1. Miller: “How many questions do I need to answer?”
    Attorney: “315”
    Miller: “I take the 5th 315 times”

    1. Can you imagine having a President that took NO salary, put ALL American Citizens First, ran the country like a business instead of a party while increasing EVERYBODY’S spendable income and lifestyle, making us energy independent at a cheap price. Also increasingly making the country more safe with a stronger military, bringing back Manufacturing, and increasing the border security on a daily basis. Using his own plane, not taxpayers, which he acquired running his own successful businesses not government grants while providing thousands of American jobs. Playing golf at his own resorts at his own expense with his own money, not taxpayers. And during his FIRST hole at playing golf accomplishes more Making America Great Again then the Democrats have done in the past 100 years. Now go enjoy your trip to the gas station and grocery store this week while you’re paying your utilities. WHILE you’re out there be sure and talk to other American Citizens about how great things are now with Biden and the Democrats.

  2. I heard they had to schedule Miller’s testimony after the sun went down because he can’t get around in daylight.

    1. @mile_high_topher good luck explaining things to one of dunning kruger effect & cognitive disonance’s kids.😂

    1. It’s rough when your own hair demands a divorce from your scalp.

      I support the hair in this one, Miller truly is a piece of filth.

  3. Miller is the Orange One’s own version of Goebbels. This is what our fathers, grandfathers and forefathers fought against.

    1. He’s also the one who put those little kids in cages. He doesn’t look like he has a smidgen of empathy in his whole body.

    2. Being from Germany, where teaching about fascism is a high priority, so we understand, never forget and recognize the signs: yes. Miller is pure evil, a fascist and would have been one of Hitler’s most loyal staff members.

  4. No doubt said a lot of “I don’t recall!” Or “on advice from my council, I invoke my right to the fifth amendment!” ZERO chance he answered anything relevant

    1. worked for Reagan in Iran Contra hearings…..remember how he sold drugs in the US , to buy guns from Iran to give to Contras in South America…..then he couldn’t recall…many times ….under oath…..

    2. If he testified before the grand jury, that means the prosecutor wanted him there. They don’t bring people in and show them to the jury without reason.

  5. Stephen Miller would hold Fuentes coffee for him. In my opinion. I have serious doubts how truthful this man would be.

    1. When I see Miller, I don’t know why but it makes me think of: ‘Twas brillig and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe. _Jabberwocky, by Lewis Carroll_

  6. Question: Did the president break the law in front of you?
    Answer: Yes, he broke the law in front of the whole country, caught on video, and he confirmed his intent to break the law and that he knew he was breaking the law as he was taking these actions.
    Interviewer: Hmm. It seems that there is a possibility that a crime was committed.
    Answer: Yes, the president said he intended to flout the law, because it doesn’t apply to him.
    Interviewer: Hmm. Maybe we should get a Committee to investigate.
    Answer: They did, and found far more than enough evidence to convict beyond a reasonable dounpbt.
    Interviewer: Oh, right. Yeah, the next step is to appoint a special counsel to investigate!
    Answer: Investigate what? All the evidence you need is right there.
    Interviewer: We should call some witnesses for corroboration.
    Answer: That’s me. I’ve corroborated. Everything you think happened actually happened and a little worse.
    Interviewer: Thank you, Mr. Miller, your cooperation will be noted in our report, due out in July of 2026.

  7. Steve Miller is a person I would not trust with my pet rock. Will never forget the things he pushed during 45’s tenure.

    1. @AndyNewZealand The only reason that does not happen right now is because everyone here is allowing him to continue to awaken.

    2. We have all seen the truth of the theory that if a lie is said often enough by people with political power, loud enough and strong enough, people will begin to believe it. In order to believe that the entire apparatus of the American voting system and all of its officers and employees, the judicial system all of its officers and its employees were all part of a massive conspiracy theory to deny the will of the American people stretches the imagination too far. Yet that is what DJT and his a acolytes have achieved.

    1. @Banmore Peak……is that true?????.can he REALLY feel fear? He should have a video of those crying children at the border play in front of him none stop.

    2. @Angela Bucknor Miller is a scrawny dweeb. He hides behind others. He lives off his wife and her family. The guy’s a loser who knows what will happen to him if he spends even one day in prison.

  8. Hearing that the leader of the Oath Keepers has been found guilty of Seditious Conspiracy is the happiest I’ve been since the verdicts against Alex Jones. I finally feel that I am Seeing Justice Being Done.

  9. If there was ever going to be a reluctant/hostile witness, Steven’s the guy. This major dweeb has always managed to stay under the radar. That’s one main reason he’s so dangerous.

  10. This has been an extremely methodical and just navigation via DOJ. They truly have done a superb job to maintain professionalism and salience on behalf of out better democratic angels. Midas Touch has the best coverage for this nuance. 🙏

  11. “Those who voluntarily put power into the hands of a tyrant … must not wonder if it be at last turned against themselves.” Aesop

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