Stephanie Ruhle On COVID-19 Diagnosis: I Did All The Right Things, But I Still Got The Virus | MSNBC

Stephanie Ruhle On COVID-19 Diagnosis: I Did All The Right Things, But I Still Got The Virus | MSNBC 1


    1. @Charles1er Smeyers What is amazing is both Republicans running for Senate in Georgia have been accused of insider trading, they won’t answer questions. However, Georgians will vote for them because they have an R after their names.

    2. @Keeping Healthy – Capitalism demands human sacrifice, and we should just learn to “live with that fact”. Brilliant.

    3. Yep and handing over trillions of hard working tax dollars to corporate welfare who have taken this rich country to the poor house… while those tax dollars could have gone to fixing and financing our education and reaching economies of scale or going towards finance policies that would help people in the short run to finance a quarantine.. America burned science and commonsense like a nazis book burning.

  1. If the USA can be compared to an airplane flight we are at that moment where Sully just said “We are going to be in the Hudson”.

    1. … it’s more like he’d announced taking a dump for the next hour or so but don’t panic, a replacement crew will arrive after landing 😆..🤧..😷

    2. no, you’re at the moment when Forrest Gump says from the pilot’s seat “I think that’s the Hudson down there, what do you think Wilson? How about you have a go at flying, I feel like a game of golf… with a soccer ball… I wonder if there’s a spare one lying around here anywhere”

    3. … and half the ppl on the plane were berating the flight attendants saying: “there is no Hudson, the plane isn’t going down, the ground is just going up.”

    1. Lmao! Everyone will get it..just like a flu or a virus…
      This has all been a pathetic political stunt played out by the blue clowns..
      Don’t worry though, it will all magically disappear if braindead joe takes office..

    2. @Jeff Woods Ok – then explain why nearly all the ICU beds in my state are full of patients who can’t breathe.

    3. @omi god because like every year with the flu, viruses and other ailments…it takes its toll on those with preexisting conditions and even those who have co editions previously unknown..

    4. @Jeff Woods The flu doesn’t fill our ICUs like this. Stop trying to minimize what is obviously the worst health crisis the country has faced in your lifetime. Get real.

  2. Imagine if every public figure spoke truthfully and directly like this. Every one. Imagine. Thank you Stephanie.


    2. @Wally Censorship You didn’t respond to my questions. Yes i trust her words over trumps because he consistently contradicts almost everything that comes out of his mouth. I have a hard time knowing where someone like that stands. Please don’t put words in my mouth when responding, it makes it seem we’re not having a conversation.

    3. @Wally Censorship right wingers wanted to put people in hotel quarantine and pay them for days missed at work due to quarantine? Wow, that’s great. Why aren’t you doing it?

    4. @Wally Censorship Trump has never properly advised about the virus & stood behind any of his empty words. What side doesn’t matter, politics doesn’t matter…. not when dealing w/ someone SO textbook, toxic & dangerous. Someone not emotionally developed enough they’d be considered a safe, responsible, integral, productive member of society, let alone…. by ANY medical professional in Psychology or dealing w/ personality disorders. Stunted somewhere along the way, highly manipulative & lies pathologically… easier than he breathes. Any speech, tweet, interview, contains ZERO emotion or emotional connection to anyone else; so detached, too often even speaks of himself in 3rd person. Same repeated patterns of behavior, identical cycle of abuse followed & manipulation tactics used.. as seen in cults, MLMs & toxic/abusive relationships. Lacking critical thinking, cognitive reasoning & application of insight, integrity, compassion OR a conscience… having zero respect for rules/laws, boundaries, social norms OR others.. He is motivated by only 1 of 2 things.. always & every single time.. He’s either trying to GET something OR… get OUT of something. Nothing & no one else matters to him, besides what currently benefits him in that moment. Believing his own perception/feelings = facts.. as in, “I want to win, deserve to win, should win & am entitled to win… Therefore, anything but… well, must be fraudulent!” Having a tantrum, experiencing #NarcissisticInjury… he throws darts, “until”…… hoping one sticks! That’s always worked for him before, to get whatever it is he wants. Red flags galore & so many other professionals & experts have come forward to speak about. Feeling it was more important to set aside their ‘code’… so they could warn the public. Esp those who have been influenced, manipulated & hoovered into his b.s., fakery & fkery. Hoping they could find clarity through the dense fog of garbage he spews w/ no actions to follow. The type of person all of our instincts should have been screaming loudly about, to warn…. from day ONE! #PsychopathFree #HiddenAbuse “B.A.I.T.E.R.S.” #MedCircle #DoctorRamani etc ETC. If you even made it this far, here is just one of many vids that fits him like a “T”…. About those who believe their feelings = facts. He’ll never do what’s right by anyone else, never humbly accept 2nd place OR that he lost…. He doesn’t even comprehend what that is. It’d be unacceptable & does… not… compute. Winning, attention, praise, rewards & gain…. the only acceptable option. Even if…. not warranted, earned or truthful.

