1. It’s good to see our justice system working. Nobody is above the law. Good thing that a U.S president can’t pardon someone who has been charged for state crimes

  2. Surrendering, going to court etc etc. crimes, crimes, crimes.
    I wish for once the news would tell us if these people have ever spent a night in a jail cell because that would be newsworthy.

  3. The Trump Crime Family is finally being held to account for their crimes. We need to send a message – that crime doesn’t pay.

    1. @Dale D. 🤷‍♂️ betamale-ism? What’s a betamale you ask? Yes you are one ☝️… fix yourself then we can talk.

  4. The one guy mentions a year and a half. That long of trying to get the documents back. Hmmm…yet if someone disagreed or disliked Trump he’d put all else aside and tweet against them….while he was president! I hope they emphasize the TIME wasted because of T and his representatives keeping these records separated from where every govt. employee knows where they are supposed to be and with what effort they employed to get most of them back. Plus, all of those empty folders. Total disregard for our government.

  5. I like how he includes “all of us”, in his statement. “No” – not all of you , just the ones that have committed crimes. And you know who you are, it’s not an all or nothing there Stevie B. 😄

    1. He’ll be welcomed on Riker’s Island for a nice long rest, except that – It aint no walk in the park!

  6. “Never give a sucker a even break” famous words that Bannon and Trump live by. Hope the Maga followers enjoy paying for Bannon and Trump’s expensive lifestyle.

  7. Lock him up! I dont know how Bannon can have so much money and constantly look like a homeless man that just crawled out of a cardboard tent.

    1. With all the suffering of real loving families, this revenge type crap is where your heart is.????? You may be experiencing some real sociopathic symptoms. If so, you wouldn’t recognize it anyways. So sad and I am really sorry for you…. that you dont know the joys of living beyond your extreme self interest.

  8. I can’t work up any sense of outrage for a grifter who cons MAGAs out of their savings; it’s what they wanted.

    1. Seek help for your bizarre hatred. Just do it for your own good. Considering yourself perhaps is the only way to make people like you actually seek the needed help. Let selfishness motivate you!!!

    2. @Goober Mcgilicuty Steve Bannon needs your money a lot more than you do. And he has worked harder to earn it.

  9. “I’ve never done anything wrong. Nobody can prove that I ever did anything wrong. It’s pretty tough when a citizen with an unblemished record must be hounded from his home. I am feeling very bad – very bad. How would you feel if the police, paid to protect you, acted towards you like they acted towards me?” – Al Capone December 10, 1927…

    1. @beobe99 she has 3 degrees one in a masters in architecture, speaks 5 languages and is a architect who was the first woman to build a skyscraper thanks to Trump and has designed sevral of his buildings.

  10. Generally, why does the media continuously dance around the fact simply removing these documents to his home is a federal crime. Why speculate on why he stole them when obviously only he can answer that question? Is it so far-fetched to recognize there are likely some on the world market for which such info would be nearly priceless?.

    1. @Mathew Paul Because it’s from @Mathew Paul you know what ever he says and writes it’s a shameless lie 🤥

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