'Stay put': Canadian officials urge people stuck in Afghanistan to hide 1

‘Stay put’: Canadian officials urge people stuck in Afghanistan to hide


Ministers Garneau and Mendicino urge people still stuck in Afghanistan to shelter in place and stay inside their homes.

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  1. “HIDE”……seriously? This is your advice? Should they attempt to disguise themselves as anything in particular? While the Taliban goes door to door?

    1. “Just stay off the streets and try not to scream in English and give yourself away when the Taliban kick in your door because your cousin answered phones at the embassy, someone told them, and now they’re cutting your families throats out in the street” – Trudeau Government to our Afghan allies as they slide out of the back door.

      All the focus is on Kabul right now, but the truly brutal slaughter is well underway in the provinces.

    2. @Karen Acton So you’re assuming the Taliban is going door to door?? Are you an expert in their plans and tactics?? There has been zero indication that they’re doing that.

  2. Garnet guy should send some wigs maybe? help them hide maybe some camo tshirts? Ridiculous they used these naive/gullible Afghans it seems for political reasons not humanitarian.

  3. “I will take a stab at that…” What a way to start an answer on the safety of our citizens. By the way, we want more than a stab at an answer…we want answers – how did we get here? Where was our govt when biden made the decision? If biden went on his own…and JT did not know…we want to know what you are going to do about that! We lack leadership – who are able to foresee issues and have contingency plans.

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