stop fighting get rid of ALL the old Congress and bring in good leaders? Despite what many on the left feel we dont all want to hate and fight… We don’t care HOW you live your life as long as you dont force US to live it to…. We all want fairness and equality. And its not the neighbirs your fighting with that are keeping us all separate. Its the media, and the government…. Sigh….. Hopefully the next generation learns from the mistakes of the current one….

    • @Lilac Lizard as an american i agree. The democratic party has eaten away at our education system. Turned our children into one of many economic tools. The common core thing was a HUGE scam on the american people to rewrite ALL text books and testing standards while dumbing down our children. This is just one of many ways our government has practiced its corruption and control on its citizens. They barely teach government or politics in school. And most Americans are silenced over these kinds of topics in face to face conversations… It’s ‘taboo’ and ‘not important’ because they are ‘triggers’ if you don’t agree. God forbid you have a real conversation with someone with out slinging mud. And now we have an entire generation raised in bad schools wanting to be politically active with very little insite into the long term consequences of their personal opinions. We forgot to teach our children that you are allowed 2 opinions… Like abortion… Personally im pro life, how ever society wise I’m pro choice up to the point of viability…. Middle of the road views. But we have been so filled with the fact that our opinion matters and is OUR personal truth that we forgot to teach our children tolerance of others views, how to agree to disagree and yet still value others opinions. We have taught our children that being hypocritical is ok and many times expected… And that as long as someine else agrees with your hypocritical actions then your right. And if some one calls you out just slander them with terms like racist, homophobic, xenophobic, the phobic list is long and this statement will make you right.

      Sadly… Now a bunch if very hypocritical people will need to find a way to change views and save face or do the rare thing of admitting what part they played in being wrong! Something very few do. Sad that I almost hope for a society reset of some kind. Even democracy has its flaws because anytime control and power are involved corruption is never far behind. Our fore fathers predicted and warned us of this very problem…

  8. I’m taking the day off to watch Sondland try and wriggle out of this witnessed phone call. Can’t wait!

    • stephen glover | November 19, 2019 at 5:05 AM | Reply

      @Robert Acorn look if the polling data. Which ever one you’re looking at. Is going in the wrong direction then impeachment is failing. What would actually make me feel better if Pelosi did her job to help Americans, instead of lying to people saying this impeachment isn’t political. Its 100% political. What makes people like you feel better if the entire economy collapses. As the Dow makes a new high, are you going to dispute that as well, and no…. Its not a continuation of the Obama admin economy because Obama didn’t get even close to the GDP and Employment figures that Trump as attained. So irrespective of what you believe the figures to be I can 100% guarantee you I’ll be putting a big short on the Dow if the Dems get in because we will be looking at the biggest recession ever. I’ll give you another poll 60% of Americans in swing states say impeachment will make it easier for Trump to get re-elected. And that’s from f’kin CNN are you going to dispute that as well… But if it makes you feel better Trump will have a 3% chance of being removed, gives you some hope to hang onto. What a negative world you guys live in

    • @LAST CALL witnesses are proof.

    • @S Camp

      *A witness can make up any “story” that they want, but without corroborated evidence or verifiable proof of their allegations and accusations, it is nothing more than a “story”.*

    • @Leo Cor tRump blocks all his goons from testifying. If ure not guilty why hide.

    • @Rio D cupcake its your channel shadowbanning any debate with normal people.

  9. KesselRunner606 | November 16, 2019 at 5:32 AM | Reply

    So he shouts down on an unsecured cell phone, in a restaurant, in a country where every phone call is bugged by Russian Intelligence…


    • Hugh MacDonald | November 17, 2019 at 8:04 PM | Reply

      @Jim Russell You are one sick puppy.

    • @Jim Russell Yes Jim you are on the Delusion Train. It’s chugging along and all Ready to go up that Hill. “I know I can, I know I can, I know I can, OH MY! LOOK WHAT’S AHEAD!! The D TRAIN looks doomed. It might lose its wheels and fall off the rails to Gordon Sundland’s and David Holmes’s under oath testimonies of the exact words from our Cult leader and one time President, Mr. Donald Trump. Doh!!!
      And maybe, just maybe, if we all pray or hope really hard, hopefully our president will want to defend his fragile ego and if course he’s ready to double down on his lie in public at the impeachment forum in front of all his accusers and non believers for a spectacular finishing off of this man’s longest con that almost worked. Wake up Jimmy boy, its going to get worse.

    • @Rocky Power haha you are really delusional. Did you see the impeachment today. More testimony. More proof that POTUS done nothing wrong. Vinman is a proven leaker. That is why the phone call was put in a secure server. Lol vinman got buthurt today thanks to his supervisor. He’s the only one that had a concern that the perfect phone calls. Everyone else was concerned that the traitor leaker vinman would spin the perfect calls. So they locked him out of the secure server. He admitted under oath that the POTUS done nothing wrong. You garbage demorats need to get a clue. You will be upset until 2024 or farther in the future.

