Stop 'pandering to anti-vaxxers': Horwath to Elliott 1

Stop ‘pandering to anti-vaxxers’: Horwath to Elliott


Ont. NDP Leader Horwath and Health Minister Elliott debate the government's plan for lifting vaccine passport system.

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  1. Shut up, Horwath! If you do not have anything better to talk about or deal with, resign for Godโ€™s sake. We are all tired of this topic.

  2. Horwath doesn’t look so well herself and yet here she is dishing out health advice and shaming the “unvaccinated” for being healthier than her.

    1. She isn’t dishing out health advise!! She isn’t a doctor so she does not have the capacity to be advising on. Do you understand how the provincial government actually works?

    1. @Sean Parker you cared enough to reply, which is more than we get from politicians etc..Have a fantastic night Mr.Parker

  3. NDP leader Andrea “Stalin” Horwath versus health minister Christine “Himmler” Elliott.

    Whoever wins, we lose.

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