Steve Schmidt: Trump Has A ‘Fetish For Totalitarianism’ For Floating Delay To Election | MSNBC

Steve Schmidt says Trump floating a delay to the election revealed his ‘authoritarian impulses and his fetish for totalitarianism in full.’ Aired on 07/30/2020.
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Steve Schmidt: Trump Has A 'Fetish For Totalitarianism' For Floating Delay To Election | MSNBC


  1. Oath of Enlistment for military members: …..That I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

    1. Trump made the same oath And it means absolutely nothing to him How’s he’s gotten away with so many slaps in face of America is disgusting and has to stop As long as he’s in power the worst it’ll get
      Stop The Madness

    2. Barr was under oath saying he doesn’t read trump’s tweets!!!! There is proof he does. So he can be charged and risk 5 year prison sentence

    3. AND MAKING MONEY OFF THEIR LIVES, TOO, LIKE THE DEMS AND A FEW GOP RINOS HAVE BEEN DOING FOR YEARS. The endless wars have been VERY beneficial to this lot, because the lovely lolly they got from companies supplying the troops and the army, because of SPECIAL AWARDING OF CONTRACTS made them very, very rich. No matter all the lives so needlessly lost. Your president wants to stop that, bring the troops back, save a lot of lives, so he is having talks with the taliban. But that does NOT suit the thugs. There are also 500.000 troops in Germany, and why? because of the links with the suppliers of their needs, of course. Trump wants to also bring them home, and the THUGS are sheiting their pants. As long as they make lovely money, lives do NOT count, just like they are having all this black people killed by their KKK Antifa thugs.

  2. Time for Republicans to decide do they stand with the Republic and the Constitution or are they going to support Atgolf Twitler?

    1. You call killing black people standing with the constitution? You call your KKK leaders standing with a bunch of murderers standing with the constitution? You call that idiots screeching like bally gaudy hens on heat at Barr standing with the constitution? You call your previous administration spying on trump and trying to overthrow his administration standing with the constitution? You call being ok to burn down federal buildings standing with the constitution? I call it anarchy, and I think the Dems and all their killer KKK voters should be taught first about what CONSTITUTION means before allowing them to vote.

    2. @Christien du Preez woah best you lay off the Trump Disinfectant Strategy you sound a little cray cray

    3. @IDC Anymore – Bill Clinton gave President Bush a $5.6 trillion national debt.

      Clinton gave President Bush a Tech Bubble that Burst and an Economic Recession

      Clinton gave President Bush a Major Terrorist Attack that resulted in Wars in the Middle-East

      Bill Clinton gave president Bush the Subprime Mortgage SCAM, then Democrats tried to blame him for it.

      While President Bush gave Americans 6 years of Economic Prosperity, until Democrats took Complete Control of Both Houses of Congress and the Banking Sector in Nov 2006

      President Bush Saved America from the next Great Depression after Democrats Crashed the Economy

    4. @Bono Budju If that is what Trump’s disinfectant gives one, Intelligence and insight, maybe, you should have some too.

    5. they are runing their party obessed by corruption greed and of corse trump raging narrcist rages of haterd of gods children and his hatred of god

    1. Funny how he wants to delay elections cause it’s not safe but yet wants schools open or he will defund them 🤣

    2. It’s not about us, it’s about trump staying out of prison. He’ll do anything. Now he’s in feral cat mode

  3. Voodoo Donny is just trying to deflect from the HORRIFIC GDP numbers that came out 15 minutes before his “delay the vote tweet”

    1. He might get Dr. Voodoo to put a curse on President Biden …I am sure he got a voodoo doll of Biden with stick pins… never in my life time would I think America could fall so low. trump wants a race war, or a civil war. I do believe we are doomed…everything seems hopeless

    2. @Si-Fi buckle You hurt him by requesting and completing you mail in ballot ASAP before he bankrupts the post office

  4. A civil war didn’t do it….two world wars never touched it…but a flailing loser of a used car salesman’s deep suspicion that he’s headed out the door will do it…don’t think so.

