Steve Schmidt: A Defeated Republican Party Will Be Even Crazier | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Steve Schmidt: A Defeated Republican Party Will Be Even Crazier | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


With two weeks left until Election Day, Steve Schmidt joins to discuss how he thinks Donald Trump will do and what it means for the future of the Republican Party. Aired on 10/20/2020.
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Steve Schmidt: A Defeated Republican Party Will Be Even Crazier | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. Save those Biden/Harris 2020 signs!!
      They’re so rare that they actually may be vaIuabIe collector items in the future!!
      I can’t wait to see those tears streaming down your filthy Liberal faces!!Again!!

      TRUMP 2020

    2. @The Alpengeist what happened to the picture of Hunter Biden with a young girl. He sure looks like Rudy Giuliana. LOL

    3. @Johnny you just made me win $1000.00
      I made you respond. Can’t fix pendejo (STUPID)
      I’ll bet you’ll respond back.



  1. Pink slips for: Graham, McConnell, Collins, Ernst, Graham, Loeffler, Purdue, McSally and every single member of the Republican caucus who enabled MAGA Maggot Trump to destroy our democracy.

    1. And everyone please don’t just wish for this. We’re up against the Koch brothers so if you can send $5, $10, $25 whatever amount please contribute to their opponents. A lot of them have donors super matching so whatever you can give gets multiplied. This whole thing won’t work unless we can take the Senate too. Part of the greatness of Americans is that when their back is up against the wall they fight back hard and overcome. All our best stuff has come from grassroots movements, civil engagement and peaceful protests. It’s not just a slogan that this election is about the soul of America. We will never recover from a second term. All hands (and wallets) on deck please.

    2. Do u really think that is going to happen? I hope u r right but u have to understand there r alot of people out there that r living in the stone age especially those yahoos in Kentucky.

    1. @Raging Monk You poor idiots will believe anything someone tells you. That is why you will lose this election.

    2. @The Alpengeist “You poor idiots will believe anything someone tells you” No! That’s why we laugh and otherwise ignore your BS.

    1. Trump is not an accident of history, an outlier or an anomaly. Trump is the end result of what’s been going on in that party since Reagan.

    2. Art Ban69 Biden is gone! Sold out to Chinese! Check out LAPTOP — unless you are afraid of the truth! Trump has LOST $ while Pres. and even gives his salary back. Ever wonder how Joe pays for all those mansions for the whole worthless bunch? LAPTOP holds the answer! Welcome to the Republican Party!!! Love Ya!

    3. Bonnie Bagley Check out the LAPTOP! The TRUTH is finally out – Biden SOLD America to pay for mansions!!! Welcome to the Republican Party!!! (Unless you LOVE censorship and brainwashing)!

    1. +Nathaniel Anderson I live out west and I send donations to retired United States Marine Corp fighter pilot, with 86 actual combat missions under to her credit, Lt. Colonel Amy McGrath who is running against Moscow Mitch McConnell for the U.S. Senate seat. Amy was a U.S. Marine, you know the Marines, “The first one’s we want to see coming if we get into trouble, and the last one’s we want to see coming if we’re causing the trouble” (J.K. 1995) Sending Amy a donation is helpful and passing along this comment is also helpful. Mitch McConnell is serving Trump and not America, he is not doing what he swore to when he took his oath, “to uphold and defend the United States Constitution, and therefore is no longer a U.S. Senator!

  2. Infection runs rampant, the economy is a disaster and the country divided and humiliated on the world stage. Putin is loving this!

    1. Putin paid for it. He threatened trump and said, “destroy The US or I’ll ruin you.” The rest is history.

    2. @R L T Problem for the repubs is, he’s running a good campaign. They made him out to be so feeble that all he had to do was show up. He did that and he’s got policy ideas that we kind of like—because once they’re on the table, we can push Biden on them.
      With trump, we get more of what we have right now. Chaos, a rampant virus, a crashing economy, tens of millions unemployed and losing their homes, laughed at by the world, racists with assault rifles prancing around our streets, and no plans.
      See why Biden looks pretty good to most of us?

    3. @Ray Stanczak No. Chaos is the lefts fault…fighting Trump since the day he announced his candidacy. Virus is not his fault…although your phony narrative makes it his fault. Economy was highest in decades until the virus…therefore struggling economy is directly linked to the virus not Trump. Lowest unemployment for minorities and women ….ever….until the virus. 401K’s hit record highs. He has renegotiated bad trade deals…which is not popular with others on the planet. He chased NATO deadbeats. They didn’t like that either. He stopped the EU from taking advantage of America. Sounds like you have everything backwards which explains why you could possibly support an old fool like Biden and his puppeteers…a washed up political hack that did nothing in 50 years and proposes nothing but higher taxes , quasi-communistic socialism and crushing government regulation.

  3. All of the current Repugs need to go,
    And maybe CORRUPTION in Politics
    will be brought under control. Eyes Open America Corruption is not Government.

    1. It is the money that corrupts, and
      Yes, we would be Stupid to think
      That it doesn’t corrupt all parts of
      Politics. The key is to remove as much of it’s influence as possible.
      It makes logical scince for MITCH
      to have set up political funding via
      Citizens United, but in doing so he has opened the door even wider for
      Political Corruption selling the soul of the Republican party. I see the
      Democrats as our last best hope to
      save our DEMOCRACY, even if they win We the People will need to push them to make it possible.

