Stephanie Ruhle Announces She Is Recovering From Covid | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Stephanie Ruhle Announces She Is Recovering From Covid | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


Stephanie Ruhle opens her show by announcing her and her family have tested positive for coronavirus. She urges Americans to "please take this seriously" as the pandemic continues to impact the country. Aired on 12/7/2020
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Stephanie Ruhle Announces She Is Recovering From Covid | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


    1. This virus are going killing people if you dont love your life. People life dont sale and the groceries store.people must be carefully and takes this virus very seriously.

  1. Stephanie I am so, I thought you were on vacation. Prays for you and your family. Most love to your family .

    1. @TrikkiNikki Treasures I didn’t wish anybody harm or propose violence. The poster said this woman, who has a family with young children, deserves to have a deadly disease. Now that is not only hostile, but anti social as well. We can’t spend our time with people who propose all of these conspiracy theories. Many don’t trust science or experts of any kind. As a society we can’t cater to these people. We have to move on and leave them to their own devices.

    2. @YouTube Moderator ;
      It must be difficult to play that stupid. There may be support by somebody hitting on the head from time to time.

    3. @Hayden Sanford Actually, that’s not what was written. He said that she didn’t wear her mask…And there are people regardless of party who haven’t been wearing them…Accordingly, there is an effect because she didn’t wear one…Nevertheless; it seems that you believe you were right. Regardless of the interpretive issues…it was rude and not a step forward in the direction of unity; which is the alleged new agenda. Isn’t that what Biden said??? It is important to remember the propaganda machine is funded by people with agendas; not the average citizen with everything to lose (if they believe and react to ALL that is regurgitated through numerous flunkies mouths). Tyranny has no political affiliation…

    1. @YouTube Moderator Sweetie that’s just not nice now trot off and cook your husbands supper and do your nails you will feel better ( best to stay off the alcohol tonight , your already high )

    2. @YouTube Moderator thanks for your kind suggestion, but no thanks.
      Here in Germany there were many collegues of you – long time ago. You would have liked the warm psychological climate here, since you act in a similar friendly way. to a hole.

    3. @YouTube Moderator Joined 1 week ago. TROLL ALERT TROLL ALERT. Go pedal your BS somewhere else imbecile.

  2. Oh no ! Stephanie I am taking very seriously and im telling everyone I know to do the same. Follow the cdc guidelines !!! Sooner we do the sooner we can get OVER this…get well soon, Stephanie your fans miss you well wishes for your family as well.

    1. So you inadvertainly admit Steffi wasn’t following cdc guidlines?
      If she was following she would not have gotten covid right? Now lets talk about Rachel Maddows strap onwho got covid. Was it following guidlines? Should we spend hours calling them super spreaders that wanna murder people?

      Lol i love hipocritical idiots.

  3. Glad you are getting better. Rooting for you and your family. Sending you prayers and good energy. Love you Stephanie. We need voices like yours.

  4. I’m glad you are recovering Stephanie. Best to you and your family. Hugs. Thank you for all you do everyday.

    1. Ja I remember CDC director Robert Redfield say way back vaccine is good but face mask still better even if you vaccinated!
      the vaccine is not 100% protection!

  5. Get well soon and prayers for tour family, quick recovery to all facing this deadly disease. Please stop calling it a hoax and protect yourselves

  6. God Bless You and your family with a full and speedy recovery. Perfectly put and so needed to be heard from a current victim of this tragedy.

    1. they all are going to GITMO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! want bet ? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “WE” DON’T WANT TO BE GOVERNED BY / CROOKS / CHILD ABUSERS / SELL OUTS / TRAITORS / PEDOPHILES / LIARS & RETREADED POLITICIANS !!!!!!!!!

    2. @Greg Exelby
      Exactly. That’s why we elected President Joe Biden. We are tired of being governed by sick depraved Republican politician in the WH.

  7. I have never seen more honesty , anguish and concern from any newsperson in my life.. spoken like some1 that gives a crap! Get well soon Steph & family.

  8. Powerful and important-for-all-Americans-to-hear message, Stephanie. Thank you for what you said and how you said it.

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