‘Statistically out of reach’ for either Liberals or Conservatives to win majority government

'Statistically out of reach' for either Liberals or Conservatives to win majority government 1


Nik Nanos has the latest polling as the federal election draws to a close saying the election is in a 'dead heat.'

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44 Comments on "‘Statistically out of reach’ for either Liberals or Conservatives to win majority government"

  1. Nanos is interfering in this election, made up poll numbers. Dont take polls as legitimate, the only which matters is on election day.

  2. I did a poll with all my friends it’s 100% PPC, where are they getting these numbers??

    • @Brutaful 10 that I spoke with recently!

    • Ontario where all of Trudeau freshly imported “voters” think he’s the best for giving them all our tax dollars.

    • You and your two loser friends???

    • 30 percent in my town. Polls are lying.

    • @les sharratt — In my city a local unofficial poll was over 50% CPC, 25% LPC, and about 6% PPC. It had around 6,000 participants. The finding reflects the polling results of 338 Canada which shows 40%, 30%, and 3% respectively in my riding.

      The real question is who will actually go out and vote on election day. The dude weed Liberal supporters will probably stay home whilst the geriatric CPC supporters will be lining up at 5am.

  3. Nanos is not credible

  4. Obama has committed interference in our election. Lock him up..

  5. How is obamas endorsement not political interference? Why is this not even discussed?

  6. Public opinion polls are conducted to influence public opinion, not reflect it.

  7. Gosh, if only one of the parties had promised electoral reform or something to avoid this kind of mess. :-/

  8. Nanos I don’t by your polls.

  9. Jeffrey Andrews | October 17, 2019 at 3:23 PM | Reply

    Liberals will lose. Your polls have been wrong for awhile now what makes you think anyone believes you??

  10. Stefan Dzubiella | October 17, 2019 at 3:43 PM | Reply

    Thanks Obama, for telling me how I should vote. Yep, because I’m just a dumb Canadian./s

  11. Hopefully Obama’s support will lose slicky Trudeau votes.

  12. Whoever’s in there thr west will be trampled on

  13. Liberals are done come election day Obama cmon

  14. Obama is as corrupt or even more than turdope! Won’t change my vote a bit!!

  15. Nanos is fraud, always has been, always will be. Dead wrong in every recent provincial election. Why this corrupt fool has a platform is beyond comprehension.

  16. If you can’t support proper management of your borders then it’s a lost cause. Trudeau is unfit.

  17. Canadians need to read the book “ Empire secrets under Obama corruption” by Peter Schweizer.

    • eri alba / Trudeau via Obama both know Canada has morons as well as USA, time to call in the goon for support, won’t help.

  18. My family voted PPC last week in Stoney Creek, Hamilton, Ontario

  19. Why can’t these biased talking heads say the word blackface?

  20. 🇨🇦VOTE🍁PPC🇨🇦

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