Still No Leadership From Trump Officials On Fighting Coronavirus | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Still No Leadership From Trump Officials On Fighting Coronavirus | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


    1. It’s like they gave Tina Fey a box of wine and told her to write the corporate news for 2020 in advance

    1. @Truth118 but they aren’t though. That’s like saying a family is matriarchal when there is more women than men. Just because something is the majority does not mean whoever agrees with it is a part of it.

    2. @alex cj And republicans are Pro-Homophobia, Pro-racism, Anti-women’s rights, anti-immigration and pro-trump. Most of these weren’t true for most republicans, and yet most people believe them. these are called stereotypes, you think that this new channel is all those things because it is more Liberal then conservative, I assume you said those because you listened to stereotypes. What i am trying to say is, don’t listen to stereotypes. It is not Anti-American, it is not Pro communism, it is most likely anti-Trump”which is okay because you should respect other peoples beliefs”.You saying they are Anti-American is like saying Republicans are Pro-racism, Nothing but stereotypes.

  1. Everytime I point out who is putting out this propaganda, it gets deleted. It’s the curly sideburn people who keep us in regime change wars. Smalll hhats. They own and control everything we see.

    1. @Spicie Linguinie if you don’t see this is strictly political, then you have serious problems or you don’t actually live in this country and see all the garbage that’s going on. There’s a lot of Libs from other countries that join in they have no clue as to what goes on here in the states, but they absolutely have no problem putting their two cents in like most libs.

    2. @Cathy you would think that would be the order, but it would seem that this whole pandemic is catering to the idea of being able to mail in your vote from home. Once the Voting is over this whole pandemic will disappear

    3. Cade Cooper I am so over this virus! People are like zombies walking around with masks on with no emotion to be seen. I am not wearing a mask and will take the heat from the zombies before I bend for something that is fear driven and blown completely out of proportion for political reasons. If mail in voting is allowed it will be a totally illegitimate casting of votes 馃嚭馃嚫馃嚭馃嚫馃嚭馃嚫馃檹馃徎

    4. @Cathy I agree with you 100%. It seems like a lot of people that we’re too young to really remember the last Administration forgot what it was like to have $6 a gallon gas, having insurance premiums doubled or tripled, losing their doctors, etc. I think left is politicians are really counting on those people for votes. The whole mail in ballot deal is nothing but a scam, Broward County Florida should have taught everyone that lesson. Amazing how many people just give up their freedoms so easily thinking that the government’s just going to take good care of them.

    5. Cade Cooper exactly! After the Clinton administration I really thought we have seen the bottom of the barrel but with Obama it turns out the barrel had a basement. Barack Hussein Obama did a lot of damage to our country!!! Thank God President Trump is smart and knows the depth of the corruption and he is able to be a workhorse for America with what little time he has. When I hear any words from the government that even slightly suggest that we are being protected and this is for our own wellbeing. It just make me keep my gun a little closer and government further away from my constitutional rights!

    1. 鈥婡Sparky McSpark yes i hope people that gather in large groups get whats coming to them. Georgia’s cases have not been going down they have stayed at a steady pace. It is absolutely ridiculous for the president to want to hold rallies in north Carolina with people shoulder to shoulder. While threatening the governor. The entire world is laughing at us for how were handling things. The president has called out my governor of Virginia to reopen when today we had the largest rise in cases. This is only to going to grow exponentially until we get proper testing that everyone can receive not just people that are about to go to the hospital. This administration has constantly told sates to set up their own testing because it is to hard for the federal government to do. Governor Cuomo said himself in an interview he had to call robert craft of the new England patriots because he was sending his private jets to pick up testing kits for Massachusetts because the federal government does not want to help on testing.

    2. 鈥婡sebas “Georgia’s cases have not been going down they have stayed at a steady pace.”
      Yes. That proves our side right. There was no spike in cases after lifting the lockdown. The lockdowns were never necessary. They do not save lives. They only spread out those deaths over a longer period of time, prolonging the crisis.
      Just look at this simple image. The area under both curves is the same. The lockdowns do not save lives.

    3. @Sparky McSpark Yes but spreading out those deaths saves lives so that the health care system is not overwhelmed. For example look at what brazil is going through digging mass graves and every hospital being at full capacity. Georgia has tested 4.5% of its population according to their health department data, and as shown when they started doing more testing they saw an increase in cases. If the federal government stepped up and launched a national testing system that would create consistent data for all states and tested at least 10% of the population don’t you think we would be in a much better position then having individual states setup an international operation to get tests. This is something that has never been heard of in history states having to outbid each other to buy tests from other countries. It also absolutely confuses me why the president uses the defense production act for ventilators and meat packing factories but not to create testing kits. We should be testing every essential worker weekly as we see that now were testing the people at meat packing plants we see hundreds of workers infected which is why meat is more expensive. If testing is so unimportant then why does everyone at the white house get tested daily. I’ll admit one thing i read on Georgia’s DOH is that they allow testing for individuals with no symptoms which many states do not allow.

