Straight to the Heart of Moral Corruption | The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell | MSNBC

Straight to the Heart of Moral Corruption | The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell | MSNBC 1


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Straight to the Heart of Moral Corruption | The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell | MSNBC

63 Comments on "Straight to the Heart of Moral Corruption | The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell | MSNBC"

  1. For those who voted for Trump they too are responsible for how F up the country is now and they too will pay the price!!!

  2. This and other news are terrifying… The fact that this even has to be released…

    • @William Springer no, you WILL provide the evidence. When presenting a case, the onus is on you to provide proof. Ive done my research. It leads to you being a lunatic with zero evidence. If you dont have evidence. Shut your lying mouth. In other words. Put up or shut up.

    • @Chris Smith Mexican or jewish, a white mans true fear is knowing their women dont desire them anymore. In the end we are mammals, and knowing you lost control and lost any resemblance of power amongst minorities is suffocating. Dont worry. We treat our women right. Even if theyre white.

    • William Springer | December 23, 2020 at 11:31 PM | Reply

      @O Magro I’m not the one in court. So why would it be on me?
      I’m not the one who stopped researching halfway then assumed the outcome. Your inability to find what you seek does not fall on me.

    • @William Springer No but you did comment saying that I should cut the crap and acknowledge the evidence. So forget the courts and on the principle of being a man, you made a statement to be taken as truth, you provide proof. Its simple, if you have evidence that exists and has been substantiated make it be known. If its easy to search its even easier to state. Im not here to talk riddles like you’re used to. I live in the world of fact. So unless the next reply is evidence or facts, id suggest you stop making yourself look like a fool for any poor soul reading all of this.

  3. Good people stand up against rules designed to hurt.

  4. “We were Just Following Orders” kills millions.
    and steals the saving of millions

  5. When hoisted on their own petards, It is also the last stand of petty tyrants

  6. Nearly 80% of Americans have accepted that Biden is the President-elect. 3% of Americans think Trump won. The remaining 17% are undecided. The will of the American people have decided that Biden is the President-elect. Congress should keep that in mind on January 6th, specifically the complicit Republicans.

    • Donald Sanders | December 23, 2020 at 4:51 PM | Reply

      @Randy Couch only racists bigots fascist and traitors voted for Trump, I nearly forgot and a lot of in breeders.

    • @Randy Couch There are no real Americans that voted for Trump, only traitorous seditionists.

    • @Randy Couch yes. Americans voted for Biden. Real americans what ever that is (probably the very stupid one’s) voted for Putin’s lapdog

    • @Randy Couch You may be a “Real American,” but only FOOLS voted for Trump. Know this Mr. Couch: Donald Trump is going to get ranked down there with the Emperor Nero and Adolf Hitler, and Trump will be gifted with a novel and damning moniker: the Disease Spreader. Even Hitler can’t claim that “achievement.”
      Sorry dude (not sorry!)… that’s just the way history operates. Your grandkids will be asking “What were YOU thinking?!” And don’t you DARE tell them that you “voted for Joe Biden.”

  7. Those past 4 years have been AMERICA’S best Horor story

  8. Trump is trying to burn this Country up in flames on his way out

    • @grin chi So you basically want to set up a dictatorship? Nice. Also, there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud. Don’t believe everything Trump says without double-checking.

    • @firenze55 Reminds me of Hussein torching Kuwaiti oil wells on his retreat in the Persian Gulf war.

    • Yes, Putin has instructed Trump to scuttle the USA on his way out and all we can do until January 20th is watch Trump and his enablers make more holes in the hull.

    • @grin chi LOL – the military does not back Bonespurs Trunp. He is a FIVE time deferment draft dodger who has calls the US military “losers” and “suckers”. Trump is a tax cheat, wife cheater, bully and conman who deliberately lied to the American public about the seriousness of Covid-19 resulting in the worst deaths in the world. Trump belongs in a jail cell.

    • @firenze55 Worst death because of the drastic population differences and use of actual freedom by americans? Nice losers and suckers use. Mind citation or will you keep listening to gossip behind doors and using it against people. If we all could escape taxes we would you cant blame a man for finding a loophole. I mean you just have disgust for Donald Trump. Any other political figures you dislike as much?

  9. Make Racists Afraid Again | December 23, 2020 at 4:16 PM | Reply

    That is why the US military no longer obeys “Direct Orders”.
    We only, ONLY, obey “Lawful Orders”. I was a Drill Sergeant and this is the First Lesson.

  10. Following Orders”? That Nazi’s did too .

  11. 🎼🎶 Donald Trump Is The Christmas Grump. He Has A Candy Cane In His Rump 🎶

    • I wanna wrench that candy cane so far up his bum, that he burps up all the brown nosers…
      Won’t have to work that hard… they’re already so far up there they can probably kiss his stomach lining.

  12. If they are not held accountable, then it will happen again. On a greater scale.

  13. That’s what Hitlers men said

  14. *The Nuremberg Trials are such a vivid analogy! PAY ATTENTION AMERICA!*

  15. At the minimum they should be relieved of their seats. I don’t know about the legal end of it so I won’t say.

  16. Its so stupid what is happening in usa! It wont change just by changing the president😒 almost half of that country is trumpist and agrees with trump party ,laws and the vision they have for usa. Its because majority of german accepted and embraced hitler views that he became that powerful and its stupid of those who support trump to think he will work for their will.

  17. Obersturmbanfuhrer Pompeo was just following his Fuhrer’s orders.

  18. ” Worst ” doesn’t exist with trump. Nope. Unless stopped, he will continue to get endlessly *w o r s e* . . .

  19. Trump’s abusive behavior towards our country is textbook, “If I can’t control you, then nobody will!”

  20. “Just following orders” isn’t a defense for committing atrocities.

    Wishing all the love to our strong willed military. Your leaders give us hope that at least the military will continue to uphold it’s oath to the constitution.
    When it’s so obvious the orange president and the republicans in Congress have violated theirs.

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