Stephen Miller Is Opposing Loan Relief While Receiving Gov. Paycheck 1

Stephen Miller Is Opposing Loan Relief While Receiving Gov. Paycheck


This weekend, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack – along with senators Rafael Warnock and Jon Ossoff and Congressman Jim Clyburn – announced that the U.S. Department of Agriculture was set to pay off farm loans of nearly 13,000 black, Hispanic, indigenous, and other nonwhite farmers and ranchers. Joy calls conservatives like Stephen Miller who oppose this aid tonight’s “absolute worst.”
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  1. Folks, if you ever thought that a Jewish Nazi was an impossibility…. then look no farther than Stephen Miller.

    1. You should be ashamed of yourself, stop your racist and anti-Semitic postings. They are highly offensive.

    2. @Insignificant360 Are you saying: Muslims are more tolerant of homosexuality? Try thinking before you comment.

    1. Because, the more often True Information concerning the Trump threat to the American Democratic Republic is broadcast.
      The more likely those who do not necessarily keep their heads in the political realm 24-7, will hear the truth and vote accordingly.
      Other than that,
      I cannot understand why he is breathing air, that I may need later…

  2. Stephen hitler and Republikkkans absolutely hate seeing minority farmers getting benefits after long history of being disadvantaged

    1. @Nerdsworth Poindexter I didn’t ask you the date the Civil War began. I asked you for the single date that the ENTIRE war took place because YOU are claiming entire, years long historical events, are actually singular dates. Furthermore, I didn’t state they switched platforms EXACTLY 100 years ago. I clearly stated APPROXIMATELY 100 years ago, which is absolutely correct but you would know that if you were educated. Do you lack reading comprehension skills or are you just being willfully obtuse?

    2. @DL F Democrats voted against the Voting Rights Act of 1965 whereas the Republicans voted for it. In fact, Al Gore’s father voted against it. FACT.

    3. @Nerdsworth Poindexter Well your being triggered trying to defend racism actually shows that YOU think that I do know a lot about racism……

    4. @Paul Carter The Democratic Party is the party of slavery and involuntary servitude. FACT.

    5. @WatchMyVideoDude you’ve been misinformed and lied to to a degree .if they are worst off the dems are the only voice on their side cause all rep do is blame complain and lie on dems instead of trying to fix issues .rump did nuthin but lie cast doubt ,hate ,label and people say cheat the American people.his whole inner circle got arrested.birds feather flock together

  3. Can we add again to that title. Like you’re the absolute worst again Steve. Although it does feel kind of weird calling a slimy blood worm Steve.

  4. Who cares what Stephen Miller has to say. He should not be giving any more air time. He should be crawling back under the rock he came from.

    1. @Jeff Walsh “Joined Jan 4, 2021”
      C’mon man, you wouldn’t even use your main account to say this because it’s so gross…

    2. @Jeff Walsh That is kinda gross, still less gross than setting up underage beauty pageants so you can spy on the girls when they are changing.

    1. @Johnny Young I agree- ad hominem attacks get you nowhere and prove you are wrong.

      Good thing Trump or right wing media never resorted to ad hominem attacks- otherwise I may not believe some of the things they say.

    2. @omi god “Kisses from Vlad” means you’re still stuck on Russian collusion, which indicates your intellect is stunted. I bet you still live with your parents.

    3. @Johnny Young you’re running out of time…. Do you want to leave the GRU?
      We can help you

  5. I always thought Miller was a vampire, but I guess he must be a ghoul if he can withstand the sunlight.

  6. He gets a check and there are people who still have not received one pandemic relief dollars I can’t stand him.

    1. Here’s some more disgusting information (I’m not trying to ruin your day): * the top 1% of all humans is, roughly, 70 mil people
      * they own 43% of the WORLD’s wealth
      * that works out to, closer, 1.43% of the people on Earth own as much as 98.57% of the rest of us
      * do they not eat and drink and play and have fun and swim and poop and get embarrassed when they fart or throw a gutter ball like I do?
      * this is getting scary
      * 1984
      You take care

  7. Stephen is the the poster boy for the Republican Party, he would of stood next to Hitler 70 years old.

  8. Hey, Stephen. Remember when Donald’s base was screaming “Jews will not replace us!”? They were talking about you, goldy locks.

    1. @JERRY RICHARDSON And people like you are why we have a dementia patient currently in the White House.

  9. Miller knows that Satan has prepared a place for him at his side for his years of loyal service to him here on earth.

  10. Ok for him to live off the government dole but heaven forbid anyone else should get help when they need it. WHAT A JERK!

    1. @Hewlett William wow, did you think of that witty line all by yourself or did mommy help you with it?

    2. @YouDontKnowMe It is nice to know fellow Americans’ such as yourself are doing your best to help other fellow Americans succeed so that we as a unified country can accomplish greater things together than trying to go it alone.

  11. I’m so conflicted with Stephen Miller, is he Looney Tunes’ “Willie Weasel”.or Star Wars’ “Salacious Crumb”

  12. That $ that went to farmers from 45 was a joke. Only wealthy farmers and large farm conglomerates received that money. I think Chuck Grassley from Iowa was a recipient.

    1. Wasn’t that a subsidy to help offset the China tariffs that the stable genius decided were needed?

  13. “I don’t want ANYONE to get a loan besides ME and my corrupt Republican friends!” – Stephen Miller, probably.

    1. I believe what he wants is the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment as well as the civil rights laws that we have fought so hard to obtain, he wants them followed.

    1. Good question. You have to work at least 5 years for the Federal government to qualify for a pension.

    2. Think it’s because donnie’s still getting an allowance for an office and staff – the nazi is staff.

  14. I bet Satan is going to get fed up with all these ad hominem attacks equating him and Stephen Miller…

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