    • @Rocky Power check it out.

  10. The first openly insane President.

    • You really people think Democrats are more sensible open borders, decriminalizing illegal border-crossing ,taking away our guns, making hate speech laws that take away our first amendment

    • I don’t get it you all say Trump is a Nazi but look at the policies Democrats are preaching taking away our guns ,taking away free speech ,regulating religion that’s what the Nazis did has Trump done any of those things I know that’s what you’re the Democrats are doing

    • @Pat McCann I don’t think he is evil or insane , he is just an uneducated imbecile.

  11. Wait…Hillary Clinton was vilified about unsecured email server
    But 🤡trump and sondland was on unsecured phones
    Ivanka and don jr used foreign government to make money
    And trump is banned from Charities because of corruption

    • @Lilac Lizard I already posted the link to the audio of one of them admitting it. This is just one of the things the US media doesn’t want you to know….they falsely claimed trump (Russia hoax) did exactly what they were doing. There is so much you dont know.

    • @Lilac Lizard you dont understand the electoral college either….I dont want California and new York deciding who the president for the whole country is. Wow …you were right about mental illness….I think we can blame the media for a lot of it.

    • @Lilac Lizard none of this is a joke…its huge….state department running like a shadow government….working for Soros

    • Trump will win in 2020 dummy. Wake up.

  12. Impeachment Update – I agree with the charge of “bribery”. But “Traitor” is starting to come into focus. Aid to foreign identities like Russia at the expense of the USA and its people and allies seems traitorous .

    • @Claire Wright We have had 3 testimonies many more to come. This argument is like the discovery of the atom, then electrons, then protons, then electrons, then a whole range, overtime, of quantum particles. Each giving us a better more fuller view of the atom.

    • @Al Catraz Don’t forget the Turkish President or various despots around the world Trump-et is just unaware of the harm he does.

    • @Claire Wright you are a troll.

    • @Bradley Brown And what makes me that?

    • One can’t help but note: NO transcript of his conversations with putin in Helsinki, NO income taxes, a compliant and complicit Senate and Bill Barr w DOJ ‘shouldn’t be investigated’, NO accountability, NO public knowledge or statement on the russian voting tabulation changes in Florida for Election 2016! NO step up of safeguards from ‘Moscow Mitch’ for the 2020 elections. Please feel free to add any violations you’ve been needled by and win a cookie.

  13. Jim Jordan will be pleased to have a first hand account.

    • surely you joke, mein failüre | November 16, 2019 at 10:36 AM | Reply

      I’m sorry I wasn’t there when he complained about a lack of firsthand witnesses .. I would have immediately mentioned the various subpoenas of white house staffers and how Trump has told everyone not to cooperate.

    • What about the first hand accounts of the wrestlers telling him they were being molested by the doctor at the Ohio university????

    • I wonder if he would have been so dismissive if it were Hillary Clinton that were being impeached. I think he would have been the first in line to pick up a pitchfork and torch.

    • BubblewrapHighway | November 17, 2019 at 12:10 PM | Reply

      Gym Jordan has plenty of first hand witnesses, the republicans just have to stop blocking their testimonies.

    • @BubblewrapHighway Hey BubblerapHighway – you miss spelled Jim. I LOVED IT – did anyone catch J. (Gym) Jeordam’s being utterly disarmed as he was trying to make some long-winded point (with limited time and precious time nearly run out .)

      Marie Yovanovitch, “I’m sorry, is there a question in there?”
      J.G.J. “There was.”

      Marie Yavonovitch, “Ok, ahh..(smiling) Could you.. could you repeat it, please?”

      She’s handed a well-placed humor (er, a ‘question’) by Gym.J. who’s thoroughly disarmed, breaks down, and, all of it, just before the hard gavel sounds. Gym J. is allowed to attempt to reconstruct his confused and lame (and he knows it,) effort as his time ran out. Schiff with gavel smites J.GymJ. as he fails miserably. It seeds a classic childish insult from Gum Jordun to Adam Schiff – the same efforts had seemingly extracted a predictable intimidating-the-witness tweet from an attentive and angry D.Trmp. COWARDICE-FAILURE. A fine writer and director couldn’t do this good a job. The hearings are unsurpassed in a continuing DTurmp-‘presidency-reality-TV-GONE-BAD’ and the country suffers irreparably through it. You’ll be more informed on the abuse of power as you watch this – so ya, take the day off from work.

