State Republicans Fixate Of Defying Medical Advice On Covid Safety | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

State Republicans Fixate Of Defying Medical Advice On Covid Safety | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


    1. @Lesley Edgley wasnt negligent. The intent was to abuse democrat leaders for mishandling their outbreaks, so they didnt do testing, railed against lockdowns and medical science, and censored cdc rather than put the epidemic first and contain it. Now the US, w 4% of the global population has 25% of covid deaths, thanks to the lying Fraud in Chief and his worshippers.

    2. @Everblue Freediving True. I think it was Glenn Kirschner who mooted negligent homicide first, as it would be easier to get a conviction on that, due to Trump’s phone call with Bob Woodward.

    1. @B Happy Hey thanks! I think that you are the first nice Avatar/ person I have seen so far. Wisconsin keeps getting hit with blizzards during this new Biden few weeks. However I think Life is a lot better without POTUS Tweets! I see the elderly and healthcare workers getting vaccinated too…so yes, it’s getting better.

    2. @the guy robbie please tell me Robbie…not many men spell their name that way, but I used to know one. Let me hear your thoughts if you would volunteer them…

    3. @the guy robbie check out the channel Penguin 6 if you want to see populist insults on full display. Please let open minded people share insights so that we can use our votes to get results we need in future elections. Thank you in advance.

    1. Stephen Besley it’s all about money to them, always has been, always will be. The States with incompetent governors only want its citizens money they don’t care if you die giving it

  1. GOP our most important priority is no masks. So, helping to control Covid infections, vaccinations, small business support and so on, that’s not important to the GOP. Here I was thinking the most important function of government was keeping its citizens alive and safe. Gee, do I feel like a dummy…

    1. In this case, one doesn’t have to do as the government wants us to do. After all the republican are just trying to reduce the overall numbers of the population at large without killing off too many republicans ink the bargain.

    2. gary so true, not all GOP leaders are toxic, but corona is sure showing those who are. Take notes ppl

    1. I hope the republicans will retake the house in 21/2 years and undo the damage of bidens folly and make Trumps birthday a federal recognized holiday in all 50 states

    2. Yes! I want to know! I also want to know how many of the outspoken anti-maskers who got abusive in Walmart etc died.

    3. Not enough. I can think of a few Republicans who if they died, it would make this world a better place to live.

    1. Dear dumb liberals you do know that Trump should be credited for warp speed since now cases of the china flu is dropping.the media is trying to put a spin on it and try to give Biden credit. He’s only been in office over 2 1/2 weeks..

    2. @King Parsons The “xenophobia” aspect was banning entry by holders of Chinese passports while allowing Americans to return freely. To keep a virus out, you have to quarantine everyone who has been in contact with it. That would have meant setting aside hotels or even camps for returnees. It’s not just foreigners.

    3. @Faithless Hound Right. Allowing American citizens to return home is “xenophobia”. You said it lemming.

    4. @King Parsons You’re right. Responding to an epidemic by looking at passports is the height of stupidity. ANYONE coming from the infected area needs to be quarantined, citizen or not.

      Citizens are more risky than foreigners, because they go deeper into the community. Foreigners can be barred, but that’s not enough: if people are entitled to come back, they need to be held safely until it is unlikely that they are carriers.

  2. Politicians defying mask mandates for Covid Safety advice should be held accountable for expected death increase. It appears that these irresponsible politicians are leading their constituents to a gas chamber. They should be charge with Murder, Manslaughter or Genocide.

    1. Maharajji NBK, Trump was wrong and you’re wrong, simple as that. We have 4% of the world population and 20% of the deaths and infections. Australia has fewer than 1,000 case, total, we had over 4,000 per day. The spike is coming down from the holidays, but will rise again after the Superbowl. I already know of seven people who died from Covid, and five who are recovering. One woman lost her husband and brother, she’s still recovering. You never let your ignorance or stupidity interfere with your opinion. 450,000 deaths, and almost 9% of the population infected, with 15%-22% of the survivors suffering heart and lung damage, and neurological, lymphatic and vascular issues, and an average three to six month recovery period. But you know so much better.

    2. @Maharajji NKB so because it’s not (yet) of “the end of the world” proportions, it’s not bad? Not worth doing anything about? You don’t mind that 3000-4000 US citizens are dying every day? That thousands more will be left with life-changing medical consequences?