    1. We finally have a President that can’t be bought and the Democrats are furious. They’re using everything in their dirty little playbooks to spread lies and false information about President Trump all while censoring any negative info on the crooked Biden family. WTF!!! And if you can’t see it then your a part of it!!!
      TRUMP 2020

    2. @Charles L Jones Oh isnt that cute? You’re clearly trying to be cute… let’s see how ya all feel in a few days when it become known that daddy knew all about it.. but you go right ahead waste your vote for a scum bag.. awesome!

    3. @QUID-PRO-QUO JOE_, Thanks for the great laugh…tRump can’t be bought. HAHA. That is one of the best one’s I’ve heard all week.

      Thanks for the giggles…Social distance, wear a mask and stay safe. Have a great night.

  4. Gods, the Republican Party has become the “Know Nothing” Party on steroids, but is capable of far great chaos and destruction.

  5. Trump and his Chinese bank account… The trade war was just to force China to pay him, not helping Americans AT ALL.

    1. Look at the laptop!! Trump has lost money and GIVEN HIS SALRY back. Biden has SOLD America to pay for all their mansions! Wake up!!! Look at the facts! Who is using CENSORSHIP – just like theCCP! How can you still deny the corruption. Just look at the Dem. run cities! They are absolute failures – complete failures in every way! I know you will block this, because Dems. are AFRAID of truth! and truth to you!

    2. @Nancy Blair That kkkool-aid is pretty good, huh? Preaching to the wrong choir, lady. Go back to your herd and achieve that immunity.

    3. @Nancy Blair Mansions??? Plural, that’s what you are going with? So you are brain dead aren’t you? Couldn’t have came up with a better lie that sounded more authentic that you couldn’t verify?

    1. Many of these red state politicians will be challenged and lose, and almost anyone in those states can pass the hot button Republican policy test. Crazy fringe stuff will sell in these primaries, especially if they get Trump backing them, when out of office he may desire showing he still has power and to hold down Republicans who want to distant themselves from his 4 years.

  6. America currently has a fascist autocrat in the White House. The whole world can see it. Choose democracy in November or lose it forever.

    1. @jamie lancaster you say Democrats are criminals but if you look at the statistics way more Republicans go to jail than Democrats. You scream lock up Hillary she hasn’t been tried in a court of law you say a lock up Biden and his son they have not been through the court but you say lock them up. So stop acting like you’re so much smarter than anybody else I am done with you hypocrite.

    2. @the wandering You are always welcome to show me what statistics you are looking at.

      I think Hilary and the Bidens should have been investigated long ago.

      When Burisma was happening, it warranted an investigation of the Biden’s and instead Trump was investigated over nothing.

      Hillary erased some 30,000 emails, had 6 or so phones wiped clean of data, during an investigation.

      The FBI already had Hunter Biden’s laptop and they did nothing for a whole year. The FBI might need some investigating.

      But, not to worry. Pompeo has the 30,000 Hillary Emails long thought erased. Sir Rudy Giuliani, America’s Mayor has one of possibly three hard drives with one implicating Hunter Biden and Joe Biden along with the CCP and 40,000 emails. Devon Archer (Hunter Biden’s buisness partner who is in jail as we speak) just turned in another 26,000 emails.

      Justice is not always swift… but she is a coming down memory lane and we will not forget what is to come for decades.

  7. Sounds like the gop is set to become an extreme and fringe party for the kooks, conspiracy buffs, the willfully ignorant

    1. @Doodle Doo Doo LIES! The whole thing is made up by another trumpanzee like yourself. Y’all better stop drinking that trump-ade, it’s not good for you. Too much swamp water!

    2. @Namlit Iam
      Same, only we do not have a good public transportation system here. I live in 2 different states. One is much better than the other for bicycling and public transportation.

    3. Sad and dangerous thing, there are millions of kooks, conspiracy buffs and willfully ignorant in America.

  8. Trump has earned the title of the “ Greatest Most Despicable Man “ ever to be spawned in the USA. No one else comes close.

    1. It’s not the Republican’s out burning down businesses, murdering innocent people and destroying lives, IT’S THE DEMON RATS….Fake news propaganda mslsd


  9. The GOP deserves what’s coming to them. A loss of the white house, a blood bath in the senate, and no hope of taking the house. Why? Because they’ve abdicated all responsibility to a unhinged orange buffoon.

    1. At least the orange guy isn’t SELLING America! Look at the proof – unless you are AFRAID!!! We always knew he got $ from selling deals to pay for all those Biden mansions — just a matter of common intelligence! TRUMP gives his salary back!!! JOE IS CORRUPT and now we have the truth, but the Dems. are now trying CENSORSHIP—-don’t you wonder what they are AFRAID OF? At least I know that whoever blocks this will still have it in their brain! Truth always prevails! LAPTOPS ARE WONDERFUL THINGS!!!

    2. It’s even worse than that. The GOP has cultivated ignorance and lied to the American people for decades. That’s why Trump got elected in the first place. His election was a repudiation of the Establishment by Republican voters themselves. Now they’re all getting what they deserve.

  10. Homeless people in Sweden have better healthcare system than Americans….. you guys need to do something about that!!

  11. Let us get out and VOTE in GREAT NUMBERS for BIDEN/HARRIS so there is NO QUESTION as to who is the clear WINNER!

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