Strategist predicts fast US recovery in wake of 'blockbuster' jobs report 1

Strategist predicts fast US recovery in wake of ‘blockbuster’ jobs report


David Kelly, Chief Global Strategist at JP Morgan Asset Management, called the US jobs report for March a 'blockbuster' and predicts the US economy will see a fast recovery.
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    1. @johnnyboy62 parker president Trump said it will be a V shape recovery, Biden said a K shape recovery, Biden is a under achiever

    2. Why should Biden claim credit? The economy has been artificially suppressed by shutdowns. Guess what happens when shutdowns end? Like magic the economy booms.

    3. @daniel heideman no it’s a case of relative improvement you just see things as black or white you can’t see context. Biden touch has significantly improved anything at rump was achieving or was going to. Trump took USA to rock bottom the only way was up anyway

    4. @johnnyboy62 parker Under Trump
      Record economy
      Lowest unemployment for Blacks and Hispanics Stock Market Records
      Rebuilt Military Respected again by Our Enemies Us Embassy moved to Jerusalem
      The only bottom is where Biden is Taking Us
      First Executive Order 100000 union jobs gone on pipeline
      These are all Facts and again you prove my point . You Deny Facts and since you are immature and misuse Trumps Name grow up

  1. They want us all back to work, with our slave wages, they’ll have to get the printed dollars paid back somehow

    1. Don’t understand how one can complain about jobs rising thankful that at least! Geez how ignorant of a comment!

    2. Jobs are no good if they don’t pay the worker a decent wage so yeah im with Rachel. It’s useless and it means nothing so long as it doesn’t pay enough to even pay the cost of living each month.

  2. I ACTUALLY put 75k into Carnival Cruise lines (which the CDC beat down by about 50% the last year or so.)
    I expect it to double in a year.

    1. Ah yes, cruise ships, the original disease vector. As a carnival holder for the last 40 years, we shouldn’t get our hopes up. This plague going to last 10 years.

    2. I wouldn’t invest £7.50
      Cruise lines are going to die. Especially with no European ports allowing to dock anytime this summer

    1. Remember, they’re talking about a system that uses the stock and bonds markets as a benchmark for the overall financial health of all Americans.

    2. Yes but reporting on 916,000 jobs added not really something to pat yourself on the back for when those jobs existed before the mandated closures for covid

  3. That jobs report looks good because the places that want to open are reopening. Many many places won’t be. That number will level off soon.

    1. @*AAHLIYAH* One of the negative effects of pumping up the economy has often been inflation. Also, spending money, the government doesn’t have, always causes inflation. (Think of Italy, France or Greece, or Israel before the Likud took power.) That is the main argument most have against modern monetary theory. If you don’t know what MMT is, google it.

  4. “I guess any job is better than no job,” says the young enthusiastic working class person who still think they have a chance with hard work and by being a good person with plans to educate yourself someday.. “ Hold on to that belief for as long as possible,”says the middle age worker bee who knows you are going to need those happy memories to make it through your dark days as you March towards your twilight trying to rectify the truth.

  5. Where is the interview with Chris Cuomo where he interviews the CNN medical analyst? She says that if states open up to quickly then there will be no incentive to take the “vaccine” because they will see it’s not needed to open up. I’m so surprised it’s not on the the playlist. Oh wait……. I know why it’s not here.

  6. It’s a great sign that we might recover by the end of the year, just need to follow the basic rule of if you feel sick stay home…

  7. The biggest asset crash in human history is coming soon. This coming summer will be the last call.

  8. “We’re facing a man-made disaster of global scale. Time is running out.”
    Sir David Attenborough

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