Stricter Covid Measures | Police Attack | Suspected Farm Thief | Woman Sentenced to 20 Yrs 1

Stricter Covid Measures | Police Attack | Suspected Farm Thief | Woman Sentenced to 20 Yrs


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  1. I have been a lot of people are scared I am also one of those person that is also scared I am praying for the Lord because God is not like man and the Lord has seen everything that is happening I will not lose hope because when you have God you will keep you safe and secure in Jesus name I pray amen

    1. Hi ashlee
      Afraid but hopeful. Dont loose hope no matter your opinion of vax. There will be other things in the world to help with virus. Look into Israel and their research.:-D
      We can land mars rover. I trust in God and the very intelligent peoples in same boat as we. Ancestors of africans began medicine and did first vax. Pass on hope and stay safe as you can with your family.

    1. Yep the crime is a very big problem for Jamaica….cuz there must be something in the wata too much killing going on…

  2. Still waiting on the promised vaccine education and sensitization by the government for the public.

  3. What about anticipating the situation Mr Prime Minister? These ” Journalists” have no use!

  4. Amazing word ministries international on YouTube repent repent Matthew 7 verses 13-14 fear God and give glory to him……every jamaican need to watch this channel

  5. This is what happens when we VOTE for the FACE instead of the BRAIN…it’s more than a year since we’ve know about Covid-19, so how long do these people need to come up with some basic measures for citizens to follow during a pandemic?!?!

  6. lock down the country from 6pm saturday an open by 5am monday and lockdown on public holidays only pastors and the music persons along with the praise team members and close business by 5 pm and curfew start by 7 pm close offices by 4pm daily

  7. Start with the buses the amount of people that driving in the bus in the morning draw the day

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