‘Step up and take responsibility’: PM on the Catholic Church 1

‘Step up and take responsibility’: PM on the Catholic Church


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau weighs in on the Catholic Church's refusal to share archives on residential schools.

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  1. Rich words coming from this guy who takes responsibility for nothing. Pot meet kettle.

    1. Maybe someone in the press can get out some crayons and explain the word hypocrisy to Justin

  2. Your own cabinet is not even stepping up for the Ethic reports. How can you say that to someone else and not do it yourself?

    1. If his cabinet was reponsible for deaths of hundreds of thousands then YES they would.. Time for you to grow up and stop being an internet troll

    2. @Shayan K Please thats war room money at work. Out come all the Cons who are skinner lovers.

    1. @Goggle Hero Omega Maple ..can you name all of these corruption scandals by the Harper government?

    2. @Goggle Hero Omega Maple how do you know isidro9911 is a conservative party supporter? And does one parties corruption mean the other can be corrupt just as long as its “not as much” as the last guy?

      They are all corrupt and if you keep identifying with any of them you will forever be trapped in a world they control.

    3. @Paul, Does things. 10x, 20x, 30x times, doesn’t matter. 2 wrongs don’t make a right both are wrong and both are ugly, but Trudeau is the most recent so….

    1. all political ideology parties had a roll in this from the start…
      how come you’re cherry picking?

    2. @Shayan K the guy is just projecting … his projecting may very well have nothing to do with this what so ever

    3. It was all the church…

      Are you saying politicians had to be involved in the crimes?

      That sounds logical. I concur.

  3. The families destroyed by this need to be able to sue the church and the rich families in power in canada at the time it was happening. The Trudeau’s for starters.

    1. So children should pay for their parents crimes!?
      I agree that the government should pay and actully help the aboriginals but not the modern day families. I cant see how the ppl alive now are at fault for something their parents or grandparents have done.

    2. @Tara Francis well I mean it will be paid by taxes so the sins of the father are being atoned by the son

    3. @Tara Francis So the “original sin” has no basis according to your argument. And why should Jesus pay for the sins of others…makes no sense.

  4. and you need to understand mr trudeau the government of canada has a more concerted responsibility for its complicity to these schools and the laws of the government to enforce also the catholic church has apologies many times.. why are you diverting your responsibility onto another institution..??? step up mr trudeau!!!

  5. He’s trying to get the Fathers to take responsibility….but his own Father Trudeau senior actually ran these residential schools for 10+ years – been waiting for the day we’d see leaders in the west go after the church

  6. Trudeau, I use think better of him. Now I see how advantageous he is to try and polish his own politician buckle every time theres a tradgity. These words are so hollow

  7. What a narcissistic lack of self awareness. Never held accountable a day in his privileged life

    1. Exactly, what a hypocrite. I am not surprised he’s catholic. He is the epitome of the typical catholic.

  8. Hearing Justin Trudeau talk about responsibility sounds like a serial killer asking for justice against his victims.

  9. says the guy who’s spent his entire political career spouting long-winded word salad to get out of ever taking responsibility for anything he’s done.

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