“Stop escalating the war”: Heckler interrupts Canada’s foreign affairs minister

Police removed a man who was heckling Foreign Affairs Minister Joly during an event in Montreal on Canada's contributions to Ukraine.

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  1. “Stop escalating the war ”
    Protesters is 100% correct!
    Sanctions won’t do anything to putin nor Russian oligarchs. Sanctions hurt folks like me and you .

    1. @hhiippiittyy it’s why gas there is 43 cents a liter and groceries are still affordable

      But hey, let’s worry about the stock market, that’s what puts food on the table after all right?

    1. Putin wants parts of Canada in the north. You think he will stop after Ukraine? You would be a fool just like in the 1930s.

  2. We really need to stop talking in the “if they do this, we do this” sense and start emphasizing “Peace. Peace. Peace.”

    1. Canada has no options other than following orders from the south. The government just needs to find ways to justify doing so.

    1. Definitely! Diplomacy always works! Peace whatever the cost may be! Let’s see what happens with Czechoslovakia in 1938…

    1. Could somebody tell that dumb minister thats its pronounced putin, not poutine.
      (No hate on the dish, couldnt say no after a heart bypass)

      What a shame for our foreign partners that lady is..

  3. Yes, thank you heckler person. Stop escalating the war! It’s not even helping the Ukrainians. Lets focus on helping refugees and other humanitarian issues. Say no to war! Say no to warmongers!

  4. i’m ashamed that Canada, my country who is supposed to stand for peace in the world, is escalating the war, increasing a chance for another world war.

  5. I agree they don’t get involved anywhere else all the sudden now we’re getting involved in conflicts wtf

  6. The “heckler” is Yves Engler, a Canadian Montreal-based writer and political activist. In addition to eleven published books, Engler’s writings have appeared in alternative press and in mainstream publications such as The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen, and Ecologist.

  7. If only the “leaders” put as much effort for peace as they do with sanctions and supplying weapons maybe this will end sooner

    1. if you were a “leader”, how would you impose this “peace” you are talking about?

      Grovel to a Dictator and say “Please stop… i hate seeing violence on TV…”?

    2. @The Amnesia Channel historically Canada has been a mediator, all I’ve seen and heard from Canada is escalation, someone needs to pick up a phone, until this happens nothing will get solved

  8. Not like they’ll ever care, they’ll be safe watching residents fight for their lives on a tv in a cottage far away.

  9. Only solution is to 1) stop nato expansion….2) russia should remove it’s military from Ukraine…3) Ukraine should became neutral and add neutrality in it’s constitution….4) russia should sign a non aggressions treaty with Ukraine and Europe….5) russia should help to building up Ukraine….6) west should remove sanction from russian federation….7) every nation should sign nuclear weapons ban policy…..

    1. Excellent proposals. Only with item 5) I don’t agree. Europe didn’t rebuild Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan. So, Russia should be exempted also. Besides, all world already gave Ukraine soooo much money that they can make another Switzerland there, but (I know Ukrainians) they will build 2 roads and the rest will be stolen. The most corrupted country in the world

    2. @Maryna Malitskaya yes you are right in this case ….but that’s west for you if you have capability they just ignore you but if you have oil and minerals and don’t have that much capability (militarily) they will SO CALLED LIBARETE YOU FROM YOUR PEACEFUL LIVES…

  10. Thank you Mr. Engler for standing up for safety of Canada and Canadians when none of our politicians do so. Canada is a peaceful nation and should always stay that way.

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