Steve Rattner: Gun Sales Are At An All-Time High In The U.S. 1

Steve Rattner: Gun Sales Are At An All-Time High In The U.S.


Gun purchases appear to have jumped during the pandemic, based on FBI background checks. Steve Rattner joins Morning Joe with charts to discuss all-time high gun sales, mass shootings and an accelerating murder rate.
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  1. Uh-oh! Gun purchases at an all time high, plus stupidity and ignorance at an all time high? I don’t like where this is heading…

    1. @Coldwynn Frost yes actually many did and still are trying. They’re called rinos and also the fact many people in positions of importance and power belong to a secret organization.. who are the secret fraternal orders and what do they believe in their hearts? Is the question you should be asking

    2. @Jack Sparrow Organizations coordinate. Are there emails, letters, communications that have been discovered? Where can we look at them?

    3. @Coldwynn Frost Germany. Most stuff here is imported. New US legislation on the horizon always triggers spiraling prices. It’s a rather small market for sports and hunting only. Positively no open carry here

    4. @Jack Sparrow trumpnwas the BIGGEST of the RINOS, someone that not only had backed Hillary. But was good friends for a time with Bill and Hillary. Bet me he didn’t try to fixk her and got turned down, thus the war…..can’t prove its not true.. he does have a thing for blondes and Hillary did have a cheating husband to get even with…
      Conspiracies are child’s play,super easy.. baby an inconvenience

    5. @Mondfischli Huh. It’s good we talk and learn from each other. Thanks to your awesome knowledge of our languages.

  2. Quickly rising gun sales is never a good thing. Trump is agitating for another Capitol insurrection. Just sayin’……

    1. Of course he is. We have u.s. army issue lead aspirins on stand by here in D.C. I am glad President Biden takes this seriously.

    2. The problem with @JasonDrvmz is… she thinks she’s a troll
      Check it’s pathetic previous comments

    3. @Sarah F. 4.1 hahaha , those who don’t want guns and borders are happy for fences and armed security

  3. There are already more weapons in the United States than there are people to carry them which includes children and toddlers. Even if we only count legal and responsible owners, I cannot imagine that is what the framers of the Constitution had in mind. Still, it is what it is and a reckoning will surely follow.

    1. @Muhammad the Prophet While that may be true to some extent, here in the United States we have a diverse population. Yes, there are segments with less diversity but overall our nation is very diverse. Your statistical prowess and analysis does not bode very well for this nation.

    2. @Reason As I read your words, I heard three gunshots nearby. I live in a rural area so that is not uncommon but…

    3. @Frank Tillery, I agree America is very diverse. I would also say diversity is an American value. And like all values, it has a price associated with it. But Americans have accepted the price for diversity a long time ago and there is no going back now. I just thought it was an interesting correlation and explains why US murder rate is so bad compared to other nations.

      Gun ownership is another American value with a price.

  4. 7,500 dead by guns so far this year! No voter fraud found! Let’s focus on the right thing!

    1. Yea looking at gangs in new York , Chicago , Baltimore , and the increasing crime in Seattle and Portland etc etc etc

    2. @Jack Sparrow I did! I grew heritage veggies from rareseeds I fertilized them with horse and chicken manure. The running joke is we eat poop, except for trace minerals. I have access to a stream where water soluble, but you already know the wet chemistry. Right?

    3. Point of order, lots of voter fraud found. Unless you think its normal for a voting machine to just assign votes along folds or have dozens of people registered to empty lots or mail ballots to arrive before they were mailed, unfolded, and marked with a BMD. If don’t think there was any voter fraud, you need to pull your head out of the sand before someone puts a boot in it.

    4. @Jack Sparrow What happens if you let criminals get away with crimes? Like Trump. Others are inspired to try their luck too.

      Also there was slight problem last year that caused a lot of people to be caged indoors for months, leading to half the nation being stir crazy… might have had a TAD to do with actions of spontaneous rage going up, don’t you think… or do you even EVER think, your comment doesn’t allow any prediction on that.

    5. @Ugly German Truths if you read dr faucis emails that were released through the FOIA or maybe even go look at another news source youd see just how clear fauci knew about the virus. His emails prove they created the virus and it got released. Might want to check that out. Now your argument is very easy to debunk. Those people account for a very small number of crime you speak of.. the old ” they were locked up and went crazy” narrative.. really?

