Steve Kornacki Breaks Down What To Expect From California Recall Election


    1. @Karl Todd what side is you think that blue is the way to go. You need to do better research……. Or you could just follow the reality……. However, it’s clear that you don’t like facts.

    2. @karl Todd keep laughing 😏 the crying will follow… that’s what happens to emotionally driven people… the world is filled with them right now.

  1. Hmmm the hammer of Thor the western shore, the blue streaking eye of Odin, the ship of fools, why not I say, worth a shot

    1. Done and done YES to recall YES to Larry Elder baby and you can twist it all ya want that scum bag Newsom has to go …Im in Hollywood and I might know one of my Democrat friends who is voting to not recall the rest of us are kicking his A$$ outta here !!!!

  2. Democrat MeetKevin at 8% …. So much for leaving the 2nd question blank. Democrat voters were held at gunpoint by the establishment

  3. Thats how blue California is …YES and look at the shape California is in …… Will no one EVER NOTICE THE PATTERN ?

  4. Go Larry!

    If democrats had any common sense, they’d actually vote to change from the usual status quo that has driven the state into the gutter.

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