State Dept. demands release of US journalist imprisoned in Myanmar 1

State Dept. demands release of US journalist imprisoned in Myanmar


The State Department has called on Myanmar's military regime to release Danny Fenster, an American journalist based in Myanmar who was detained earlier this week as he tried to board a flight out of the country. CNN's Anna Coren reports.

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  1. And this is what Flynn, Gaetz, Greene, Trump and the rest of the GOP factotum want the US to look like. Why did the Republican Party abandon all conservative ideals to go full-blown autocratic and neo-fascist just to please one deeply flawed man with a tremendous history of losing?

  2. Funny thing…I just watched a video where Myanmar is used as an example on the way things should be in the US according to some Trump supporters…

    1. they are insane 100%. What you read was true. Flynn backed it. Hope he ends up in jail for his incitement.

    1. Remember grandma said if you don’t know something then don’t point your fingers or else you’ll lose some. Lol!

    1. Those idiots couldn’t find it on a map if their lives depended upon it. I wish the press would hold these low-information fools to account. Start asking these hillbillies “How does a bill become a law?” “What are the responsibilities of a US Vice President?”, “What are the responsibilities of a state’s governor?” “What is the square root of 16?” ANYTHING!! Make them justify their ignorant opinions on camera, for Christ’s sake! Wouldn’t do it to Trump, either.

  3. Let’s not forget that Trump’s former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who Trump pardoned for “any and all possible offenses,” said the U.S. should have a military coup too.

  4. @CNN, you NEED to cover a tattoo that is showing the person talking as well in this video, since he could be identified this way too.

  5. Isn’t that the kind of place, Myanmar, that the great “patriot” Flynn wants America to be like?

    1. @Surf_KaaboMantis10 not just lock up fake journalists, fake news anchors, just close the dame channel, they should start with Fox Entertainment News.

    2. @Surf_KaaboMantis10 CNN is crap and bias but they don’t knowingly lie about facts that often. Fox News is right wing propaganda not even news at all.

  6. What happened in Myanmar is exactly what the traitor Michael Flynn has advocated and if allowed will happen again on a scale far worse than January 6.


  8. America has the Huawei CFO Illegally Arrested by Canada, yet thinks that is OK. Journalists go to Myanmar and interferes in other Countries Geopolitics and gets arrested, telling the World that this is not OK!!! What a Joke!!!

  9. She just said he’s been charged with “A newly adopted Fake News Law.” Hmmm… I wonder where THAT idea came from!

    1. Yes… Thank you anti-democracy thug trump. His legacy in the dictatorships around the world keeps spawning

    2. @Anonymous Person Pure projection there…. lmfao… US needs to get serious about the continued threat of radicalization domestic terrorist republicans and string them up as the traitors they are.

  10. Wow can you imagine being trapped in a place like this evening torture with an inch of your life

  11. Yet US based big oil businesses, mainly Chevron, support the coup and the capture of these men. The company was blessed by Trump and the GOP who refuse to help this once democratic nation. They want the same to happen in the USA.

  12. And don’t forget Julian Assange. Still held in a British prison with no charge, at the request of the US Government.

  13. Now that Biden branded the USA as a country of “systemic racism” it will be a tough deal to accuse Myanmar of doing something worse.

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