  5. Daily mass shootings have become so normalized that any day now they will be added to the weather report like pollen count and wind chill factor.

    1. @joseph fuller: I just want my question answered. Once that’s done, I’ll talk about other things.

    2. @Coldwynn Frost – that feeling you are having is called cognitive dissonance. That’s progress though

    3. An example of skewing statistics to hammer a narrative. They just swapped the words ‘gang violence’ for ‘gun violence’. Gang violence, along with Antifa and BLM terrorists, have caused 4 digit percentage spikes in homicides . . . all labeled as ‘gun violence’ now.

    1. @Louis Gunn Except the numbers and analysis, and occasional social experiment, don’t support your view.

      I understand your tactic of turning an obvious issue into a personal attack (which actually ignores centuries of the issue) and accusation to mislead the bozos. You read big time into the OP. Misrepresentation comes to mind. You clearly have something else in mind. What is it you hope to express?

    2. @Coldwynn Frost, you believe in racial equality? Me too! Now we just got to end this talk about systemic racism policies like reparations and segregation.

    3. AND cause the same effed up elected officials stoked fears about people needing to “defend themselves”. And after Jan 6th, there will be a lot of people that do no longer doubt THAT an armed insurrection by the Trump-fantasyland citizens will come, question is just WHEN and how bad it will be. So they finally listen to the gunnuts and arm themselves up as the Reps have often enough gloated “We are the ones with he guns and we’ll come for the Dems”…

  6. Many of those “illegal” guns out there started off as “legal” guns and managed to get in the hands of malefactors. If a burglar comes to a house while the occupants are away, they always take all the guns they find.

    1. @Louis Gunn Motorcyclist too! KE250, ZX900, and ZX11. ZX11 got stolen though. Ride like you’re a car. Anticipate like you’re as unprotected as you are. Open left hand wave, keep riding.

    2. @Coldwynn Frost I live in a rural area. Not a lot of vehicles on the road but sometimes people really have a hard time keeping it between the lines. Lots of curves. Some 20 mph most 35 mph curves.

    3. @Louis Gunn Rural, you got critter problems like raccoons and deer. Make sure you have at least 125/50W for … trail riding.

    4. @Coldwynn Frost how big for mountain lions and bears? Deer hang in the front yard. The deer are thugs in spring and summer. I’ve seen flock of wild turkeys in the hundreds. Whole hill side moves. I kind of like that new Harley-Davidson Pam American. The special. The set lowers when you stop. I don’t have a 31 inch inseam. Big motorcycle though. 1250cc.

    5. @Louis Gunn OK, that’s really rural.

      I like the rice-burners. Not gonna diss Harley folk though. They were the only ones who stopped when i needed help. Well except my neighbor. I ask him my vacuum pipes are getting old, does he need a new exhaust system on his Harley. Cracks me up every time.

    1. if women are buying guns – maybe they are scared? not necessarily because they like “gun culture”

  7. When you continually amplify fear in society whether real or perceived, gun purchases are going to be a natural consequence.

    1. @Tesla Drew lmfao no way you read thousands of those emails. Why do you lie? So lab workers thanking fauci for downplaying the lab leak theory isn’t interesting? The March madness football bracket that has names of diseases instead of teams that look like they were having fun with what viruses to release and were in the world it would be released?

    2. @Jack Sparrow It would be nice and in a scholarly work expected.

      The burden is upon you to find and present the “facts.” If you can’t be bothered your argument means nothing.

    3. @Jack Sparrow lf these emails exist, you should have no problem providing the link to them. You are making the claim, have the cajones to back it up. And not hide behind some fake screen name, “Jack Sparrow” ( and no, I won’t address you as Captain, you don’t deserve the honor).

    4. @Bernard Gilbert read my comment just above yours.. see the link? Literslly every other news outlet is talking about this.. how is it you actually haven’t heard of this by now unless you’re just a paid to post objective comments as is being done all over YouTube now

  8. Just a point.. Wasnt most illigal guns legal guns at some point? I mean, theyre not popping out of thin air.. Or being mass produced at an illigal gun factory..
    Also, acording to statista, 83% of guns used in mass shootings were legally obtained.

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