    1. @Cliff Medina stop the steal of human life. The reason why America is in this situation because trump lied to us downplayed this deadly virus as being the same a the regular flu.

  3. It’s not a socialist thing to help your citizens like many other countries who are not socialist. Republicans don’t get it, well maybe they do but they need to keep the propaganda going in order to be in power

  4. “When stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent.”
    — Isaac Asimov

    1. @Ged Farnan Jude 1:18 AND 2 Peter 3 BOTH SPEAK OF LAST DAYS SCOFFERS AND MOCKERS…’

  5. “Anyone who has ever struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor”
    –James Baldwin

    1. @kim Hey have u heard about Marcus by Goldman Sachs? It’s an all online model, they use new data collection science to allow users online to apply for loans up to 40k & get loan options in as little as 5 min, they specifically have credit card consolidation as well. If they can see u are making your payments, it’s kind of a no brainer if the interest rate is lower. But this is a crazy time, so banks are skittish I guess. Don’t know what your circumstances are, but if you’re ready to pay off 6 you sound like me.. it looks bad on paper but I always make my payments & the interest is stupid. I’m going to be applying thru Marcus, but I haven’t yet. If u try it maybe u could tell me how it went!

    2. @Jeff Woods you’re a disgusting troll. You have no credentials, your account is obvious troll channel, you presume to know what random strangers on the internet have & have not done, you spout the bigoted nonsense ONLY online losers PRETENDING to have expertise in this area say. No one who works in some imaginary non specific super real field of “working closely with the poor” speaks like you do. I should know. (Please insert some vague thing I say to show how I’m so much more qualified than you to speak about said topic)

      Nanana boo boo stick your head in doo doo. Sorry, was just trying to speak to you on your level. HATEFUL TROLL

    3. @Jake Mac Hey there troll #2! Are you “Jeff Woods” friend? The right hand logs out of Jeff’s acct then the left logs into Jake’s acct… (it feels like you have a real friend that way). Welcome to YouTube NOV 7 YOU SAD TROLL!

      It’s really sad guys, it’s a total infestation. Trump losing the election has somehow resulted in a BOOM for new youtube users wow!

    4. @lulu in hollywood lol, and presume to know me..the incredible world of leftist hypocrisy.
      I’m not pretending when I’ve had real life practical experiences…
      Tell me your close and personal experiences that relate to the subject..I’m listening..

  6. “When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist.”
    ― Dom Helder Camara

    1. “There are people in this world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
      – Mahatma Gandhi

    2. Weird .. I was sharing this quote on Facebook and looked at my thread to find this from Camara that I posted to my site four years ago!

      “It is possible to travel alone, but we know the journey is human life
      and life needs company.
      Companion is the one who eats the same bread.
      The good traveler cares for weary companions, grieves when we lose heart, takes us where she finds us, listens to us.
      Intelligently, gently, above all lovingly, we encourage each other to go on and recover our joy
      On the journey.” ― Dom Helder Camara

    3. @Mark Hill but but but but Trump. Man you idiots can’t go oneday without saying Trumps name can you ?
      Truly pathetic

    1. @None Given *Masks do work, Covid is spread by respiration and vapor droplets. A mask is to protect the other person, but if only 50% of the population is wearing masks, the rest with COVID and no masks are breathing on doorknobs, items in public places such as restaurants and stores. Which says a lot about how selfish most people really are.*

  7. Had no idea she was away with a covid diagnosis. So glad she’s ok. She’s right so many Americans not as privileged to take the time off and isolate. Powerful message.

    1. Most abortions take place at the embryonic stage , i.e. by the 10th week of pregnancy (8 weeks after conception)

    2. @Fish Interesting. I don’t think that humans have “no qualms” about abortion. Ask any woman who has been in that horrible position where abortion is her only way out of the bad situation she is in. There is not enough space given (by prolife or prochoice) to understanding the suffering (fear, anxiety, trauma etc.) that has lead to the abortion or to offering non biased nonpartisan support. And that is rarely the end of the suffering. She often has to bear the loss throughout her life without support from her family and close friends because of stigma. Some women can afford psychological support before and/or after the intervention, but many don’t.

    3. @Mar Betu Very good points. Perhaps I should have reworded it as “no qualms about legalizing abortion.” Regardless of what stage it takes place, it is still the ending of a life. I know it’s not black / white but still.

    4. @G Deezy and the repubs will give them snap funds ,you are the hypocrite at its finest you no good pumk

  8. The republicans wanted herd immunity Sure looks like that’s what’s happening now. Because of their Impotence as leaders

    1. Also being super careful removing masks and disinfecting cloth ones and carefully disposing the disposable ones.

    1. Can fully relate and appreciate you mentioning the other side of doing the right thing. That isolation can be brutal but all worth it when able to see the big picture.

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