Stengel Calls The Removal Of U.S. Troops From Germany ‘Vladimir Putin’s Dream’ | Deadline | MSNBC

As Donald Trump admits he has not spoken with Vladimir Putin about the intelligence on Russia paying bounties to Taliban fighters for the killing of U.S. soldiers, the U.S. announces it will withdraw almost 12,000 troops from Germany. Aired on 07/29/2020.
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Stengel Calls The Removal Of U.S. Troops From Germany ‘Vladimir Putin’s Dream’ | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. In a recent AXIOS interview, Trump admitted that he has never confronted Putin with intelligence indicating Russia placed bounties on the heads of U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

    Pressed on why he didn’t raise the matter in his phone call with Putin, he said: “That was a phone call to discuss other things, and frankly that’s an issue that many people said was fake news.”  No one other than Trump and Putin has stated it was fake news.

    When Trump was asked about Russia supplying weapons to the Taliban, Trump said, “Well, we supplied weapons when they were fighting Russia, too.” 😲

    During the interview, Trump defended Russia in the exact same manner that Putin would have. In fact, it was almost as if the reporter was interviewing Putin himself, based on the lies, deflections, and whataboutisms that Trump gave as answers.

    The sad truth is that Trump owes the Russians way too much money for him to ever question Putin about anything. If Putin were to tell Trump that today is Christmas, Trump would have no choice but to nod his head in agreement and say “So it is. Merry Christmas Vlad!!!”

    Since the 80s the Russians have been financially supporting Trump and bailing him out from bankruptcy after American banks stopped loaning Trump money. He is still indebted to them today. And just like any loyal dog, Trump knows better than to bite the hand that feeds him.

    1. An American and a Russian are arguing about which country has more freedom. The American says, “I can walk right up to the White House and shout ‘Down with Donald Trump!’👎 and nothing bad will happen to me.” The Russian replies, “Guess what? I can walk in front of Kremlin and shout ‘Down with Donald Trump!’👍 and nothing will happen to me either.”

    2. @Jeremy teed A hoary old cold war American joke that is way too smug.
      Try this version – the Russian replies: “I can take photo with Bible outside Kremlin without being gassed”

    1. If Trump is dancing, then the Pentagon pulls him by the strings. Otherwise, Trump would not have tried to stop the construction of Nord Stream 2 with the dirtiest means. Democrats and Republicans are all unscrupulous hypocrites.

    2. Trump got paid for this job and he delivers. You don’t seriously believe that he does all this self-hindering and anti-American things without getting fully paid by Saudi Arabia and Russian Sources…

    3. @neun malelf And what is the benefit of Russia? The United States and Europe hide fugitive oligarchs and other criminals from Russian law, ignite the fire of Russophobia in the countries of the former USSR, sponsor the Russian liberal opposition, constantly test Russia’s patience with provocations and false accusations. Trump has outdone all of his predecessors in sanctions against Russia.

    4. @neun malelf US policy does not change with the arrival of a new president. Therefore, as the United States sponsored Ukrainian Russophobia, it continues to do so. Once again, a billion dollars will be allocated to Ukraine to “contain Russia.” Military microbiological laboratories of the United States are located along the perimeter of Russia in the same Ukraine, Georgia and other countries,
      so they stand there and are not going to remove them anywhere. NATO still exists and Trump is demanding more funding from Europe. The sanctions against Nord Stream 2 are moving all the rules of decency, they even include retroactive sanctions on other Russian gas pipeline projects. Should I continue?

  2. Comrade in Chief Trumpski is Russia’s greatest asset in destabilising Western democracies. Trump has achieved what Putin has been trying to do for 20 years.

    1. @Gregory Edwards 💯👏Putins master plan, he knows he can’t compete militarily so it’s all about destabilising Western democracies and internal dissent.

  3. Dump-stir works for put-in. Madame Speaker let everyone know when she pointed her finger at dump-stir and said “Everything points to Putin”

  4. “Putin’s honey-do list for Donald Trump”. That about nails it. Bend over Donnie, Vlad’s on the phone again.

    1. @Rockabilly Given that your comments are increasingly unhinged and incoherent, I’m done with you. So I’m not going to indulge your ridiculous question by listing all the wars the US has won (from the Revolutionary War through two World Wars to the Gulf War, etc.). I’m instead going to just say this by way of a final comment:
      I actually like and respect Norway very much. I like the people and the culture, and the beauty of the land. I very much like the traditional music, and own many recording of Norwegian musicians. I’ve even written a piece of original instrumental music myself based on the traditional halling form. Now, of course, every country has its nut-cases and crack-pots… there are plenty here in the US, and you seem to be a prime example from your own country, and I have no reason to think that your views are typical of Norwegians in general (thankfully). But in closing I would suggest you consider this… there are 9,388 Americans buried at a large cemetery in Normandy, Americans who gave their lives, and are buried far from home, to free Europe from the ugly yoke of Nazism, which was no direct threat to their country. I hope you at least give them a passing thought the next time you decided to self-righteously sneer at my country, or revel in your guns and your fantasies of killing Americans side-by-side with your Russian idols.

