1. I would not trust a word coming out of Steve Bannon’s mouth even if he agrees to testify under oath.

  2. He’s feeling the heat as his trial is in a few weeks…but he’ll just plead the 5th, so no. Let him go to trial. LET’S GO BANNON!

    1. @Orlando Soto people make money off of low income people getting locked up or fined especially fines

  3. “Only guilty people plead the 5th.”
    Steve Bannon would just sit before the committee and repeatedly affirm his guilt.

    1. @Cerebral incubation he’s not “lying” it’s his opinion about a political opponent. Trump isnt a lawyer. Also, Trump wrote Banon a letter imploring him to speak in front of the committee. So the entire 5th nonsense is pretty irrelevant, no?

    2. @yayayaokoksure I think Steve Bannon and conmen mango Mussolini are irrelevant but if they broke the law
      They should face consequences
      Or do you think consequences should only apply to people you don’t like ?

  4. “Steve Bannon may now be willing to testify before Jan. 6 committee”

    Out of a sense of patriotism? – – – No.
    Out of love for the Constitution? – – – No.
    Out of an urge to simply “Do the right thing?” – – – No.
    Out of petty self-interest? – – – Oh, HELL YES.

  5. This is historic! Never before has a personified Cirrhosis of the liver testified before Congress.

    1. @I am jacks complete lack of surprise

  6. You know the old lawyer saying, “Never ask questions you don’t already know the answers to.”

  7. Imagine to listen Steve Bannon for a few hours and to take note about his lies. You need tons of paper and dozens of pens to write down all his BS.

    1. @Dr. Albert Fish, MD CNN isn’t telling it are they. They’re asking questions, or don’t you know the difference?

    2. @Paul Itix Correction: Donald Dump wears the Depends. Listen to a former assistant on The Apprentice, Noel Casler, it’s quite revealing and hysterical. He said, “that’s why we all called it the S**t Show, Trump was constantly sh*****g his trousers, and we had to stop filming, and clean him up” 😂

    3. @AT 1984 YouTube: “Diaper Don-Trump Crapped Himself & Wears Depends”
      Interviewing: Noel Casler

  8. Bannon won’t tell them anything they don’t already know, better to just refer his case to the DOJ and let a grand jury sort it out.

    1. @TryNDoxMe lol, ideas?
      Is that what you have there?
      More accurately stated: You make up bullshit, I don’t.

    2. @BitBuhkit “You make up bullshit, I don’t.”
      Except you can’t defend that statement by specifying what is bullshit. Else you would have. You’re totally bullshitting.

  9. All he’s going to do is try to sabotage the entire proceeding so they can’t get any good footage. The guy is a trouble-maker, incapable of behaving properly.

  10. ” You know me Steve. The most important thing to me , Steve, is LOYALTY. I know you`re gonna remember that when you testify.”

  11. I love her! She doesn’t dodge questions. She gives us as much as she can and doesn’t hold back.

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