Steve Schmidt: If You Can’t Beat Sanders, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, You Can’t Beat Trump | MSNBC 1

Steve Schmidt: If You Can’t Beat Sanders, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, You Can’t Beat Trump | MSNBC


On Joe Biden’s current standing in the race for the Democratic nomination. Steve Schmidt says that “If you can’t beat Mayor Pete and you can’t beat Bernie Sanders and you can’t beat Amy Klobuchar, you lose your standing to claim that, ‘Hey, I’m going to beat Donald Trump.’” Aired on 02/11/20.
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Steve Schmidt: If You Can’t Beat Sanders, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, You Can’t Beat Trump | MSNBC


  1. coming from the guy that was howard schultz’s campaign manager. he’s really got his finger on the pulse of America…

    1. Steve Schmidt worships at the feet of the Golden Calf. He’s completely disconnected from the plight of ordinary Americans.

    2. Do you want Bernie? Your young, but I lived in Europe in the 80’s.Don’t you understand? People literally had to ESCAPE from the Soviet empire. They would run to the US embassy.Why do you aspire to that? It’s friggin bizzaro world.

    1. His point is correct, someone is going to win the primaries and he can’t make an argument that any of the ones that lost are any better at beating Trump than that eventual winner. If Bernie wins there is no logical argument that Biden or Bloomberg would have been a better candidate. Now after the campaign you might make that argument is the person spends all his time explaining and defending programs when the election should be about attacking Trump.

    1. @vin russo I grew up during the Cold War and I see why some people may be skeptical but Sanders is not a communist. Please don’t compare Sanders to the USSR or any other communist regime. It’s absurd. There are also checks and balances in this country that would prevent communism. We have the House of
      Representatives and the Senate

    2. Seems silly to imagine a billionaire has a chance when so many are voting & have voted for the Bern.

  2. Bloomberg was a Republican until just recently. Are we SERIOUSLY considering another right-wing billionaire? In God’s name, WHY?

    1. Bloomberg is not a right-wing billioniare. He is a billionaire but he has none of the far-right or the Trump tendancies.

    2. There’s a part of mee that suspects Bloomberg isn’t seriously running, he’s just trying to troll Trump. If that’s the case, its kinda fun to watch. But there’s another part that suspects he’s trying to troll the entire election.

  3. Don’t pretend like no matter who is the nominee, people are still going to come out in droves to vote t’rump out of office.
    A dog in suit could be on the ticket and win in a landslide.
    Because even that dog know not to extort other countries to help win an election!

    1. Instead the Democrats ignore the cheating being done by the DNC in order to steal the nomination from Sanders…

      If you think any of these Democrats have a chance against Trump be prepared to be disappointed!

  4. I used to have respect for Steve Schmidt. Ahh, the good ol’ days. Steve Schmidt worships at the feet of the Golden Calf. He’s completely disconnected from the plight of ordinary Americans.

    1. @vin russo you are obviously not informed are you? You are not talking to a kid and in Canada we do not call ourselves socialist we call it basics just that. Have you taken a look at the UK? They have a conservative government but they have more benefits for their people than even the countries trump keep scaring people Venezuela.
      No sir or mam you are not talking to a child but to someone who knows her history….something else that is and has been taken away from Americans. Your kids are more interested in the Kardashians or a sports star that died than their history. You make young people be in debt forever for wanting an education as it only the rich who can have an education…and we know how the rich use the university right? They have mum and dad pay to get them in so the university becomes a hub for rich kids to network. So many American kids come to Canada to study and get a good education and are not left poor and in debt afterwards. You should keep your talents in your country and invest in your future which are the young.
      Tell me, how does it feel to be the richest nation in the world and proclaim to give alot of donations to the world but it is socialist to help your brother next to you?
      As a Canadian…and I might take it a bit far but every Canadian want their fellow Canadian to be healthy and have education….its the one thing all politicians are not willing to touch…yes there is a feeling amongst Canadians that it is the socially right thing to give rich or poor health care in that we are equal.
      Every other country have this you know even the shithole countries….
      And no, people are not running to America, they are running out of America.

    2. @vin russo People are tired of being treated like third class citizens. The 1% having it all. People see places like Norway, Sweden, Denmark.where the wealth is shared amongst the people, social programs. Health care, Retirement funds. Child care. and many more programs. If they can do it so can the U.S.

  5. BLM and me too. Both political groups that care more about pushing a political agenda than helping real people.

    I hate political groups. I would love a group to start up and there real purpose was helping people , I would join that group.

  6. There’s a whole minute of this that makes no sense at all. I’m tired of republican opinions on this primary. Look @ your own situation… go fix that.

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