Stimulus checks, COVID relief bill tax changes | USA TODAY 1

Stimulus checks, COVID relief bill tax changes | USA TODAY


When are we getting the next stimulus check; COVID relief bill tax changes
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When are we getting the next stimulus check, COVID relief bill tax changes and more from Biden speech and American Rescue Plan

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  1. New and improved, with 9% Covid relief and 91% pork!
    Disclaimer: Not suitable for American consumption.

    1. @Fading Wolf Wow you’ve been manipulated by what you been reading online. How are they a direct result of the virus? States shutting down, quarantine, many places aren’t functioning at 100% capacity, loss of jobs manufacturing shutting down shall I cont?

    2. @Fading Wolf “Bailing out cities that promoted lawlessness”
      The bill provides 350 billion to States, local governments, territories and tribes…
      Bill also provides 20 billion to low income housing and more.
      Just look up what’s in the OFFICIAL Covid Relief Package.
      Democrats wanted the bill to be 2,000 remember that Republicans wanted less then 1400 and didn’t agree with the first bill either under Trump and none of them agreed to it.
      Now you know which party is for the people.

    3. @Long shorts LOL! And you say I have been manipulated. Got any more party line horseshit from the Democrats to vomit? I’ve already heard all that crap direct from the mouths of sorry excuses like Pelosi and Schumer. You’re wasting your time pushing it.

    4. @Long shorts Go troll a liberal echo chamber instead of my comments; you’ll be much happier with the results.

    5. @Fading Wolf You should go to an echo chamber if the facts make you rage, I gave you nothing but facts and you resort to insults, and then say “I’m trolling”. Remember the saying “facts don’t care about your feelings”. But you want misinformation because of your obvious bias so I’d suggest the right wing propaganda if you can’t bare the truth.

    1. All the profit from the smack walking across the border (china white) street value near $400 a gram

    1. Torpedo tubes & repair equipment is being removed from USA submarines to make room for lactating females. Democrats are turning the military into a joke.

    2. @Mars S it’s the year 2011. You’re abouta catch Osama Bin Laden, the infamous terrorist leader who is responsible for the death of 3,000 US citizens.

      “Sorry guys, I’m about to have my baby, I think we gotta call of the mission.”

      Osama Bin laden was never seen again.

    3. @Stryker Six the funny part is he was never seen in the first place but evil repuke scum are still claiming the criminal lying military got him.
      Where is the body? Where is the transcript of his trial?

    4. @Sheist MCE Obama and Clinton’s had seals executed after the mission. Not all but some. Question is why?

    5. @Stryker Six because it was all a lie and they couldnt have people asking these welfare hor dirt questions like “where is the body?”.
      At least thats less salaries of murderous moochers that I have to pay. They are in h now suffering for all eternity for their crimes

  2. I sure wish the IRS would let me calculate my taxes with the math democrats use to calculate stimulus.

    1. @JennyM You probably don’t recall that Trump and republicans wanted to ‘give’ you $2,000 it was democrats who decided you only need $600. It was republicans who said give them $2,000 again and democrats who said ‘up to $1,400 for 16 million Americans.

    2. @Felicity Chevalier The social security fund is way over funded. Democrats vote to remove all the dollars and replace it with federal bonds each time they pass a budget. Welfare, foreigners, x-cons and many others all receive social security payments. Democrats decided this.

    1. Well, according to Sanders and AOC billionaires shouldn’t exist.

      By Dem logic we could all go work for McDonalds and make $25 an hour to put fries in a bag.

  3. Large amount of aid to other countries that will kick back millions/billions back to the politicians that pushed this bill.

    1. @Amanda Wilcox your full of planned Parenthood gets more than they ever have before the bill is full of pork for the politicians

    2. @Random 549 – Wow! Sen. Cruz put forth amendment to bar undocumented immigrants from receiving $1,400 relief checks:
      “Moments ago the Democrats in this chamber just voted to send $1,400 stimulus checks to murderers, to rapists and child molesters incarcerated in prison.” Shameful

    3. Wow! Sen. Cruz put forth amendment to bar undocumented immigrants from receiving $1,400 relief checks:
      “Moments ago the Democrats in this chamber just voted to send $1,400 stimulus checks to murderers, to rapists and child molesters incarcerated in prison.” Shameful

  4. You mean to tell me that you can’t break it down on a spread sheet in more detail? You can but you won’t. A useless answer and fake headline intro.

    1. @Backbone That’s interesting. ”Once we ousted Trump.” If that don’t sound like a planed coup, I dunno that does.

  5. Democrats payoff their wealthy donors and everyone else said “I don’t care just as long as I get my crumbs”!

    1. @Keith Greenan Taking money that doesn’t belong to you and giving it to someone else isn’t charity. It’s Theft!

    2. @Grim Reafer Well it’s been that way since Cain killed Abel. Regardless, each individual is accountable for his, her own deeds.

    1. It was their decision, no one forced them to stop the then racist literature. And only a few books, did your library get smaller?

    2. @Craig Gerlach a decision made less than two months after Theodore’s widow died. Not a coincidence

  6. 750 million going international, 1.5 billion going to amtrak, bridge to canada. money going all over the place.

  7. My Curiosity/Question: Will we be seeing adverse reactions to the vaccine in a year or so because the vaccine is not a Traditional Vaccine but an EXPERIMENT IN GENE MANIPULATION???

  8. Funny my bank put out a statement saying regardless what you’ve heard from media No stimulus will be deposited !!

  9. You know I am actually tired of waiting for this stimulus you know if this was all I depended on I would have died of hunger

    1. You know I am actually tired of waiting for this stimulus you know if this was all i depends on i would have died hunger

    2. I was waiting on this to move back to the state where I worked when I got laid off. Now I hear they will let debt collectors garnish your stimulus.. so now I’m at risk at being homeless. Because I relyed on the government, also I never got unemployment, I’m owed $30,000 In unemployment and the government is not doing anything. Lots of people like me. I went from happy to depressed.

    3. @TechReflex Yup it sucks and is sad but true. Pointless passing a bill like this without any protections, it was foolish and only those impacted the most does it screw over. My buddy is a vet without dental care with four cracked teeth depending on that money to pay for dental work but now that may never happen. And VA dental care is very reatrictive.

    4. @Mark Pena yeah, we have to spend first because if we don’t the lights go out, the water stops running, and our stomachs go empty, the philosophy is on point, but it leaves out the context of both sides

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