Steele: Kevin McCarthy's A 'Sucker' For Sticking With Trump 1

Steele: Kevin McCarthy’s A ‘Sucker’ For Sticking With Trump


MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses the Republican Party's fealty to Trump with former RNC Chairman Michael Steele, and what it means for House GOP Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy.
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  1. Imagine what Kevin McCarthy Grandchildren will think of him when they’re old enough to understand and ask him “Pawpaw what’s a Sucka”?

    1. @J Excuse me Mr. Real American. I’m an irrelevant foreigner a mere Englishman but why is that I can see the Trumpist cult what it is? It certainly doesn’t have anything to do with NBC/Comcast I can assure you. Not the BBC for that matter either.
      I was in Australia at the time of Trumps inauguration, the Aussies I met were aghast at the bloviating blowhard and had expressions for him far too blunt to repeat in polite company or even on YT.
      BTW should you ever decide to visit the UK anytime, may I suggest Ulster. It is chock full of young earth creationists and is the nearest thing to home this side of the Atlantic that you’ll find. Unless you’re a conservative Catholic, in which case the republic of Ireland might be more to your taste, though you’ll have to choose carefully there, because though there are still many Catholic fundamentalists it has become a lot more secular in recent decades.
      Anyway I’ve wasted far too much time casting pearls before swine. ‘bye

    2. @PifflePrattle Australian here confirming your statement. we were amazed that tRump got in, now obviously helped with russian collusion. tRump never wanted to be president (and wasn’t) just needed a new rebrand after being sacked for racism from that tv show he was in.

  2. The “old GOP” is irrrelevant so how can it ever get back to that??? The GOP can’t compete anymore so they have to now cheat with the voter suppression laws running amok throughout the country. In Florida for example, Gov DeSantis is so far up trumps butt that he is willing to make voting very difficult for even many of his Republican voters just to get trump’s blessing. They are beyond pathetic at this point.

    1. @Greg Bors popular vote doesn’t matter bc we use the elwctoral college. Steele isn’t even a Republican…bever has been. There are a lot of black ppl who are Repyblicans, however, most remain silent about their politics bc of names they are called. Look at Tim Scott. He hot flak from James Clyburn when Nikki Haley appounted him as U.S. Senator in SC. After he finished that term, he ran again and wom his district…sooo uncle Tim who??? Under Trump we had lowest unemployment rates in history, liwest black unemployment in history. If you say that doesn’t count for anything, all I can say is you need to take off them rose colored glasses. Under obiden we have gone so far backwards. We were independent from foreign oil from other countries, now its going to be exactly the opposite. The economy was humming under Trump til the china virus hit. China used covid to get him out of office, so all the deaths that happened not only here but around the entire world should by all rights laid at china’s doorstep. Fauci should be held as a traitor to the American ppl, along woth whoever else was responsible for this virus

    2. @Lotta Sunshine SO WHAT!!?? We don’t use popular vote…we ise the electoral college for now until the dems change the Constitution.

    3. @John DiGiacomo yea…after how many dems were asked the same question multiple times. We had out first phone call for a poll, but it wasn’t gallup. You can’t BELIEVE evetythong they tell you.
      There is One Being I believe in…God.

    4. @benjaminwayneb sure…if you count dead ppl, ppl who boted more than once, and illegals

    5. @Everything Shih-Tzu None of that happened. You were conned by the biggest con and loser ever.

    1. They are anti-science and hobbled by primitive religiosity. The ignorant base now controls the primaries and ensure that nobody with sense can get elected.

    2. J, your ignorance is showing, AGAIN, the sanctions lifted against Russia were at the request f the German government in an effort to help repair diplomatic relations damaged by Trump, with our allies. There are other sanctions being considered.

    3. @Rick Simon The 74m votes for trump are not also all trump votes I believe people are failing to understand that what took over the republican party is a populist anti-liberal movement, it is a grievance movement against the part of America they perceive is doing fine while they feel that they lost (economically, culturally or just status). Many of them understand that trump is not hard working or intelligent or even will implement policies that will improve their position but they like how uncompromising anti-liberal he is. He is the troll that expresses their grievances and that is why when in power the only criteria for policy was something they knew it would make liberal mad (even if the law would be stopped by courts or not really implemented). Obviously, within the 74m there are a lot of republicans that vote trump due to party loyalty, party self-identification which are not populist or grievance voters, they just will vote republican irrespective of policy or candidate but these are no longer relevant for the party, the energy comes from the anti-liberal side. And that is the problem of a lot of republicans that want to capture the party after trump, they are politicians and think like politicians while the party just want a troll – MTG has more chance of capturing the movement than Rubio or Graham.

    1. @Greg Bors It is worth repeating. Troll has no observations other than “d’uh, you all cower under tha telly, d’uh”

  3. McCarthy can fluff Trump all he likes, but it’s too late for him. On 1/6, he told the truth about Trump, and Trump will never forgive or forget. Trump is using McCarthy for now, but will back McCarthy’s opponent at the next election. Bank on it.

    1. @Jessse Rivers Try again. Joe Biden is the most powerful man in the world right now, while Trump is hiding in the basement of mara lago.

    2. @David J Definitely one of the weakest, yes, but I think “private bone spurs” is at the head of the line.

  4. Hey, the GOP went off the rails many years ago. Right now, it is careening down the mountainside at full speed.

  5. Don’t confuse self absorbed drivel with McCarthy and his crazy constjtuency. It’s all about power not people to the GQP.

  6. Sucka.
    Couple of seconds of contemplation. Burst of laughter.
    Not the conclusion I expected to see but glad I did.

  7. mccarthy : “i’m not a sucker”
    people : “so… if true, be heroic now : dump trump… now… before we learn that trump is going to be indicted” 🙂

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