Straight to the Heart of Police Reform | The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell | MSNBC 1

Straight to the Heart of Police Reform | The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell | MSNBC


Lawrence O’Donnell highlights the urgency for police reform and training in the United States.
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Straight to the Heart of Police Reform | The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell | MSNBC


  1. I guess that since people do not click on ads MSNBC is trying a new tactic with these 31 second infomercials

  2. You can not reform the police unless you fight off the unions who fight to protect a corrupt system that rewards bad behavior with legal protection and monitary support.

    1. Didn’t look like the far right thought much of them when they were beating them to death during their failed coup on January 6.

  3. There is no perfection in any job or job training program. There never will be. Certainly we can do better. We also need to do better in the personnel selection process. You cannot train a person who doesn’t meet minimum standards to begin with.

  4. I agree. We can’t have a guy just walking into a 2 week training program and then we give him a gun and call him a protector of the public.

    1. They ALL should have One 2 week class specifically focused on race relations and white supremacy. Along with the true history of black, brown, and yellow peoples entrance in to the Ameruca”s? At the end. Show the truth about how the white man stole the land from the Indians, Spaniard and the Black Moors who were here way before the white man?

  5. I wouldn’t let a lot of these clowns make my icecream come at DQ. YES, yes there’s a lot of good ones but dammit there should be. It’s not like they’re doing it for free. And America doesn’t have the market cornered on bad and poor policing. Same goes for pathetic politicians.

  6. The use of a black box to determine what went wrong needs to migrate to police uniforms… without exception.

  7. I was wondering if the guy who lost his show on MSNBC for saying “trail of tears ” had suggested that men were responsible rather than democracy…
    Why THEM fire people.
    If so give him his show back and dedicate it to teaching the truth that democracy has never done anything good or bad but reflected what politicians and people in government did.
    The lamb of God is democracy and dosent defend itself… we need to.

  8. I definitely agree, but I’m wondering if they get a thorough psych eval. too to make sure (as much as possible) they actually care and respect life. If they don’t care training won’t matter. Maybe they’d even have to start at rookie patrol again.

    1. What should be added is a entire profile on their responses to blacks, whites, brown, yellow peoples history.? Any response that is said!! Should be documented and giving to a board of highly trained professional psychologist. To read there responses and have each one evaluated face to face with everyone of them as a group? Let them make the reccomded officer. With a detailed background check and comments, findings, previous law enforcement situations,both good and bad. Family issues. How many divorces, domestic violence reports. EVERY LITTLE THING!!

  9. If you live in Colorado, call Colorado state senators in favor of SB 2021-62.
    We ended qualified immunity.
    It’s time to end cash bail. You either belong in jail or you don’t, period.

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