States Considering Bills To Ban Transgender Athletes From Competing | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC 1

States Considering Bills To Ban Transgender Athletes From Competing | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


MSNBC's Hallie Jackson interviews transgender student-athletes Lindsay Hecox and Andraya Yearwood about the significance of the Equality Act and about anti-transgender bills being introduced at the state level. Aired on 02/26/2021.
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States Considering Bills To Ban Transgender Athletes From Competing | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


    1. Yeah, well cult 45 believes lizard people and aliens run the government, so asking them to read endocrinology reports and science data is simply asking the blind to see.

    2. @Gabe Dudley no you don’t want to talk to Fauci. But mengele is probably dead, so I guess you can ask Stephen miller, instead.

    3. @Q is Fictional welcome to youtube new user. Come to join the rest of the fakeness? We know your fictional. Just like white supremese

  1. I have supported many civil rights movements, including LGBT. But, inasmuch as athletics, this bill fosters “Inequality” from simply a biological fact…that being born male the body produces levels of testosterone that puts the transgender person in a position physical advantage over competitors born female. Biological female athletes have seen the difference…by losing to Male-to-female transgender athletes, and I can fully understand their frustration, disappointment, and anger. This aspect of the bill is wrong.

    1. Agreed. I support LGBT all the way but this has a fundamental problem in the logic. As you described, men’s bodies are inherently physically superior- that’s not to say that every man is stronger or faster than every woman- but there’s a reason that, for example, the WNBA doesn’t play vs NBA and etc. If these transgender women want to compete so badly why can’t they just compete against men still? I don’t get it.

  2. Dont agree. Biological male, lives life as a woman, ok thats fine. Still has biological male musculature, hormones, etc. Wouldnt be fair to biological female, who dont have same musculature etc.

    1. @Mother Reaper Serious question : What is known about the psychological effect of trans women having grown up with male hormones?

    2. @Deborah Freedman

      I had a comment here that appears to have vanished.

      Either way, dollars to doughnuts none of you are endocrinologists or know anything about the medical process transgender people go through, else all of this incorrect nonsense you’re talking wouldn’t be here.

    3. @argon65

      That’s a very broad question.

      There are many treating psychologists in the field, though arguably not enough to help all the people out there.

      This step is a requirement for every transgender patient, pre HRT, in fact it’s a requisite for HRT.

      The psychological effect would be as varied as the patients, and you’re not asking me a chemical question, though the research on that is conclusively in support of transgender people.

      Largely it comes down to whether or not they have grown up in supportive environments, which is the same answer for their cisgender counterparts.

      The only thing I can say conclusively is that the majority of trans people do not enjoy having the offending hormone in their bodies, and that HRT usually clears what has been described as a fog in their minds.

      Does this answer your question sufficiently?

  3. So called conservatives stir up these “culture war” issues because they don’t have any real policy ideas that would benefit society.

    1. It’s not right for a transgender boy to compete against Real females there stronger faster a girl will never have a chance of getting a scholarship to college now and what happened to you idiots believe in science

    2. @Dusty Nickels You forgot to mention all the pervs who are going to attack our kids in bathrooms, just because trans people are allowed to use the bathroom they gender-identify with.

    1. @J B As a result, women are able to fly combat aircraft, serve in artillery units, staff missile emplacements, serve as combat medics, and fill various other roles that involve potential combat exposure. Additionally, many more women are assigned to combat-support roles located on the front line.Jan. 10, 2020

    2. @Christine King I is right for transgender girls play on a girl team in college or high school.But it’s not fair for a transgender boy play on a girl’s team. It is a disadvantage.

    3. @Helen Bridges Oh, please, it’s discrimination, pure and simple. And, you have your “transgenders” confused.

    1. @John Smith

      Steroids are predominantly abused by cisgender men.

      And I’ve met cisgender women who take steroids marketed for cisgender men too.

      That’s not an argument on your part but more a statement, one that’s as easy to throw out here as easy as it is to dismiss.

      Transgender people on HRT have it severely regulated.. The medical system that’s so heavily based on limiting their health care because of ignorance like this in the first place sees to that.

    2. @Mother Reaper Trans-male bodybuilders can only become competitive bodybuilders by using testosterone, steroids, and performance enhancing drugs. These drugs are outlawed in all sports other than bodybuilding. Please tell us how trans-male athletes will be able to compete successfully against cisgender male athletes in sports which outlaw the use of performance enhancing drugs.

    3. @Mother Reaper I am not talking legal steroids, genius! I am talking about growth hormones. My brother used to shoot up roids. One mean, strong, big MF’er! Believe it or not he became a cop with a gun.

    1. It doesnt matter. Everyone gets a trophie in liberal world. And i used to wonder how they became indoctrinated

  4. The thing is that I don’t see transmen winning against cis men at ‘MEN’ sports so why y’all wanna destroy women sport only its not fair

    1. The thing is if your a dem, this is what you support. And dont say he or she. Do you see the chains they have around your mind yet? They are and always will be that party

    2. @Jenni Kaeder dont keep up with whats really going on? Distracted with years of orange man bad? They tried to make us think it was about him. It wasnt. It never was. It was about the old establishment with their lying media, sensoring big tech, big pharma, wars that never end. The deception of the people.

  5. Having transgender athletes ie male athletes that compete with female athletes is not equality. The male athlete has the advantage bc of testosterone, no matter what gender they define themselves. If you born a male , you are a male. It is in-equality meaning not equal for a male to compete with a female in a physical sport. You can compete all you like in an appropriate class. You can profess yourself to be anything you want , it is unfair advantage for a male to complete against females just as it is an advantage for females to take testosterone to bulk up thus it is banned in competition sports. Ppl have the right to be anything you want, and should not be discriminated against, but by that same token the other female participants should not be discriminated against

  6. Well anybody who thinks a man “converted” to a woman should be allowed to play in (biological) woman sports is abit foggy headed and should hop off the “pharma” wagon and get some fresh air.

  7. Tell me why transgender people never fight to integrate the men’s teams??? I never hear reports of M2F transgender folks pushing to play with the guys. Never. Heck I don’t even hear about F2M transgender ppl making that same argument. If you want true equality then play with the guys… or better yet, push for coed teams. But this here is not fair for girls.

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