1. You are the second Trump supporter that I have heard made remark two and only two and both without nothing to back it up

    2. @Ernest Jimenez what??? oh you mean that tim ryan’s district is a wasteland??? go check it out sometime

    3. I live with someone who has to go to bed early, so when I hear a gutbuster like that, I have to pause so I’m not laughing too loud.

  1. Amen to this… if rich people can’t benefit then Republicans aren’t interested at all.

    1. @devil rain LMAO! Yes… and having your guns taken away and having MS-13 move in next door while “illegal” aliens steal your jobs while, at the same time, living off government subsistence programs while not having a Social Security number. You do know the reason why SOME of the Texas windmills froze was because they refused to winterize them… don’t you? The windmills in the Arctic work just fine with no issues. Keep shouting in rage at the clouds…

    2. @Fortitudine Vincimus you really have no clue, but you are a democrat marxist. sums it all up. turn off your obama phone

    3. @Ronald Moore Hmmm, a war was fought to correct injustices with casualties inflicted by an obtuse mentality. And the oppressed should Thank the oppressors for their sacrifice. That’s a good argument?!!

    4. @Ronald Moore Obviously it’s the victims fault. That’s your very obtuse and diabolical way of thinking.

    1. thanks tim ryan!!!! your district is a wasteland of closed down factories, boarded up houses and roads falling apart. WELCOME TO YOUNGTOWN!!!!! (democrat managed)

  2. The real canceling is being done by Republicans. Check out education bills in New Hampshire,South Dakota and Iowa.

  3. for the republicans claiming to be anti-elitist and be the party of the people they sure love getting paid by the billionaires and hate serving the average american, can’t even have 1 republican vote yes to give much needed support to the poorest americans.

    1. @Michael Reid the coronavirus is real. The left and the media overreacting and causing a panic is where the hoax comes from.

    2. @Mark Appelbaum please tell me, other than canceling the Keystone Pipeline. What has Biden canceled? I would love to research this myself!

    3. @Mark Appelbaum the bill is literally public, 85% is tied to COVID, and the stimulus itself is over 20% of the total, and 50% in its entirety goes directly to the people, where the hell are you getting your misinformation

  4. I don’t blame that guy for yelling. I couldn’t sit there and listen to that, without screaming my head off!

    1. Me too…said same to my husband…I’d often have a rant at them because some of the rhetoric borders on insane let alone logic.

  5. We need more people like Tim Ryan. This man speaks the truth about what every day people are experiencing during this pandemic.

    1. Exactly. I’m tired of the slick, over rehearsed, talking points politicians spout.

      Americans are suffering. Emotion is NECESSARY in these instances.

    2. @Rod still waiting to hear about the US government censoring anyone…

      Bc Doctor Seuss, Facebook, Starbucks, Nike and Parler aren’t government owned.

      Have y’all looked at the Constitution even ONCE?

    1. @Calvin Parish Because we aren’t doing that. Why don’t you stop being a purple unicorn? Do you see how stupid you sound to other people?

    1. take a ride through his district and you will see first hand what he and your democrat party has done…………….enjoy

    2. @Jibreel Lomax not one Republican in the Senate voted for the stimulus check how many of those Republicans they were against the stimulus check will return it hell not one of them

    3. @Ernest Jimenez there’s a gap in your logic. More than a majority of republican people wanted the entire rescue relief plan let alone a stimulus check which was probably even more popular. It’s Republican senators and representives who unilaterally went against the will of their constituents. All of them are way too rich to qualify for a stimulus check. Especially after weak Biden curtailed the income threshold for people recieving the checks yet again.

  6. Republicans: “A private business has the right to refuse to make a gay wedding cake.”
    Also Republicans: “A private business does not have the right to refuse to continue printing some of their books, or to change the name of their plastic potato toy.”

    1. They literally change for PR and pressure from democrats in fear that they will be labeled racist or gender inclusive in the future. Show a study or name 1 person who has been made racist by reading a dr suess book you can’t yet his books are being taken down and banned from libraries

    2. @Yung Alex Nobody is “taking down” or “banning” ANY Dr Seuss books. The BUSINESS that owns the rights decided to stop publishing 6 of them (as is their right to do so). Period.

      Democrats have absolutely nothing to do with that decision. Public opinion is not controlled by the Democrats. If you still believe that – then prove it, or else that’s just you getting punked by Fox News.

      Right-wing-initiated culture wars like this are utterly hilarious. As soon as they fear becoming irrelevant, they desperately drag up ANY silly thing they can to make you feel like you’re a victim of heritage theft. And to distract from how much better things are getting now that they aren’t in control any more.

      “Boo-f_ckin-hoo, my plastic potato toy box is labelled differently now!” Grow up and focus on reality for a change.

    3. @Yung Alex dr suss company decided to get rid of old books that don’t really sell and don’t go with the modern morals of the company not a big deal. As for the mr potato head thing that’s just a way for the company to save money on packaging by cutting out the two different genders pacific packaging and replacing it with on non gender pacific packages. Both companies are just out to cut costs they are not being bullied by the left they are be smart with their budgets.

  7. The fact that voters rather spend time being angry about Dr Seuss says quite a lot about the Republican base too…

    1. Sure – the Democrats stole the election and now they’re killing Dr. Seuss… I’m amazed they haven’t figured out how to poison all their enemies simultaneously… I mean it seems they are capable of anything.

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