    2. @Nek Via I have no idea where you’re getting this nonsense you are posting… maybe “Vlad’s Revisionist History and General Russian Propaganda”? At any rate, I have neither the time nor the inclination to wade through all the reality-twisting and irrelevant muck in your comment to me, so I will just address the issue that actually relates to what I’ve said in this comment thread with your comrade Rockasilly.
      During the Second World War the United States gave 11.3 billion dollars worth of aid and supplies to Russia. These supplies, delivered at great peril and in considerable loss of American lives, included 400,000 jeeps and trucks, 12,000 armored vehicles (including 7,000 tanks), 11,4000 aircraft, and 1.7 million tons of food, etc.. This was done under the Lend-Lease program, which were supposed to be interest-free “loans”, although the US government had no real expectation the loans would be paid back. And indeed, in the case of Russia, America eventually received only a total of 2 million in “reverse lend-lease” compensation out of that 11.3 billion, including some gold and other minerals (only from June to September 1941), which hardly justifies your nonsensical claim that Russia fully paid for all that help. Now in addition to those crucial supplies given to Russia in it’s time of need, the US and Britain also drew off and tied down vast numbers of German soldiers and airmen in North Africa, the Mediterranean and France that could otherwise have been used against Russia. The number of American pilots alone, involved in the bombing campaign against German industry, fuel refineries (which resulted in the Luftwaffe having to eventually severely ration fuel on the Eastern Front) and armaments factories, who were killed, wounded or imprisoned by the Nazis for the task of destroying resources that could have been used on the Eastern Front, is something Russia should be damned grateful about.

    3. @C.A.T. The supplies and lend-lease were not free, and the USSR paid for them in gold. The US got involved in the war when it became clear that Germany was losing. And before that they traded with both Germany and the USSR. Somewhere even published negotiations of the American government, where it is said that the United States will support both sides and wait for one of them to win,
      although preference is given
      Germany, since this is a European state, and when the winner is clear, the United States will join the battle and will have to finish off the weakened winner. And since then, the United States has been waging war with the USSR and Russia, not with weapons, but with sanctions and anti-Russian propaganda. And the Coalition was formed as
      how the USSR squeezed out fascist troops from Europe. And then these countries, previously attacking the USSR as part of the troops of Nazi Germany, became fighters against fascism. The fascist troops of the USSR were squeezed out, but you cannot fight with their brains. The USSR liberated their countries and went to their borders. And now the countries that happily greeted the Nazis,
      undertook to build fascism on their own territory. The Baltic states, Poland, Ukraine – each of them heroizes its accomplices of the fascists and represses the Russian population. Well, Poland is repressing the Ukrainians for one more Bandera. Although this does not prevent Ukraine from making heroes of Bandera, Shukhevych, Petliura, and the punishers of the SS Galicia division.
      As for the sailors who risked their lives making supplies to the USSR, Putin even rewarded them, noting their importance and expressing gratitude. But you will not deny that the United States entered the war far from the first day, and the entire burden of the war fell on the shoulders of the USSR.

    4. @Nek Via I’ve already clearly pointed out how your are wrong about Russia paying for all the aid and equipment they got from the US. Unfortunately for people like you, it’s easy to fact-check your lies. Your transparently false statement about America not entering the war until Germany was already losing, as well as the rest of your utter BS, is so stupid as to be astonishing. You really must think everyone is as ignorant and gullible as you. Anyone can easily debunk your statements one after another with a little research. As for me, I’ve already told you I have better things to do than wade through your lie-swamp any further. I already took apart your buddy Crock-o’-bully’s fantasies, and I’m really bored with all this idiotic propaganda.

    5. @C.A.T. I didn’t mention all the help. The United States has made deliveries of about 11 billion. And it doesn’t matter that it was not new, but used equipment, perhaps even decommissioned. The US bargained for a long time with the USSR about the amount of payments for this assistance and agreed on about 800 million. And this does not deny that
      that the United States transported fascist scientists and their developments and research both from Germany and from Japan. Not surprisingly, it is the United States and Ukraine that oppose the ban on the propaganda of fascism. Instead of arguing, you tend to slide into the usual curses and denials.

