Stengel: ‘It’s Absolute Denialism’ That Trump Didn’t See Russia Bounty Intel | The Last Word | MSNBC

Rick Stengel tells Lawrence O’Donnell that Trump “pretends ignorance” when he claims he would have acted if he had seen the intelligence that Russia offered bounties to kill U.S. troops and says that Trump’s withdrawal of nearly 12,000 U.S. troops from Germany is “Putin’s dream”: “This has been a goal of the Russians for 500 years and Vladimir Putin has pulled it off because he has a lackey in the American president.” Aired on 7/29/2020.
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Stengel: ‘It’s Absolute Denialism’ That Trump Didn’t See Russia Bounty Intel | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Trump: We can reposition former troops from Germany into cities having (D) Mayors to combat riots in the streets. *What!? … there are no riots? Hold my beer.*

    1. @Samo Hajduk Split You mean like in Helsinki when he sided with Putin over all 17 of our intelligence agencies?

    2. Pat McCann again, agencies provided no proof. It’s all he said she said.
      There are serious consequences if you go after Russia without concrete evidence.

      I just don’t understand how people can expect a president to condemn one of the most powerful nations in the world, without a solid proof.
      This is not some backyard fist fight.

  2. Trump didn’t see the intel on the bounties because he was too busy Tweeting “Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV.”

    1. Trump has called Putin 7 times since that news first came out. By Trump not saying anything, he still get’s his cut from the bounty.

    2. @hankakah I don’t think it’s a cut of the bounty. I think Trump may try to stay in office after being voted out, and he’ll want Puttin to send him soldiers. Maybe sending these secret police to Portland is him starting to build a military that’s devoted to him not America. I know that sounds paranoid but we’ve seen him do stuff in the last few years we thought a president would never do.

    3. @Trisha Ann Its a Serious thought. He did take in that Navy Seal who was Court Martialed for killing and taking a Pic holding the Dead Head with Knife in hand. Ye and his Wife were Celebrating at Mar A Lago Before the Pandemic. WS Stephen Miller has an official office in the Peoples House and he is a Self Braggadocious WS Leader. Nothing is to far fetched for a Bottomless Criminal Despot who surrounds himself with Felons, American Traitors and Grifters that have shown they will create New Lows.

    1. The audience can be divided into factions. The contingent most likely to buy-into that Putin sales pitch are the less educated faction. TraitorTrump said “I love the poorly educated”. Which in turn isn’t because he actually likes them. Quite the opposite, he so-called loves them only because “We won with poorly educated”. (That quote was spoken by TraitorTrump after winning his third-straight R’s primary contest 2016 in Nevada)

    2. 〇 “William Evanina, director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, ultimately acknowledged [in private] that Russia is again trying to boost President Donald Trump’s reelection and denigrate his opponent. But Democrats urged him to say as much publicly — and to be specific.”

    3. 〇 “Pelosi said “What I’m concerned about is that the American people should be better informed. Leader Schumer and I wrote to them and said, ‘Tell the truth to the American people,’ and for some reason they are withholding it. That’s what I’m concerned about.” 〇 Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) said he believes the administration and the intelligence community “needs to make public far more than they have.”

    4. 〇 (Sen. Murphy, cont.) “There are individuals who are openly inserting themselves into the 2020 election, and if we have confidence about their connection to foreign governments then the American public deserves to know that. I don’t know what the point is of collecting all this intelligence on foreign interference if you’re not ever prepared to tell the public what’s going on”

    5. 〇 (Sen. Murphy, cont.) “If the Russians are sending agents to the U.S. to interfere in the election, I don’t care whether they are working for Republicans or Democrats — there’s no reason for not making that information public.”
      〇 (Likewise here are brief remarks on that very-same topic from Rep. Adam Schiff on Friday evening July 31st –> )

  3. When Trump was asked about Russia supplying weapons to the Taliban, Trump said, “Well, we supplied weapons when they were fighting Russia, too.” 😲

    Trump defended Russia in the exact same manner that Putin would have. In fact, it was almost as if the reporter was interviewing Putin himself, based on the lies, deflections, and whataboutisms that Trump gave as answers.