    3. @Tech ti you do realise that the new govt is only two weeks old, right? I hope you’re placing blame squarely where it belongs – with the last admin and its supporters, the governors etc.

    1. Failing that…the rest of the world will close their borders to the USA? It’s kind of crazy that the GOP is basically trying to “legislate away” covid. Their lack of compassion for human beings is appalling.

    2. @Renard Odrick Complete baloney, whatever “death” figure they are throwing out there to scare the lemmings multiply it by .06.

    3. @Violent Swamy Right, and that is clearly illegal. Trump is NOT an office holder, and the Chief Justice is NOT presiding. There is no standing.

    4. @toxicslix Right. And what is the “compassionate” “democrat” “plan” to eradicate the Chinese Flu? Any idea? Promising $2000 and proposing $1400? Comment?

    5. @toxicslix
      I agree with you that Biden couldn’t give a fk about the lives of hundreds of thousands of men he put out of work just because they work in energy and oil jobs…his lack of compassion is SHOCKING..!!!!!….😎

  3. You know. When a normal person’s gross negligence gets someone killed, they get charged with manslaughter. When a politician does it, they might get bad press and lose an election. Might.

    There really should be better incentives for politicians to… you know, keep people healthy and/or alive. At the bare minimum.

    1. I knew a guy way back who was one of many in the Air Force tasked to bring the rotting Jonestown bodies back to the United States. He said that it was a rather unpleasant experience.

  4. I will not enter a business that does not enforce mask wearing. I am not the only one. Businesses that don’t have mask mandates will lose business.

    1. @Castle C you gotta stop minimizing American insanity by pretending like anyone else is even close to the level of reality denial in America. You’re obsession over needing praise isn’t a priority for anyone but yourself. People like you give room for Trump to exist, after all you’re acting exactly like Trump.
      Denying all criticism while demanding praise is what you and Trump do, daily. Dont complain about Trump if you’re going to act exactly like him.

    2. @Janet Crawford I didnt vote for Trump, nor am I endorsing him. Please read my messages more closely. Although if you think 90% of other countries aren’t in the same boat, you’re fooling yourself.

    3. @Castle C america literally profited from the genocide in Yemen through weapon sales to the middle East. Theres only a handful of countries with genocide associated with their names. 90% of the world isn’t even a fraction as hypocritical as you. We all know why you’re insisting that everyone else is horrible too. Just like Trump, you think blaming everyone else will make you look better when all it does in reality in remind people how far detached from reality all Americans are

    4. She’s a convicted drunk driver and she’s dictating life and death here in Iowa when it’s obvious she has been proven to have bad judgment.

    1. @studivan Trumps COVID count is criminal, never mind the impeachment crap. Imbecile Trump killed more Americans than was lost every US conflict since WWII.

    2. That’s their game. To sow seeds of mistrust. Deceit, worry, fear, inability to jump over the cracks in the sidewalks. They need to be squashed like a bad bug running loose in the house. Take em to the roach motel. I can’t believe how incredibly horrible this group of people are. 💔😞 and worst of all their not alone in their wacko beliefs. I really like your post btw.

    1. If that’s the hill the GOP wants to die on, so be it? Maybe Biden should just overrule them all, by declaring Covid as a National Emergency? Have the National Guard get on with vaccinating the cooperating states first?

    2. its more about the governor going behind everyone and making all those new rules and laws without going through the proper channels, but hey, nobody expects liberals to understand that. It’s just negativity, lies, and hatred 24/7….it’s what you sheep have been brainwashed into thinking.

    3. @Mike Ditka what is it you don’t understand about a highly contagious, deadly virus being transmitted by imbeciles refusing to accept scientific evidence and fact

    1. An Australian (no medical training): I’m gobsmacked too. However, I think our Covid world is different to that of the USA. Both state and federal governments have kept us informed and laid out plans to tackle the virus and, although nobody likes lock downs, wearing masks, etc. the vast majority of the population has sucked it up and done it with barely a murmur. I heard someone liken it to Aussie mateship against a common enemy. It worked.

  5. Aaaand STILL …. Meanwhile people are dying, homeless and starving Hospitals overwhelmed and idiots running around with guns believing lies. WAKE UP AMERICA

  6. This is why I don’t have a lot of hope for humanity. A lot of selfish people in places of power. 😏

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