State senator attacks Republicans for making Texas a ‘more dangerous state’ #Shorts

Texas State Sen. Roland Gutierrez criticized Gov. Greg Abbott and other Republicans for a lack of transparency after a mass shooting in Allen, Texas.

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Authorities are looking into whether the gunman who killed eight people at a suburban Dallas outdoor mall showed an interest in white supremacist and neo-Nazi views, and if those provided a motive for the weekend attack, The Associated Press and CNN reported Sunday.

While cautioning that the investigation has just begun, law enforcement sources told the outlets that Mauricio Garcia, identified as the gunman, had links to that ideology. Those included social media accounts and posts as well as a patch on his chest that read “RWDS,” an acronym for the phrase “Right Wing Death Squad,” which is popular among right-wing extremists and white supremacy groups. Garcia, 33, was killed by police responding to Saturday's assault, which left seven people with injuries that required hospitalization.

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    1. Really? Have you seen the footage? Do you know the motivations of the shooter as reported from Texas law enforcement? Texas law enforcement has been silent

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