Stephen Miller Reemerges To Cause Problems for Biden | MSNBC 1

Stephen Miller Reemerges To Cause Problems for Biden | MSNBC


Stephen Miller is back. The former Trump advisor and mastermind of his most debased immigration policies has a new gig, and it involved suing the Biden administration as often as possible. Jean Guerrero, who literally wrote the book on Miller, joined American Voices with Alicia Menedez to discuss what we can expect from his next act.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Stephen Miller Reemerges To Cause Problems for Biden | MSNBC


    1. so many of these cronies legit look like over the top evil characters from any movie…. and yet somehow the other clearly evil characters go on fox news to say “we are the good humans… i mean the good guys”

    1. As all dedicated former “Tales from the Crypt” aficionados know it can be frustratingly difficult to get the Cryptkeeper to succumb to a round of strip poker. This evil genius has never bothered to cover up his hate, and therefore he’ll be a lot harder to be rid of.

    2. He just like his daddy 45,wants to get in the spot light whenever the opportunity presents itself, if you go back through his lineage, his people were probably immigrants too,that’s when it should have been down to 0%

    3. Go get a hobby instead of being a pathetic human who still needs “ORANGEMAN BAD” in order to exist

      You seriously remind me of a drug addict. Except the drug addict had an excuse past their ego… so you’re actually less than a drug addict

    1. @druu jenkins Turns out trump was working for the russians. Biden is cleaning out the Kremlin from our great nation as we speak. If you deny it, you support russia over America and I want you out of my country, traitor. No one wants your tiny 1/3rd of the country cultist here anymore. I’d take a million immigrant at the border over traitors like you.

    2. @brady chick Hahahaha. I seriously forgot about that one

      Ok. So in your head. Orangeman bad b/c he withheld info (even though that isn’t what happened)

      But random person who says “Orangeman bad” is good, b/c he withheld the same info as the Orangeman….

      Please go get past high school before pretending you’re a philosopher. Thanks!!!

    3. @Xmas Please go see any type of brain doctor so they can explain to you how “the boy who cries wolf” is a thing

  1. We need to know who is funding Miller. Drag them into the light of day. It’s probably the Mercers.

    1. @John Randolph I literally love watching you watch all the Biden gaffes while Biden is getting the job done. Keep taking your eye off the ball.

    1. Yes Bush wanted to due Immigration reform, then Obama came in and deported more Aliens than any President ever and Built Cages. to lock up Aliens.

    2. @tommy john john hi, Boris.
      How’s Siberia? Make sure to come home early to your OnlyFans-working wife, before she ends up in Miami with a Millionaire.

    3. Hahahahahahahahahaha

      Ahhhh. I really love how you worship Biden, AKA the guy who spent 50 years creating the problems we are facing today, BUT you’ll find random reasons to hate the Orangeman, who had 4 years….

      Such as the Mueller report. Which basically showed Russia made some bad Bernie memes no one saw.


    1. @druu jenkins LOL!! TRAITOR Trump deserves to be hated, he is Satan in the flesh. If your feelings are hurt and you can’t handle the truth about TRAITOR Trump, just stay on FAKE FOX NEWS.

    2. @TJ Please go see which ever doctor is needed for brain type issues.

      You really need it if you’re still whining about the Orangeman while making Democrats your church

  2. I’d love to see Marjorie Taylor Green take a DNA test. I guarantee she will be surprised in the blood that runs through her veins.
    I highly doubt she is as “Angle-Saxon” as she thinks

  3. “Stephen Miller is a white supremacist. I know, I was one, too.”

    – Former Breitbart reporter Katie McHugh

    1. @druu jenkins poor little thing. It must be hard being just another one of thousands of trolls with no originality and who’s opinion is sooo meaningless you actually have to hide behind a pseudonym. It must be difficult being such a coward. Constantly living in fear, you cant even speak freely as a real person unafraid of the retribution that would become your life if you expressed these “opinions” outside of your virtual reality. Pathetic poor little troll. Do you need a hug?

    2. @1776 SAR SUSAN CONSTANT WW2 Germans: Everyone who disagrees with me = bad. Like we need to send them to camps
      You: Everyone who disagrees with me = bad
      Democrat Hero = FDR = guy who locked up Japanese people b/c of race

    3. @druu jenkins Congratulations! You know how to kibbitz; denigrate; bully. A perfect representative of today’s GQP!

    4. @Eric Hampshire Is this the best you have? Making fun of me?

      I went through Jr High and actual High School. Be better than a teenager (or less) and learn how debating works.

    5. @1776 SAR SUSAN CONSTANT I suppose that if anyone who disagrees with your terrible immigration stance is a NAZI, well about 70% of Americans must be Nazi’s…

  4. Miller needs to come to my Native American Reservation, there are many lakes and trees, sometimes people get lost and never make it out…

    1. NO! We want him up here in North West California. LOTSA wilderness up here. Maybe he can be Sasquatches toy boy. I just say!!!!

    2. @Hopsta Blah, blah, blah. I’m a hero. But also people who compare other humans to chimps are racist. Unless they are me. Because I am me

      – You

  5. Miller’s brain got rotten by all the Elmer glue he ate as an elementary child, one of his teachers said Miller use to do that.

  6. Miller’s brain got rotten by all the Elmer glue he ate as an elementary child, one of his teachers said Miller use to do that.

  7. Miller looks just like every” untrustworthy weasel looking guy who betrays the antagonist” look in from every 90s movie.

    1. I know the uncle is disgusted, but his parents coughed up a million plus dollars to buy him a luxury condo here in DC. He is their son, I guess. But with all the exposure of children being caged and his assistance with that abusive, evil policy, some of his neighbors apparently confronted him and read him the riot act.

  8. I wouldn’t be upset if Stephen Miller were sent someplace far away: The arctic circle, bottom of the Pacific, etc.

  9. I’m not a violent person, but for some reason I feel like seeing Stephen Miller in a wheelchair, like Christopher Reeves, would warm my heart.

    1. Oh joy! He can still wiggle his middle finger…(screams overpowered by shouting,) NOT ANYMORE! Snap snap! Can’t be too careful, SNAP! Oh look, he can jiggle!

  10. Ignore these people at your peril. Never underestimate them. They will do anything to get back power. Even violence (as Jan. 6th taught us). VOTE. Because they certainly will.

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