    4. @sebas OMG… The healthcare system never became overrun. They have started taking down the field hospitals. Give it a rest. The whole fear mongering thing is over.

  2. 鈥淵ou ain鈥檛 black鈥
    鈥滽ids loved to push my leg hair down and watch it stand up again鈥
    鈥淜id love sitting in my lap鈥 -Biden

    Video evidence of both inappropriate actions on minor children and corruption involving Ukraine, coke head military discharged son given 1.6 billion dollars from the Chinese government for what? And that鈥檚 who you think would鈥檝e done a better job? Fools the lot of you.

    1. @TehXygen Fact-check? Give me the source of all this crap! If you can’t give me the source, then what you don’t say usually says more than what you do say!

    2. Kal Robbins 鈥渋f I close my eyes and plug my ears it doesn鈥檛 e exist鈥 by your demeanor you wouldn鈥檛 care if I gave you the sources but you鈥檙e free to look it up and use that ability to make a rational decision. Or not. But I know for one you need to grow up, you look ignorant.

    1. People forgot that the talking head on the left (appropriate, lol) lied about being in combat in Iraq – got suspended for a while – and exaggerated or flat out lied about half dozen other incidents. They have brains, they鈥檙e just psychotic brains…at least one of them is a pathological liar. I find it interesting Trump became president and they don鈥檛 like it. They think they鈥檙e smarter than everybody else and have no idea what morons they really are.

    2. MSNBC has declared themselves a source of ENTERTAINMENT and not a viable source of NEWS.


    3. P. Doherty , yes, somebody should study them to find the cause. Usually it鈥檚 family issues and/or drug or alcohol abuse when they were young. I haven鈥檛 met a liberal yet who didn鈥檛 have one or both of those issues.

  3. MSNBC: 鈥淜ayleigh McEnany is lying about what Joe Scarborough said on MSNBC, they made that up.鈥
    Kayleigh McEnany: 鈥渇abricating quotes and making up stories? Arn鈥檛 those the ground rules you guys have been using for 4 years?鈥

    1. Country should remain closed until you can take a tour of the white house. Trump is lying about the virus and only testing people that need to go to the hospital. We already surpassed 3,000,000 cases because of are garbage testing system.

    2. They are not giving news, they are spewing propaganda. Like Hitler, They use fear to control the people.

    3. @sebas Well, if that’s true the death rate is negligible and all the shut downs were pointless

  4. Brian. So trusted. Wait a minute. Wasn’t he caught lieing multiple times ? He was hidden away for 6 MO’S. Brought back to MSDNC and your not meant to remember. WE REMEMBER. LIE TO ME.

    1. @shawbros yes it is I could care less about how tf my youtube comments come out. you’re pretty sad if you gotta proof read your comments 馃槀

    2. @Tha Waterman
      The term is “Couldn’t care less”, not “could care less”.
      And just because you like being illiterate does not mean everyone else does too.

    3. Here’s the thing about narcissistic sociopaths: once you are able to spot them and even put them on blast they still keep up with their same manipulations/deceptions. Its why psychologists don’t waste their time on these entities. They redundantly keep pumping out the lies and ONLY keep looking for someone who will buy them.馃檭馃樀

  5. Hahahaha! I love the msnbc comedy news channel. Always good for starting my day with lots of laughs. Every morning I check in for my daily Trump bashing story to see what kind of sensationalized BS your writers have come up with and you never disappoint.

    Even better is reading the comments afterwards from the gullible sheep who actually believe it.

    1. It should be called the toilet channel. They probobly have it on 24 hours a day at the psych ward.

    2. I think you just like this channel. Your better off admitting it. Of course to your party anything that doesn鈥檛 line up with beliefs is fake. Faux news is over there 馃憠. I hear they are 鈥渢elling the truth.鈥

    3. @@47 Productions First of all, I’m independent, and you’re right, as I said I love msnbc. l watch this garbage for amusement purposes only. I agree with you about fox as well. There’s the liberal sheep like yourself, and there’s the conservative sheep who believe everything fox says. You’re both hilarious!
      Sadly, legit, unbiased news reporting died a long time ago. It’s all comedy now, but it’s great for a daily laugh.

    1. I love Israel & we need more immigrants in Europe and America
      I stand with the Jewish innocent people and the Evangelicals
      They won WWII and totally love minorities, they are the good guys and the media told me so.
      America isn’t falling apart. Money isn’t the only thing holding our nation together. That is totally what Jesus Christ wanted. Oh No. Not The Economy. Oh God. Oy Vey.

  6. I must have missed that part of the constitution in Article 2 under Executive Powers about fighting viruses. Commie news station.

  7. November 2020: ‘Orange Float Don’ vs ‘Lady Fingers Joe’. I know, I know… It’s lame. I thought it was funny at the time, though.

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