    1. @Kev Warriner Oh well, that is a stretch but I know what you mean. He thinks he is so smart and keeps putting his foot in his mouth every time he opens it.

    2. And yet his ignorant base believes him and can’t think for themselves. i could not believe that story about jones and info wars in Frontline.

    3. Kern Albert just like money…you’re right….but freedom is ingrained into the US persona, locally and worldwide. When people across the world, even in other “free” countries, think about being free they think of bring free like in America.

  5. Well we have a domestic enemy and he is Donald John Trump and his enablers. It took enablers for Hitler to rise to power and they thought they could control him. Wake up America before you find yourself living under a fascist dictator. Right now the power rest in we the people. Let your will be known.

    1. Whilst the Weimar Republic was yet to be dismantled, Hitler was about where Trump is now:
      -subtler demonisation of ethnicity but no final solution extremes
      -scaremongering a threat of left wing for protesting. Painting whole opposition by actions of violent few. (even nazi references there)
      -receiving legal threats which seem to fizzle out

      However, Hitler was not head of state just chancellor decided by president. Hitler had less of a majority in some coalition parliament… trump has less of a buffer than Adolf.
      Except full economic collapse. But that’s coming in quite a huge decline, and to his supporters he can pass buck to the pandemic, claiming ‘I always cared the most about covid’ to blame on the next scapegoat.

  6. Trump cannot delay the election. This is a distraction or just setting up the election loss excuse.

    1. Oh, he will try. That is for sure. He will try to contest the results. He will use all of his more than substantial cunning and unpredictability to achieve success. Dark days ahead. Many.

    1. @Robert He’s broke. All of his properties are leveraged to the hilt. The only money he has is what the Russians will give him when he leaves office. The two reasons he is hiding his tax returns: He is broke. He has committed tax fraud on several occasions.

    2. trump lost billions no one would loan here of shore to valdmer putin owned betrayer of usa for money greedy group root of evil that eats their greedy soul then kushner needs money of with kashagoi to saudis killed kashogy for kushenrr got his money to pay for his failing 666 this mans and the excutioners killed are on the solu and blood on the hands of kushner

    3. trump owned vladmer money root f evil lives in trump assisting vladmer pull out germany so putin kills trump spit and desgrased his country of orgin his dead realiteves trump spit on

    1. @C. H. what a ridiculous statement. You want the govt to control everything? That would be communism, by definition.
      Think before you speak.

    2. @Tim Jester You want oligarchs in charge of your access to clean drinking water? Or phosphorus necessary to grow food? You’re the one who isn’t thinking. Perhaps you’re hungry or dehydrated?

    3. @C. H. when’s the last you time you voted for the director of the EPA? Oligarchs like Soros run a lot of what we deal with day to day now. Globalist in our govt, like Obama and the Clintons are making fortunes for themselves. Remind yourself to check out who is funding these BLM and Antifa protests. Follow the money still holds true.

    1. trump did more favors to vladmer pull out germany he did so vadmer putin gets gremany trump spit on the graves of his home of origon and vladmere got his dream killing gremans thank betraler of his home of orgin he spit on his graves of hisvrealitves

  7. I guess we’ll have to drag Trump out of the White House because it sounds like he won’t accept the results when we cast our votes on November 3rd. He‘ll go kicking and screaming.

    1. Trump will ask you to compensate him the money he had paid for the White House renovation for 100 years if he was asked to leave.

    2. You haven’t accepted the 2016 election yet, have you?
      You’ll have even more problems with 2020’s.

  8. When democrats defeat the trump party. Some serious changes and guardrails need to be made into laws to prevent this kind of crap from ever happening again. : )

    1. @Nub B Hey paid Troll, just realize that any changes must be democratically voted into law or by amendment and will serve both sides in the future… Imagine if Obama had mentioned anything about delaying the elections or not recognizing the results of the election after his first term… You just a troll trolling…

    2. @Opi Nion Only that the Competence Level of The Highest Office in The United States should be Highest level of Judicial, Municipal, Economic development.
      Someone who has Actually Applied it, Working their way Up, Not Stealing, and Usurping, Hiding their Credentials , if they really have any Worthy, Which in Trump’s Case, are Worthless and Incriminating at best.

