Steve Kornacki Examines Trump Impeachment Poll Numbers | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC 1

Steve Kornacki Examines Trump Impeachment Poll Numbers | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


On the eve of the second Trump impeachment trial, Steve Kornacki compares public opinion polling from the first Trump impeachment to current statistics. Aired on 2/8/2021.
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Steve Kornacki Examines Trump Impeachment Poll Numbers | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


    1. dude Leticia James exposed and bankrupt the NRA. She’s coming for Trump next. Its public knowledge the SDNY has been building multiple cases against Trump and family for a wide variety of tax, insurance, elections as well a securities fraud that was previously mentioned above.

      You don’t look too bright.

    1. He’s a hack. There is SO MUCH more to be said about polling…he’s the Vanna White of poll watchers. (He’s not analyst, nor data provider, and often never provides the source of

    2. @Bat Boy Much better at Newsmax, they don’t mess around. Their slant pure vertical. I’m surprised
      their noses don’t a have a permanent brown stain. There is a tint of orange, however.

    1. @Roger That You got my answer very clear. You got all my points right. You don’t look for any answer, you look to attack and to destroy a person with opposite views. Bullying, smileys, calling in names, lying, trolling. That all is a tactic of the Left. So to cut the long story short, you are a hole of Biden’s A.

    1. As long as Trump is alive and not in jail, he will destroy the GOP’s chance of winning the presidency. Can you imagine him letting another Republican shine? He’ll tear down any hopeful candidate. His ego won’t allow it. That’s how people like him operate.

    2. @William Springer – Hey, at least you were acknowledged. More and more people are realizing that it’s best to simply ignore Trumpsters.

    3. @Commander_Ninja how can he win when people hate him even more now. Dam is 90 percent of the white race racists? If so yeah he would win.

    1. @Reg U Stolen Election?

      Pretty normal thinking for someone with a Stolen Brain. I wonder how you people get up in the morning and face the day. Trump is in quicksand and don’t have sense enough to stop whinning and twisting and you Repultarts are sinking with him. Join a gym and get some relief.

    1. When I was young my father went to a restaurant where the would talk politics, all the Mexicans were Republicans and the white patrons were Democrats well 50 years later it changed, after they had breakfast we would spend the rest of the day having a good time fishing. Wish those times would return

    1. Know your leaders and you will know what party you belong too. Let’s start with the Democrats.

      Democrat leadership
      Jaime Harrison, president Biden, vice president Harris, , Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer

      Republican leadership
      Senator Mitt Romney, Elizabeth Cheney

      Q Anon leadership
      Donald J Trump, Moscow Mitch McConnell, yellow streak Lindsey Graham, Big Mouth Ted Cruz, Kevin McCarthy, and one of the biggest crying babies that ever ran for the House of Representative
      Rep. Jim Jordan and your wannabe leaderships Rush Limbaugh , Sean Hannity , Lou Dobbs , Michael Flynn , Rodger Stone , Marjorie Greene , and the most embarrassing and sloppy is hygiene Steve Bannon are your Q Anon leaders and many more.

      (Know your leaders and you will know what party you belong to in the three-party system)

    2. @william doviak did you notice nobody’s listening, I wonder why.

      Maybe Jack and Jill did not run up the hill to fetch a pail of water? maybe Jack jumped on Jill and knocked her down the hill.

    1. Can you break it down for us all what you are trying to say, and on what grounds they can be put in jail for?
      I’m from UNF and we like to understand what you’re trying to say. cuz we need some facts behind it all.
      What are the crimes that the law has been broken?

  1. How is it possible that only 50% of US voters want the Senate to convict treasonous Trump for one of the most egregious criminal acts any president has ever committed? Especially in light of all the other misdeeds and crimes he’s gotten away with?

    1. But they’re not counting everybody that want trump convicted. They haven’t asked me to vote if I want him convicted or not

  2. I must wonder about those who do not want to convict; seems to me the only reason is to not set a precedent for their own crimes.

    1. They’re NOT living up to their oath to
      PRESERVE, PROTECT & DEFEND the Constitution of the United States! They’re only thinking of THEMSELVES & career as a political DIRTBAG!

    2. Sweep it under the rug lol. Yeah just sweep the country and constitution under the rug, no one will notice. Idiots

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