Steven Rattner: Job Growth Under Trump Slower Than It Was Under Obama | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Steven Rattner: Job Growth Under Trump Slower Than It Was Under Obama | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Morning Joe economic analyst Steve Rattner fact checks Trump's State of the Union speech regarding the economy. Aired on 02/05/20.
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Steven Rattner: Job Growth Under Trump Slower Than It Was Under Obama | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. trump lies because he’s a compulsive liar. but he gets away with it because his support base is of below average intelligence and gullible. as is evidenced by their preference for reality tv shows and WWE events.

    1. @Matt Blasco – thanks for the economic lesson Too bad it isnt as simplified as you make it and WHY IS IT THEN that Obummer is trying to take credit for the Trump economy???

      Even as dumb as Obummer is, at least he sees the economy is rolling and better try to take credit for it.

    2. Park Manbecker the economy goes up an down all the time the president has nothing to do with it businesses an consumers do like seriously I like trump for other reasons than the economy he has balls an don’t give a shot what others think of him if he did he’d be like Obama an that’s boring nothing Obama or trump or any president has effected my life at all I love just the same an that’s happy I don’t care about u or anyone I don’t know me an my family come first the rest can die for all I care

    3. @Matt Blasco – I’m for Trump too but saying that the consumer doesn’t impact the economy isn’t correct because they are 2/3rds of the GDP.

  2. that speech was like he claimed to break every world record in that fat book we use to see in the library when we were kids ..i really think that man is on dope

    1. @Jeff Woods Trump takes way more credit than he deserves and the stats prove his lies. Why are you not able to see this.

    1. Numbers don’t lie but, they are manipulated to create what they want…remember the polls for hillary?
      Or these iowa polls made by corrupted liberals?

    2. @Jeff Woods The polls didn’t lie. Hillary was ahead of Trump. Remember, she won by 3 MILLION votes. Trump only won a narrow majority in the electoral college. As for numbers being manipulated, I’m glad you realize that so when Trump brags about his “great” poll numbers or his approval rating, you realize Trump is most likely manipulating those numbers too. The Iowa polls were not made by the “corrupt liberals,” unlike Trump’s numbers which were manipulated by the corrupt Trumps and the even more corrupt Republicans.

    3. @Charles L Jones the economy is a matter of fact based on how the economy works, we’re long overdue for a recession..

    1. @Griff Nobody is saying Nancy tearing up the speech is a good thing. Her not clapping is fine, she didn’t agree with what he was saying.

    2. @Donald Adams My original statement was…”And I’m sure Nancy tearing up his speech and refusing to applaud is bringing us all together”….

      What does your comment have to do with that?

    3. @minioop2 “Nobody is saying it’s a good thing”?…The other Dems gave her a standing ovation…So somebody is saying it.

    1. @SpikeFlea I actually did know that it takes a while for the new admins policies to kick in but the person you made president didnt. the black unemployment rate has been falling for years all projections point out that if trump never changed a thing and kept the same policies would be pretty much the same.
      But lets talk about the real issue 5.1 unemployment isnt a sign that black ppl are getting ahead by leaps and bounds ..thats the same unemployment rate for white men that dropped out of highschool. let me write that again. black ppl have the unemployment rate as a white male highschool drop out.. Now does that sound like something to brag about

    2. @Chrissy Corey Obama’s term ended 3 years ago. Let me write that again. Obama’s term ended 3 years ago. I guess “projections” were really good huh? SMH

    1. Goverment agencies that collect data as such should make public statements and all media outlets must broadcast in prime time.

  3. Trump can now claim:
    I am the best president ever at lying

    You have never had such a great president for telling lies

    I am absolutely the best president in the history of this country for lying

    And l am definitely the best president ever at screwing the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

  4. To be fair, if you give tax cuts to billionaires so they can syphon off money from the US economy into offshore tax havens, job growth is going to have to slow.

    1. Andrew the fact is this guy is the Biggest Liar ever known.
      The government is full of deficiency and the future kids are problem because of this tax cuts.

  5. When I was hearing him talk, I was half expecting him to also try to take credit for there being a record number of Americans. There are more Americans now than at any time during Obama’s presidency.

  6. The greatest speech in Russian history!

    Трахни Путина и его самого ленивого, самого тупого толстого пса Дональда!

  7. The greatest speech in Russian history!

    Трахни Путина и его самого ленивого, самого тупого толстого пса Дональда!

  8. Morning Joe: ” why hasn’t the media been reporting on job growth and wage growth comparisons between Trump and Obama?
    Guest : passes mirror to Joe… “could you have a look at this item and repeat your question please ? “

    1. @Jeff Woods WTF?? Free ride?? No president in the history has been fillibustered as much as Obama!! You should expect that a Financial crisis would make Mcturtle lend the first black president a hand… NO SIR!! First thing Moscow Mitch said was: “Lets make this term his only”!

    2. @andreas pedersen President Barack Obama continued to perpetuate the myth that his policies – not those of the Trump administration – are responsible for today’s booming economy.
      “So, by the time I left office, wages were rising, the uninsured rate was falling, poverty was falling, and that’s what I handed off to the next guy,” Obama said. “So, when you hear all this talk about economic miracles right now, remember who started it.”
      Despite the former president’s grand claims, the Obama economy was historically poor. He presided over the slowest economic recovery in modern American history.
      And even though the federal government under President Obama added more to the national debt than under any other president, during Obama’s eight years in office annual gross domestic product never reached a growth rate of 3 percent for a single year. He was the first U.S. president who failed to reach that mark.
      In President Obama’s final year, the national unemployment rate dropped by a meager one-tenth of a percentage point, from 4.9 percent in January 2016 to 4.8 percent in January 2017, according to data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  9. Bloomberg: use trumps lies on the economy in an ad. I know you only have so much time and can’t touch on all his lies, but give it a go anyway!

  10. Obama’s Jobs chart and trumps job chart should be showed to the entire country to see who Produced the most jobs

  11. And Obama covered a lot of people with affordable health care and protected our health and environment with much-needed regulations—while he was growing the economy.

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