  14. nathan mckenzie | November 16, 2019 at 6:51 AM | Reply

    If Sonland says he talked to the President about this that blows pretty much every defense the Republicans have out of the water

    • 1. He called the POTUS 2. Do you think maybe he had the volume on loud 3. He also said he held the phone away from his ear…maybe so others can hear 4. It wasn’t POTUS who brought up the meeting and there no reference as to what it was regarding. 5. Maybe POTUS thought it was about the corruption of Barisma and crowdstrike information. Wake up people. Go listen to what Obama did with Ukraine funds. He did not give military aide when they needed it most. Do some research for yourself. Don’t rely on any media, they all have their own agendas. All the real info is there on utube.

    • I’m in I’m an independent personally but you have to be pretty pathetic not to believe that three people sitting at a table if they hear the same thing they’re probably telling the truth if you want to be a Trumper for life then do it with the understanding that you might be a fool either the truth matters or doesn’t ask yourself if you should ever be a parent

    • @Angela Henry You have to be pretty stupid to believe a one sided clown show like this despicable display from Schiff for brains.

    • @Angela Henry Ok, you’re 100% right the truth matters! Now I’ll ask myself if I should be a parent or maybe you can ask my child and the classrooms full of hundreds of students that called me Mama Fineman. They were 5yr olds up through college students. Maybe I’ll ask them the question since I’m now grandma to most of their kids . Before calling people that you know nothing about names, I suggest you do your research as to what’s going on in the world (USA) as well.
      Many things are going to happen and it’ll be easier on you if you know what’s going on.

  15. Frank Winkhorst | November 16, 2019 at 8:44 AM | Reply

    I love how the Republicans’ arguments are immediately destroyed by the fast changing facts.

    • @Greg Jones I despise Bill Clinton I despise Barack Obama and I wish they had done impeachable but I did not say anything in the news that would warrant that I’m sure if they had CNN not report it but Fox News wood and didn’t see them do anything to Warrant The Witch Hunt Trump is undergoing.

    • It’s Highly Questionable when Bill Clinton gets a relative of a Chinese Diplomat a job at a nuclear weapon facility they steal secrets and then he’d declassifies the secrets. That far exceeds anything Trump has allegedly done but I don’t think anybody could go to court and prove if he colluded to have that information stolen or prove any criminal case.

    • @Greg Jones I get it you people don’t like Trump but Democrats in office have been far more objectionable things than he is allegedly done the behavior CNN in the back of your Democrats shows they don’t give a s*** about the Bill of Rights or Fair due process. I do not agree with them trying to impeach Bill Clinton but they did not impeach Bill Clinton because someone overheard a phone call about him getting a b******.

    • I apologize for the speech to text errors

    • @Iain Herridge still not a crime,besides,we both know Biden only ran so he could use this as a defense since we all know queen hilary will steal the nomination and run again in 2020 hahhahahah

  16. this presidency is a bad reality show. It’s a nightmare.

    • @Richard Untch did you watch the link?

    • @Vapelife X LOL well played sir. I honestly had you pegged all wrong. I apologize for my doubt.

    • @Richard Untch hey man, I just gotta help school these snowflakes! 👍🏾

    • @Bob M Did you misspell – you meant Moscow? Did you mean Moscow, Bob M? Your brain’s not dead – just white-washed and g u l l i b l e – and certainly not s t u p i d, just a bit of hypnosis without you even knowin’. It’s powerful stuff, Bot M., excuse, ‘Bought M.’ Keep an open mind and let all the reign in an rejuvenate and always breathe Deepak and relax.

    • @Vapelife X Terrific stuff, Swan ! They shouldn’t get away with it. Your ‘link’ I had to see for myself. lol I expected something childish – the bots and baddies never let us down. It’s amazing – I’m going to spend better time snapping off my beard now and less time with another no-body for something. B =] (this note, I copied from the message I left at your pathetic, childish link.) Vapelife X – is sadly, ‘another nobody for something.’

  17. EmperorWildManChan | November 16, 2019 at 8:53 AM | Reply

    Mr. Schiff: “Mr. Sondland, how is your recollection today?”

    Mr. Sondland: “I now recall events that I earlier forgot.”

    • UncleArvideAbernathy | November 16, 2019 at 6:22 PM | Reply

      @April Jones-Foston as many as are needed to nail the narrative. However, he must now realise that he cannot cover up anything. He does have the opportunity to become a belated hero.

    • I cant figure out why they thought no other people would come forward.

    • JoAnn Holmes, EXACTLY! Before it’s all said and done, many of tRump’s “loyal” sycophants will rollover at the mere possibility of jail time.

    • @surely you joke, mein failüre Thank you, surely you joke, mein failüre, YouTube is richly undying in instruction. The daddy I never had.

  18. The next time I’m in DC, I’m buying this Holmes guy a drink.

  19. this is what happens when you go after career officials, they have no loyalty to the bully in chief and are going to take him down

  20. ball crushing testimony. he just cut off Trump’s “i had nothing to do with it so im throwing guilliani under the bus” defense path.

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