State Officials Fighting Bogus Third Party 'Audits' All Over U.S. 1

State Officials Fighting Bogus Third Party ‘Audits’ All Over U.S.


Rachel Maddow looks at how the clumsy, destructive Arizona ballot "audit" is inspiring other Trump supporters to try to seize control of local ballots and voting equipment as local officials try to enforce laws against election tampering by random private groups, and suggests that now would be a good time for Kristen Clarke, newly sworn in head of the DOJ's Civil Rights Division to step in with a federal response. 
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    1. Why aren’t the Democrats joining the fray and making recounts in areas Trump won?

      Normally not playing by the rules are a slippery slope, but in this case I suspect that the consequences of sowing doubt should be made abundantly clear.
      Those Trumpists are literal thinkers.

      “BLM demanding a recount in …” should bring the message home.

  1. When can we start auditing red states where Trump won? After all, he did tell his supporters to vote twice.

    1. @CShield there’s actually another case of man who was arrested for killing his wife and he forged her signature on the ballot for trump too!

    2. @CShield well, when their “dear leader” told them to do it..they did…and they calls everyone else

    3. Almost all of the voter fraud they found in the millions of dollars worth of recounts and official audits were trump voters.

    1. @TheBase1aransas LOL.. Only a fascist group like maga would thinks that.. But, If thats an option.. I wouldnt mind.

  2. I live in the UK I’d demand a recount on the War of Independence but it looks like we dodged a bullet.

    1. To be fair, your empire falling apart as country after country ran from your rule isn’t entirely what could be called dodging a bullet.

    2. That was funny! I can just imagine everyone over the pond is laughing at us now. The sad thing is it is getting quite scary.

    3. @Cathi Christian To be completely honest, the laughing stopped sometime around 2017-2018 and since then everyone has been growing increasingly concerned.

  3. The Democrats should remember to launch a series of ballot audits across America if a Republican ever again somehow manages to actually win a presidential election.

    1. But why would you do that? According to Democrats, we have the safest election system in the history of elections. Are you saying the Democrats would do it out of spite?

    2. @Evbb Jones That’s not according to democrats, that was according to Trump’s DOJ, heads of homeland security(specifically where the quote came from), and FBI.

    3. @Evbb Jones Donald J Putinfluffer says the ballots are rigged only where he lost? Are you implying he’s a lying MAGAT?

  4. I’m waiting for Republicans to simply outlaw math. 2 + 2 = 4? Sez who? I think it equals 5, or 9, or 2. Gimme mah mathematical freedum!!!

    1. Actually, this is a proposal under Critical Race Theory, which I think you can attest they vehemently oppose. You see, math is racist, and white people use it to suppress the innovations of BIPOC. 2+2 does not always = 4, because it could be 2.3+2.6, and we could round to 5. Both answers are equally correct under the CRT proposals, being labeled as ‘anti-racism’.

      Think it’s stupid? Me too.

    2. @Evbb Jones Reminds me of the GOP “science” of Intelligent Design (formerly known as — shhh, don’t tell anyone!!! — Creationism), which they want taught in schools. Or climate change denial. Remember Senator Inhofe (R-Stupid), refuting global warming by throwing snowballs on the Senate floor? Now that was a science demo to remember. Or the “scientific fact” that human life begins at the moment of fertilization, because that’s when God sticks the Soul in there. (Make room for Casper!) Or the “fact” that Obama was born in Kenya. Or Jewish space lasers causing California forest fires, on purpose, to clear a pathway to build high-speed socialist rail.

    3. ​@Evbb Jones Is this really what Critical Race Theory is or just how you interpret it as? This sounds an awful lot like conservative gobblygook meant to scare people who don’t know better.

  5. What if this was the plan all along? The current voting machines are safe, so someone cooked up this stunt just so the machines would have to be tossed out, and new ones bought? Isn’t it “funny” that no one saw this coming?
    Who owns the voting machine company that will supply the new ones? Who are the shareholders?
    I’m thinking this seemingly brainless stunt “re count” had a deeper purpose.

    1. The machines are so safe and tamper proof that merely being looked at by “amateur” specialists under 24 hour surveillance instantly corrupts them.

    2. @roger smith What machine can be deemed as secure in such conditions? Say you gave your car over to an unknown group of mechanics who are likely of the nefarious sort and might wish you harm. No matter how high tech your car is, they’ll eventually find a way to mess with it in dangerous ways if they so wish. The gist of the problem with the election machines is that we don’t know if there’s someone mixed in who has nefarious purposes. Say, maybe there are foreign agents who have penetrated either the ranks of the employees or exist in the orbits of those workers. Normally there are very strict guidelines that control these sorts of things, but in the case of a private company the security concerns are primarily handled by themselves.

      Even if we somehow assume there are no foreign agents or other malicious forces penetrating the process in this case, how can you guarantee the same for all these other private audit efforts?

    3. Considering it’s been proven files were deleted 4 days before the machines were handed over. Also the BOS has done literally everything to obstruct the senate from doing what the citizens of AZ asked of them. It’s all being live streamed too. No one is trying to change anything or play stupid games other then the Dems and BOS in AZ. As for the other states, it should not come as a surprise because crazy things happened and had the press been perhaps not corrupt they would have aired all the hearings that went on in numerous states. They don’t want people hearing the information because it might just explain why there are real legitimate doubts on the results. Why doesn’t it puss people off that the press is so darn partisan, it is beyond obvious at this point too.

    4. Our votes is supposed to be confidential and they aren’t anymore. This is the purest form of voter intimidation. Do you want anyone to know who you voted for.

  6. Can u imagine this is the NBA and trump wanted to audit the finals and he knows he lost fair and square

  7. I think it has something to do with them wanting to get new voting machines because Ivanka Trump has 8 patents for voting machines.

    1. It has everything to do with total political control. They want to control everything. The machines, what a fact is, who can be prosecuted. They’ve gone full authoritarian.

  8. Election manipulation involves illegal interference with the process of an election, rigging the outcome.

    1. I can’t wait wait these rookies to tell us what they “find” (i.e manufacture the ends to justify the means)

    1. I can’t believe people are blind to the following –

      the act or an instance of revolting esp. violently against civil or political authority or against an established government. Also, the crime of inciting or engaging in such revolt [whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or against the authority of the United States…]

    1. TRUMP said that Ted Cruz stole the Iowa caucus in 2015…So if anyone that goes against him wins the baby screams Wolf every time…When will his cult learn? The man wants money and protection from his past crimes, only Presidency offer him that. He has his cult drones do his bidding. He’s got these idiots “Patriots” screaming they want to be under Russia…Wow

  9. I’m glad you’re pursuing this thing — it’s floored me that everyone isn’t up in arms about it, that it’s been treated as a joke or something.

    Rachel, they need to put your name into the video titles and they need to stop messing around by holding your videos back by a day or two….. or just not even uploading them. Same for the other moderators.

  10. I know that elections are state run. And individual counties have an even more direct responsibility than the states. But it definitely seems like there should be some sort of federal recourse going on here. This is too much of a threat to our free and fair elections as a nation.

  11. The cyber ninjas could be infiltrated by the Russians. We should test them for traces of Vodka.

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