  5. Vote .. if there’s a long line.. bring a chair and water, but Vote. If there’s broken glass, crawl over it, but Vote!

    1. @Silvio D You should study some history. What do you think Bush Cheney did? They got us involved in a war with Iraq, then Afghanistan. We are still dealing with that mess. We didn’t start that conflict, but it could have been handled without all of the destruction and death that ensued. And as you see with some of the people on this board, people who don’t understand what the USA is all about will use that excuse to say that the USA is enriching themselves with wars. The USA is one of a few countries that has the balls to stand up against dictators and land trouble makers. Seriously, if you are really interested, read up about what President Bill Clinton and other Democrats accomplished with Russia during his years as President.

    2. @zeke c I am 100% American and that’s all you can think to say since what I said was so true. As the other guy said, we’re tired of the same old song, find another tune.

    3. @Dayze213 YES nice try! I won’t click on BOT Silvio or Russian Troll Silvio. BUT I was US “Army” Infantry in West Germany in the 80’s, left for college, returned to a high tech “Navy” career and retired 2014. Putin is the single biggest threat to this world. I love and admire Ronald Reagan for highlighting the dangers of Russia, but Putin’s Russia is 10x more dangerous. He is a TRUE LIFE Bond villain! I fear for the world because of Putin. Trump puppet will be exposed soon after leaving office, I feel certain.

  6. For Trump: “In a word, I was too cowardly to do what I knew to be right, as I had been too cowardly to avoid doing what I knew to be wrong.”

  7. Traitors got the USA acting like Russia! Where are the Patriots???????????
    Oh getting fired by the traitors!

    1. @J Vahl We Germans actually love America, which explains why we hate inept Trump and his administration of bunglers.

    2. @Drippy_ Tanner We like murican tourists but we dont need your “protection” because cold war is long time over and we trade with russia since then. But for you and your global positioning this is going to hurt.

    1. @Rockabilly Norway is one of the richest nations in the world per ca-pita. Bounced right back after the 2008 crisis. The government puts it’s money back into the population. Socialism works just fine. Actually the US is quite socialist but they put the money into corporations instead of it’s people.

    2. @jeff mcgowan Wow, you are really brainwashed. I feel sorry for people like you.

    3. @Christopher Chamberlain They have had massive energy deals with Russia for ages. That isn’t new, but it must be new to you so you are trolling BS.

  8. Trump is discord personified. His personal and professional life is – and always has been, chaotic. Disarray, restlessness, lacking peace. He became president and enveloped an entire nation into this chaos. Today alone, the news is rift with dumpster fires both domestically and internationally, from Congress to Portland to Germany. From a corrupt AG to uncontrolled Covid-19 to attacks on protesters to broken relationships with allies. And his fingerprints are all over it.

    Praying for peace and deliverance for our country.

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    1. Aren’t the people who say that also the people who have been shouting ‘bring our troops home!’ for decades?

    1. @Al Tischler The whole world knows Trumpty Numpty was guilty as charged. Unfortunately his spineless party gave him a pass. They are the fools

    2. @Anne Ross you are a Democrats dream. clueless . where is adum schitt direct evidence. The world is still waiting

    3. @Al TischlerNope, neither dem or rep. Not even American. We just watch in absolute astonishment and horror how America has fallen so low under this dangerous conman.

    4. @Anne Ross you are the con
      Trump didn’t put covid patients in old folks homes that was Democrats
      Trump didn’t cause the riots that was Democrats they want to cheat with mail in ballots and they will still lose

    1. @nunya business True that but there’s growing support for our withdrawal from the region there. We can still have trade and more peace in the region if our military wasn’t there.

    2. @Jose Garcia This is a fair argument. But then also stop behaving like an imperial force EVERYWHERE in the world.

    3. @neun malelf I just agree with Trump on bringing the Troops home. But since he pushes for increased defense spending with our luck they’ll wind up going to another country or He’ll just try and deploy them in our country. I am for bringing the troops home and decreased defense spending. Even if we cut defense spending in half we’ll still be a superpower.

    1. @Darrell French those 14,000 US troops can be replaced with troops from that region. If our troops are absolutely needed there (which they are not) then countries like Germany need to pay the full 2% of their GDP to NATO which they dont

    2. @Marilyn Reallon you cant argue so you talk about education and iq, you dumb liberals are the same in every country i see.

    3. Actually Putin’s dream is when Obama / Biden, and Hillary gave him 20% of America’s strategic uranium reserve along with billions of dollars of uranium contracts from US utilities, and then later completely abandoned the Ukraine and allowed Putin to seize Crimea.

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