1. Sanctions have proven to be worthless over the last decade
    The _Iran Nuclear Deal_ was the only hope

    1. Himanshu Bhatt i know the US and Isreal put saction on Cuba for over 40 years they didnt Break……

    2. @T Boned Sorry, Nancy… I’ve been busy working for the past forty years and raising a family on my salary. I’m sure your daddy wants you to eventually accomplish that, too…

    1. @Mr. T I know that Trump helped the VA but am not clear about the details, I’ll look into it. Will you be man enough to admit Bush murdered civilians, including women and children in Iraq because their military fled, there was no resistance.

    2. @Mr. T Trump also has used executive orders to advance veterans-specific policies, including one aimed at increasing accountability at the VA and adding protections for whistleblowers. Another extends mental health coverage to all veterans during the first-year transition back to civilian life.

      Update, July 6: On June 6, Trump signed the VA MISSION Act of 2018, a bipartisan bill that calls for a number of changes at the VA. The new law continues the Veterans Choice Program for a year, but then replaces it with the Veterans Community Care Program. Obama did sign the bill and Trump extended it.

    3. @you457wx You – if you look up the bill you’ll see Obama’s signature.

      I’m happy to accept your comments on Bush.

      Will you also accept, be man enough, Trump is an habitual liar?

    4. @flor wast On January 17, the same day five American hostages were released from custody in Iran, a jetliner dispatched from the U.S. delivered $400 million in cash to Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport. Heightening the air of skulduggery, Iranian guards unloaded pallets loaded not with U.S. dollars but Swiss francs, euros and other foreign currencies. Maybe you missed this.

    1. Cuck, Only a traitor like Ovomit would give Iran $150 billion in cash loaded on a plane HIDING IT from the world …whether it was ‘their money’ or not to the number one sponsor of terrorism in the world and chants death to America , death to Israel & using that money to buy missiles to destroy oil tankers, shoot down American drones, and enrich uranium for a nuclear bomb.
      Libturd logic 101:
      “well, it was the drug pimps money in the first place, so we will just give it back to the drug pimp”. Just another proof that Libturdism is a mental disorder

    1. The irony of Trump cultists equating that Wall St maggot Steve Mnuchin to draining the swamp, the scum bag is the epitome of swamp slime.

  2. America: backs out of Iran Deal despite UN and all allies with proof that Iran has & remains to be obeying that agreement.

    America: commits medical & trade sanctions against Iran.

    America: blames Iran state for mines striking Japanese vessels that are important for trade with Iran?

    Iran: destroys American Drone flying in their Airspace.

    America: fine, we’ll commit more sanctions & threaten war.

    1. HemiHead664 Strange how the other poster deliberately avoided mentioning the obstruction of Obama’s legislations by Mitch McConnell throughout Obama’s presidency. However,Trump supporters love executive/unilateral orders by Trump.

  3. Someone hasn’t studied the history of Persia!🤷🏾‍♂️ They will not fold that easy.😂

    1. Persia isn’t Iran. They’re run by their religion, not by their culture. While I agree Iran is way more powerful than Iraq, Syria, it can be beaten by USA. It will cost a lot to beat it, and they will lose more than they’ll gain. So in the case of a war, its a lose lose situation.

    2. Zaia Sarkis You speak like your an expert……………..…….…………expert dumbass.
      Iraq you didnt win that war still going on,Afghanistan you didnt win still unstable thats why Eric Prince wants to privatise they war…now you wanna atart a new war ,With Iran because Your corrupt officials lie about tanker acident and were responsible themselfs.

    1. Harley MF Quinn get off YouTube and go read some history and what the US did to Iran you bumbling idiot.

    2. Harley MF Quinn I’m with you that Mohammed was a murdering pedophile but that doesn’t warrant the US to bomb Iranians many of whom are secular and atheist like me. Read a book

    1. That’s different. Japan was on the brink of conquering all of Asia, so America decided to stop the Japanese war machine from getting oil.

    2. The British Empire US was neutral till Japan attacked,guess why they attacked they sold them raw oil and stop trading with them because they had to keep keep all the ships planes supplied they had only enough for one big strike.

  4. America sends signals to the world: (1) Let yourselves be spied on and bullied or face the conseuquences, acts of war like unjust sanctions. (2) The US does not deals, It dictates what a country has to comply with while the US can do whatever it wants.

    1. you457wx very true. They support groups like hezbollah who have cells in America and may be responsible for the barracks bombing in Lebanon. They also cause tension with Saudi Arabia who they are stuck in a Cold War with other power/influence in the Middle East.

    1. I listend to those 4 names he mentioned, it sound so much like a Homer Simpsons episode where Bart calls the bartender Moe and make up fake names that he repeats.

  5. One of the lunatics finest explaining everything,now everything’s going to be clear as a bell.

  6. 🗣️ Our issue is not with the people of Iran. And yet all the people are affected by all of the sanctions. 🤯🤯

    1. neg CLOWNETTA Hes one of the Pres men You and those like you aint nothing but Cow dung too stank to even fertilize the grass

    2. @jacqueline russell Your comment speaks volumes on your character and concern for the well-being of our Nation. It’s important to have a dialog about the current affairs concerning our nation and who we put in charge but I’m sure you’re the type to tell everyone to shut up and obey blindly.
      If I’m cow dung then at least I serve multiple purposes like give life to single cell organisms and give the earth it’s nutritional benefits back but I would liken a person of your Idiocracy to a used discarded plastic straw stuck in a sewage drain, which purpose has been filled and is on the way to kill marine life with a value which at it’s best was used for a slight convenience. You are a severely limited person and I hope that you cannot reproduce.

    1. LOCK HIM UP!!!

    2. Wait so we had a nuclear deal with Iran, trump thrashed it and put sanctions on them allowing them to continue their refining and then trump calls them ” fine people ” then almost goes to war with them but only to threaten them with obliteration and somehow throughout the whole confusing mess Iran can’t make a deal because there’s no offer on the table and we’re all over their gulf trying to impose our regulations and we’re supposed to be the victim for flying spy drones in their restricted air space? This is just a bully tactic and we can’t do anything with this inept president with the IQ of a old wooden spoon. So much for being a nation of Justice and Liberty for all….

    3. dickelbuck1
      anyone stupid enough to believe DrUMPf controls this administration deserves to be oxygen deprived HEADSTUCK.

  7. Economic War, Cyber War, our US administration is making a mockery of our country. How will a war with Iran raise the quality of life for the working citizens? The oligarchs, Corporatist their pockets will be filled with our tax dollars.

  8. And yet Saudi Arabia gets to murder people without so much as a peep from this administration. Sad!

    1. Trump doesn’t care about Saudi Arabia breaking laws and murdering U.S. citizens because he wants to enrichment himself personally.

    2. @Static Core Calling republicans the most dangerous ideology while not giving any real examples and using the typical leftist rhetoric. Calling people indoctrinated fools while tuning into CNN is amusing as well.

    3. pfpublius, the reason why the Saudis get away with everything is because they murder everyone that just like you ask inconvinient questions!

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