State Dept. Issues Response To Intelligence Report Findings On Khashoggi's Murder | Katy Tur | MSNBC 1

State Dept. Issues Response To Intelligence Report Findings On Khashoggi’s Murder | Katy Tur | MSNBC


The US.. Intel community has made public its report on the killing of journalist and American resident Jamal Khashoggi.
 It determines the Saudi Crown Prince gave the go-ahead and approved the murder. Pulitzer Prize winning Washington Post National Security Correspondent Greg Miller, and NBC News Chief Foreign correspondent Richard Engel, join Katy Tur to discuss. Aired on 02/26/2021.
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About Katy Tur: Katy Tur is an NBC News Correspondent and anchor of the 2 p.m. ET hour of “MSNBC Live.” A dogged journalist, Tur emerged as a breakout broadcaster in 2016 while covering the entirety of the Trump campaign across all platforms for NBC News and MSNBC.

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State Dept. Issues Response To Intelligence Report Findings On Khashoggi's Murder | Katy Tur | MSNBC


    1. @David De La Mora – Fun fact:
      SCotUS Judge Barrett *belongs to the religious cadre* that the “Handmaid’s Tale” *was/is based on.*

    2. @CynAnne1 noooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaw!! where will we be in 50yrs? The world is so connected as well…so it could spread! Fun…scary fact…

    1. Yep, should have added this to his impeachment charges in January. Just wait, this is a side story to other things Trump tried to hide…

  1. They tried to do this in Canada with either another or some of the same group but Border Security smelled something funny and refused them entry. Trump the poster boy for ‘no morals authority’.

  2. I would have preferred that Biden chose to only speak to the repressed folks in Saudi Arabia about Saudi Arabia and had turned a deaf ear to all of Saudis S.brain rulers… No more he said… Bring on the she said…

    1. Ha ha. Elite. Trump may be elite, but this guy, MBS, is crown prince of a country. He didn’t get elected, he’ll never resign.A shame on him will only hurt his people, his commerce.

    1. lock those 4 up together and break the toilet. Feed them nothing but beans, bratwurst, cheese, and beer. Throw the cell key away and run!

    1. @Montreal MUFC – MBS has placed several of his ‘bolder’ brothers on semi-permanent ‘house arrest’ (or worse)…the rest of his siblings just try to ‘keep their heads attached’.

  3. When Trump went to Saudi after being elected, he bowed to both the king and MBS and then kissed the kings and MBS’s rings. In Saudi tradition, this is done to show feilty.
    Don’t believe me? Google it. It was shown on worldwide tv.

    1. I don’t remember ring kissing. Eew! I saw the bowing, though. 45 also saluted a North Korean general. We are still technically in a state of war with NK. That general has probably executed supposed dissidents & he looked old enough to have fought in the Korean War, which means he may have killed American soldiers. 45 makes me sick!

  4. Remember. Trump hid this with the blessings and approval of many Republicans, including Lindsay Graham, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy and Ron Johnson

  5. What happened if a foreign country found Past President Trump guilty of ordering the assassination
    of that Middle East general? Trump bragged about it on camera. I saw it. So did the rest of the world.

  6. Trump and Kushner should be investigated for their silence of knowledge on this. Audit their finances for the money trails.

    1. Pssst, Girl…
      “Person, woman, man, camera, TV…and they give you extra points if you get them in the right order.”

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