    The sad truth is that Trump owes the Russians way too much money for him to ever question Putin about anything. If Putin were to tell Trump that today is Christmas, Trump would have no choice but to nod his head in agreement and say “So it is. Merry Christmas Vlad!!!”

    Since the 80s the Russians have been financially supporting Trump and bailing him out from bankruptcy after American banks stopped loaning Trump money. He is still indebted to them today. And just like any loyal dog, Trump knows better than to bite the hand that feeds him.

    The motivating factors that drives a person to betray their own country, and become a willing agent of another hostile country are broken down into the acronym MICE.
    M oney
    I deology
    C ompromise/Coercion
    E go

    Trump clearly has no ideology, because he believes in nothing. But he is clearly susceptible to the other 3. Money, Ego and being Compromised. There’s no doubt that Putin, being a KGB agent, recognized those weaknesses in Trump from a mile away. People like Manafort, Kushner, Don Jr, Moscow Mitch, and many other Trump associates fell prey to at least 3 of those factors as well. Trump and his inner circle presented a target rich environment for Russan agents. I have no doubt that Putin was both dumbfounded, and elated at how many of Trump’s people were so eager to betray America…

    On April 18, 2019, a redacted copy of Mueller’s report was released to the public. The Mueller report builds on the U.S. intelligence conclusion that there were two campaigns to elect Trump— one run by Trump and one run by the Russian government. The Mueller report clearly identified connections between the Trump campaign and Russia. The report states that there were a total of 272 secret contacts between Trump’s team and Russia-linked operatives were identified, including at least 38 meetings. All of Trump’s people initially lied about these contacts when questioned.

    1. I too am doing just what @Tadas Blindavicius said. In my case being a slow thinker, i have found that… talking with the R’s Fox News viewers out in my local brick and mortar world…. it’s usually a lost battle before it even starts. But once we’re armed with an air-tight solid paragraph like Mr. David J kindly provides, then we can become decisive in our fleeing. Newly equipped to resolve to never associate with R-oriented people

    2. All Trump DOES is defend Putin. Not sure if Trump is a full-on spy or Russian operative, but he might as WELL be.

    1. Why? Cause he didn’t act on reports with no evidence? Don’t just read a freakin’ title, it’s literally a ‘he said she said’ report

  4. “The CIA never told me, the only things on my desk are menus & placemats, when I spoke to Vlad he said “Worry about China”

  5. Biden needs to jail Trump and all of his minions including Barr. The November Docket is coming. Poor thing.

    1. I’m concerned about Nov 3 to Jan 20. When Trump loses, he will still have plenty of time to cause mayhem.

    2. @Lotta Sunshine he hasn’t stopped causing Mayhem to this point already it probably will get worse before January but I hope Congress ties his hands a bit hopefully get out the vote vote blue down-ballot Joe Biden will be our next president. In our Beloved Country will who eventually return to normal daily life

  6. This thing between Putin and trump is getting scarier and scarier every day. Now we know what those most recent phone calls between them were about and why he is not bringing up the bounties put on the heads of our troops. For anyone that is currently supporting trump, that should be the last straw. How does a trumpist reconcile that one?

    1. Putin is an ally, that is
      Why we are voting for trump. Trump is correct not to address false made up stories designed to derail troop drawdowns

  7. Election day is coming. Vote. Don’t allow rain sleet snow or bullying or intimidation stop you from voting.

  8. Trump’s lived in an altered universe of privilege and bias his whole life. Stop expecting him to act reasonable or rationally. His sickness is way too severe and deep to allow him the ability to process information correctly. Get that madman out of office asap

  9. Trump does Pageants!

    Presidency is not his THING at all…….just look how’s he’s done so far

  10. In Portland’s So-Called War Zone, It’s the Troops Who Provide the Menace
    If President Trump is actually trying to establish order, he is stunningly incompetent.

  11. Trump’s answer to absolutely everything: blatant lie, fake news, lame excuse, blame Obama.

    1. FFS do you have a brain? They provided ZERO evidence.
      It’s literally ‘he said that she said’ situation

    2. @E Clouston Thanks, you really changed my mind. Get a grip, you are buying a factless narrative pushed by the media.

  12. “It depends what kind of assistance” What a pathetic excuse for an Attorney General. What a moronic answer.

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