Steve Rattner: During The Pandemic, The Top One Percent Prospered | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Don’t worry guys. According to Reagan, all of that money will trickle down to us any moment now….

    1. they voted for Reagan like crazy. Was Reagan wrong? Nope he got re-elected. Were voter’s ignorant – yes. Still are. Trump was not so unlike Reagan other than Nancy Reagan knew who to hire.

    2. It did, but unlike president Trump that became a billionaire with a small loan of 1 million dollars. You idiots squandered it. And now your hands are open again. What a bunch of whiners and losers.

  2. The richest country on Earth can surely support the following proposition: anyone who works a full time job should be able to afford at least a working class life, and at less than $15 an hour, that’s impossible.

    1. @David Gray Amazon, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Coca Cola, Walmart all dumped Million into States to help Joe get in. Those were just a couple….should I go on? Billionaire Bloomberg dumped 100 Million to Florida to change the election there. Apparently it didn’t work out for him there

    2. @David Gray Congrats.. bro you are apart of the 1% elite club now. You dont even have to vote anymore these Corporations and Billionaires will win elections for you from now on.

    3. Corporate been buying politicians for a long time already. None of you seem to notice both sides playing against the middle. Government, media, the 1% all to divide and no one even notices. Politicians and government aren’t for we the people anymore and you’re being foolish to be with one side or the other.

    4. @༒ Di ༒ Forget politics, as you’ve come to see it, as a contest between Democrats and Republicans. Today the struggle is democracy versus oligarchy.

    5. @E Theory I guess that’s true except it isn’t just government ruling in the oligarchy. A faux democracy I think would be more an appropriate definition.

  3. An it’s not just they made more money, but with these tax laws the way they are they got to keep it all. The little we got on the bottom will go to taxes so again we lose money.

  4. And the Letter for the working class is K! 1% keeps going up up up up and the others are going the other way

  5. When they say self made the story starts every time with so and so getting a lone and really lucky there is no skill to it just black magic

    1. More often than not done off the the backs (labor) of people who aren’t paid according to the wealth they help generate.

  6. Maybe when you have an advantage to begin with, you make sure you keep it and others don’t have it. Go figure. I’m shocked. So shocked. Don’t matter though, we’re running out of resources. People will riot and society will collapse when we all become climate refugees.

  7. It’s still mind boggling to think that 90% of all the wealth in this country is owned by 1% of the population here.

    1. @MeMyself andI Of course, I wouldn’t hate on any self made millionaire or billionaire. But, all I’m going to say is with all that money, they need to pay there part in taxes instead of using rich people rules of getting out of paying.

  8. To put the difference between a million and a billion into perspective…
    A million seconds takes 11 days…a billion seconds takes over 31 years.

  9. I became a billionaire during the pandemic by selling pee bottles to Amazon workers. I’ve since added poop bags to my portfolio.

    1. My sister could have used those poop bags when she worked for Amazon last year. They told the drivers to go to the bathroom in the Amazon van so they could deliver all the packages..

    2. @David Hale You do know those stores have been verified by Amazon’s own internal emails right? And after the internal memo was leaked Amazon finally admitted to it. 💩💩💩 💧💧💧

    1. Yes Meki and Joe made 16 million in a luxury apartment losing there souls for spreading garbage

  10. I love these reports. Steve always brings the straight truth w his very illustrative and direct charts.

  11. Our economy needs us all to be good little consumers. Maybe one day disparities will be reduced so than we can afford to be good little consumers without a bunch of credit cards in our pockets.

    1. That’s America.
      An economy built on billions upon billions of dollars in advertising to create a culture of non stop consumption and a need to have more and more and more and more.
      We are completely out of place in other countries, where they don’t get a new car every year, they don’t have access TO used cars, and they can’t afford a new wardrobe ever two months.

  12. See, wealth does trickle down. The top keeps 96%, but they let 4% slip through the cracks.

  13. They didn’t say anything about HOW the new billionaires — or any billionaires, for that matter — actually make their money. Hedge funds and private equity and other financialization versus real economy. We’re a casino, and the wealthy are the house.

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