  9. I respect you, Steve even though I’m inclined towards the left. You show us the insignificance of left or right, when you prioritize the truth and importance of human lives.

    1. @mike parker The only changes being made are under a republican gop. How is that anything to do with the left? Do you get your facts from trump and alex jones?

  10. If it’s safe enough for him to want the kids back in school then it’s safe to have the election.

    1. That was his point, it’s either safe enough to RIOT and burn down the country and BLOCK highways and go to school and vote or its not.

  11. If he wasn’t being crushed politically he wouldn’t want to delay the election. He doesn’t want to go to jail when he leaves office. Too bad for him he can’t stop it.

    1. @Bob Heck At what point do people resort to ad-hominem attacks against the interlocutor? Maybe when they cannot provide a rational response worth merit?

  12. “In this country we tell the government what to do, not the other way around.” And we will tell Trump in November, “You’re fired!”

    1. Wrong…Trump is doing everything we demand of him…and his landslide victory will hopefully force you few morons into the streets in violence…so we can finally end fascism in America.

    2. True, unless they don’t Tax us. We pay for their salary through Taxes and They’re betraying us the Tax Payers. It’s time to get rid off the useless Politicians at DC !

    1. @Tim Jester Trump hasn’t ( yet ) made it an issue of National Security based on intereference in a US election by a foreign power with the aim of weakening NATO.
      Or raised the issue of treason against his opposition, regarding Hilary associating herself with a statement calling for the compromise of US sovereignty.Which is clearly an act of treason under the US constitution.
      Or the documented call by Biden for the removal of US defence assets in SCS in the face of a CCP threat.
      Also closing down the US Communist Party as part of that.
      Doubt if that’s even his call.
      Acting on advice by the Pentagon on the other hand.
      As I said you Commy muppets are messing with NATO here not just Trump.This has long crossed over from a matter of an election to a matter of national security of all the NATO member states.
      As such your stinking Commy compromised election is now also our business not just yours.

    2. @Confederate Nationalist The Pentagon does not have any executive power.
      Only the president has the power to go into martial law on a federal level. On a state level, the governor has the right to impose martial law within the border of the state.
      It has happen only 3 times.
      The 1906 SF earthquake, the 30’s West coast longshoreman strike, and Pearl Harbor.

    3. @Tim Jester Make your mind up first you say the President doesn’t have the power then you say he does when it suits you.
      Which part of the President and/or the military does have the power acting under advice of the defence chiefs don’t you understand.
      So as I said cancel the election on grounds of national security because it’s been infiltrated by CCP.
      Including charges against Hilary for treason.
      For her association with a statement calling for compromising US sovereignty obviously to a CCP dominated World Government system and by implication the Demorat Party.
      As for Reagan how did someone with documented links to the US Communist Party get to stand as President under the Republican banner.
      Bearing in mind his sell out of the west, including transfer of US nuke technology, and by implication HK.
      To the CCP somehow and for some reason laughably dressed up as ‘Community Leaders’ within the historical account.

  13. It’s safe for kids to go to school but not safe for people to vote?!? 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    1. Opi Nion

      And Florida, California, and Texas are seeing more people in the ICU in the age range of 20-45 currently… not to mention Florida is now seeing an increase in hospitalized kids.

      The more the virus lingers around the more it can mutate, even just slightly, to attack another demographic. “Kids are fine! Kids don’t get or pass COVID-19!” They said… how about all those summer camps that had to shut down because of COVID-19 outbreaks? One camp had over 85 infected. SMDH 🤦‍♀️

    2. @Olga Lusche your problem is actually Trump is NOT a politician. He can’t be bought or swayed by liberal crisis of the week interests.

    3. its illegal congress has sole powere to set date trump patoilgoca lyes agian showing his fear

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