Steve Rattner: Biden Second Only To FDR In Number Of Executive Orders | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Steve Rattner: Biden Second Only To FDR In Number Of Executive Orders | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Morning Joe economic analyst Steve Rattner joins Morning Joe to break down President Biden's first 100 days in office.

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Steve Rattner: Biden Second Only To FDR In Number Of Executive Orders | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Pamela Williams , Y’all going to flip out when y’all lose the house of reps or the Senate… History say it’s coming…

  1. Try getting things done without executive orders when half the legislative body consists of cultists worshipping an infantile con artist trying to obstruct everything in hopes people have goldfish memories and vote the Toddler Messiah back in.

    1. That’s a hard one to pull off …. Voting is a States Rights issue . Unfortunately the Now packed Conservative Supreme Court would instantly vote against any U.S. Government imposition on states concerning their right to institute their own states voting policies and laws … wish it was’nt like that but the facts of the matter here is Biden just can’t do an executive order on this…

  2. Makes sense, get as much done as possible while his party controls both houses. The 2022 mid-terms are in no way guaranteed to keeps the dems in control, not with all the effective lies the repubs are spouting.

    1. @Lesley Edgley It’s an antisemetic troll who has no awareness of current events. Epstein is dead, Maxwell has been arraigned, Pollard is already in Israel and Greenberg is cooperating with prosecutors and probably dropping a sack of dimes on his buddy Matt Gaetz.

    2. @Insignificant360 Yep. No idea of current or past events. I’m hoping Gaetz has info on other GOP politicians in Florida

  3. How naive of them to think T***** would do anything that is good for America. They must not understand what malignant narcissism means.

    1. @mike briganti Like I’ve said to Jason Dixon, you don’t want to find out about the guy formerly known as number 45. You treasure your vote, yet won’t spend any time, even 10 minutes on your own research to decide whether or not a person actually deserves your vote. Please read what I posted to Jason Dixon and help yourself. Isn’t that what America’s all about ? People workimg hard putting together a life for themselves and their families ? I’m not talking about Socialism , but wouldn’t it be good if you were the one who gained from the research,. Why are you so scared of a word ? Say it over and over to yourself. See nothing happened, the earth didn’t cave in or disappear. America already has some of what you like to keep away from. Most countries do, they have a mixed economy, even China has it in various Provinces, maybe most, yet it’s called a Communist country. Another word that frightens Americans – Communist. It’s getting silly now, and it’s time to relax, grow up and start watching, reading, or researching . The America of the 1950’s and early 60’s is thought of as the perfect time to be an American . Medicare and Medicaid worked perfectly well for the people, and was funded through taxes. Back then I believe that many people paid about 70% tax. You’ll find all this out, but it worked well, until Drug Companies wanted in on the business. That’s the Socialism you’re scared off. Most people outside of your country think that Health Care is a Human Right. Why don’t you ?

    2. Perhaps for 100 million dollar fee T**** would be happy to do commercial advocating vaccination. And then he may demand for recurring fee for each run of that commercial.

  4. Isn’t it interesting that Biden’s Executive Orders are there to reverse the damaging Executive Orders?? NO surprise there…

    1. @Allan knight im telling uou because im living thru it. They are sending jobs out of the country again and me and others like me are paying the cost. Layoffs have started. How would you feel if everyday could be your last.

    2. @Allan knight i think that Biden is at the least going the wrong way on the economy. And im afraid it’s going to be a very rough ride.

    3. @Roman Temniuk Well, I’m telling you that it could be worse and would have been had Biden lost. I’m sorry that you’re under pressure but so am I millions of us are. The biggest infrastructure move since the Second World War is coming. A move to green energy not a whim but a necessity because the rest of the world isn’t waiting. What’s the point of being the world’s biggest producer of fossil fuels and combustion engine motor vehicles when everyone had stopped buying them. America is falling behind. That can’t be allowed to happen. Manufacturing is a dead industry all over the world. Germany and Spain are experimenting with cutting weekly man hours because computer and Robotic manufacturing not slowing its roll. It takes dozens of guys and massive workshops to make an engine block or 1 guy a laptop and a fancy laser printer. We’re left playing catch up because of a lack of vision and old money depending on last century’s tech. No!

    4. @Allan knight respectably i disagree. I think im older than you and have seen this played out before. When i was in college the world was going into another ice age. I think its sll a load of BS….And like when NAFTA went thru its the working man who pays the tab so the ultra rich can make bundles of cash. I hope your right but from where im standing it don’t look it.

  5. Shouldn’t all these trolls be at the store hoarding and loading up on burgers and beer instead of wasting time in here?

    1. @mike briganti True Americans don’t systemically oppress and indiscriminately violate other Americans rights by hunting them behind a badge.

    2. Someone needs to tell them that it’s impossible to trigger the libs when the libs keep winning all the time.

  6. After Scrooge Mc Trump , Biden iss getting carpal tunnel doing reversals.
    Biden is, in other words, burch slapping T.

  7. Hey, I’ve been fully vaccinated for 11 days. Where’s my hunnert bucks? I live only a hunnert miles from West Virginie.

  8. Even the cultists said that they would not get the vaccine if trump comes out and tells them to. It’s a lost cause, put them all on a boat and set them adrift.

  9. Nice to see Mika and Joe back at the studio desk again and not split up at home. It feels like things are starting to get back to normal when you see that.

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