1. Fox isn’t journalism. “Der Völkische Beobachter”, the biggest newspaper in Nazi-Germany, wasn’t either.

    1. I just read all the comments. Everyone in here, never posted what journalism is, and how CNN, Fox, Newsmax, MSNBC, ABC, or any other MSM isn’t journalism. You can argue what companies have done in the past, it doesn’t discredit any of them, or make any more credible.

    2. Journalism is very simple, its the reporting on the events and stories, you have that day. With no spin, no opinion, no telling people, how to think on the story. If you have done any of those things, which all News media does, you are an opinion oped. Not a journalist. Journalism hasn’t existed for decades. It doesn’t bring in enough revenue.

    3. @Derek Meador Not to pile on, but people “researching wrong” is partly responsible for the tsunami of misinformation that exists today. The other part is people blatantly lying with the intent to cause as much damage as possible.

      I’m glad that you were ethical enough to admit that you were wrong, even if it meant that you would be ridiculed. It shows character and there’s precious little of that going around these days. I hope that this moment changed something for you, in a positive way. Have a great night. 🙂

    1. @Barbara Washington – I watch. Your assumption is incorrect. They claim to be unbiased journalists but everyone with a 1/2 brain would see the difference

    2. @JMK1998 And here you are…watching CNN. However you are correct in that China owns you…they own the most US federal debt in the form of treasury bills. More than any other country. You should be concerned coz what if China calls in their chips? In 2016 the federal budget deficit was just over $5 billion. Year after year trump and the Republican Congress has exponentially spent and borrowed until they now owe over $3 trillion with the debt expected to hit $4 trillion by year end. Larger debt then the government spent for WW2. Remember that when the new administration takes over, sees the books and goes “holy crap”. From $5 B to almost $4 T. Like I said “holy crap” 😤. And the trump family continues to do business with China…why would that be? 🤔

    3. I watch CNN on occasion to see what the Fake News is up too, in other words try and figure the enemy out, and there is nothing better than the predominately leftheaded liberal media that is capable of brainwashing the public. You could argue this forever, but at least Trump had the guts to confront China and to call them out regardless of any business interests he has with them including his family. What did Biden say, ‘These are good folks”. There is one thing certain, Trump didn’t get into politics to make money, he doesn’t even take a salary, he was wealthy before. Obama and Biden made all their money after entering politics. Trump is far from perfect but he’s done more for the U.S. in 4 yrs than anyone in 8 yrs and more. Media has done their job well, we’ve got the Harris Biden administration, God help us all. Like I said, enjoy the $6.00 per gallon gas coming soon. I’m done with this board, hope you enjoy the next for years, I know the average working stiff won’t. Lastly, there is one thing for certain, Communist China couldn’t be more thrilled for the Biden presidency and that should scare the hell out of anyone.

    1. @M Igorpan20 legitimate amd proven. It always is, when a RWNJ discusses MSM, but objectivity and facts, are never, ever brought into play when discussing a story concerning so called Conservative issues. Where are the facts concerning Trumps stolen election? Where are the facts that actually prove, really show the material that demonstrates Hunter Biden was beholden to China. Face it, media that serves your biases is driven by snark, smears, innuendo…never by proven verifiable hard facts. And you and all your buddies are owned by their lies. Get used to it. They feed you 💩 and that all you can express.

    2. @M Igorpan20 Bullshit..if there was anything there Fox would have delivered. Hannity claimed to have something..yet Never delivered. Why?
      They talk abt him constantly..Hunter isn’t running for anything..has Never served public office…so why exactly is he relevant??
      Yet 3 Trump kids, And their girlfriend, wife and husband..plus Ruth’s son..Andrew Guiliani…Alll… make 6 figure salaries..over 700K per yr..of US taxpayer $$..Not 1 political science course among…Trumpers Have Never said word 1 abt it?? No 1 can tell you what any of them do…yet..Hunter Hunter Hunter? A private citizen..beat it

    3. @Keith Don spineless. That’s rich coming from a demographic that can only get a point across with guns, not information or logic.

    1. It’s hilarious how many “CNN is fake news!” people flood the CNN comments section. I oftentimes wonder how many are troll-farm workers, and how many are actually sad, sad Trumpists.

  2. I watched the mini series the Loudest Voice about Roger Ailses and Fox news, I will never watch fox news , what an evil network

    1. see my Playlist called soulwinning demonstration it explains how to receive eternal life with bible verses…

  3. Georgia, vote Warnock and Ossoff in January and give control of the senate to those who care about all Americans, not just the rich.

    1. @lonny W No one wants to take anything from you. We want everyone to have healthcare, a livable wage, and justice for all, not just the rich.

    2. @FAKE FRAUD PROPHET MOHAMMED RAPED 6 YEAR OLD AISHA No one with an education believes that superstitious, mythological bullshit. We stopped believing in Santa, dragons, witches, the bogey man, demons, and gods as soon as we became able to think critically.

  4. Ivanka, Eric, and DJ were found guilty of robbing from their own “charity”! Hunter Biden?? Give it up, already, Repubs! It’s Jarrod and the kids who need to worry about the law.

  5. Fox News was WMD crazy with every conspiracy including Sean talking about WMD in beauty products sent to the US.

  6. Fox news viewers are actually less informed on the news than someone that doesn’t watch any news at all. That’s a fact.

    1. @santa fe, bantayan island life “they” don’t call it that for nothing, huh? Gosh, I wonder who “they” might be. 🙄 Your echo chamber is showing.

    1. @Terrell McLendon Pointless comments here …. “proof” is shoved into their face and yet they are still blind …. Oh, good lord the stupidity of some people.

  7. Fox News is PATHETIC I wouldn’t even give them one second of my time…those people are a bad joke so disgusting

    1. @JohnnyNJNB I have no time for people like you and Fox News, heartless and over privileged with no morals, I said what I said if you don’t like it keep it moving, I’m not the one

  8. “Oh, take the keys and lock Fox up, lock Fox up, lock Fox up! Oh, take the keys and lock Fox up!! They..are..traitors!!!!”

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