String Of Mass Shootings Across Nation Continues 22 Years After Columbine | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1

String Of Mass Shootings Across Nation Continues 22 Years After Columbine | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


There has been a string of gun violence across the country, with shootings hitting communities in Indiana, Texas, Ohio and more in just the past week. Stephanie Ruhle reflects on the state of gun violence the week of the 22nd anniversary of the Columbine shooting. Aired on 04/21/2021.
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String Of Mass Shootings Across Nation Continues 22 Years After Columbine | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


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  1. Thanks Republicans – when you’re in charge, you do nothing and when you’re not, you oppose everything. You have nothing to offer a society that needs to move forwards, not backwards.

    1. @Jasmany Foch the republicans can only win by suppressing the vote and by lying to their constituents

    2. @Jasmany Foch LOL. Conservatives always trying to turn back the clock. Time is progress and the change the majority want is inevitable. Give it up and join the rest of us who are seeking a better way of life.

    3. @Jasmany Foch Republican lost the house, the Senate and the presidency. What reality are you living in bro ?

  2. Where are all the good people with guns that are supposed to take out gunmen like this? Come on NRA, protect us from your followers!

    1. @Kathy E Do you even know why, and what’s happening with the NRA in court over this bankruptcy? I bet you do, but as usual, you low IQ liberals only stick to the catchy headlines HAHA. I just can’t wait for the new facilities in Texas 🙂

    2. @SouthSide_ Chicago79 Unfortunately, I do understand why the NRA are filling for bankruptcy in New York yet I seriously doubt you haven’t any idea why and how come they are in court?
      Go troll somewhere else…in fact donate all your savings to your favorite politician cuz they need/deserve it more than you do.

    1. @No Show Joe Well, there’s the solution. You can change the 2nd Amendment to the right to own a bread knife.

    1. Ever since Creepy Joe became president the nation has gone into crisis. Democrats bring the worst out in people.

    2. @TAKE THAT YOU AS SOUL! sure, not because of covid, i havnt even been paying attention to what biden is doing

  3. So between 1941 – 2015… 29 people were shot by police here in NZ current population 5 mill, 1.6 mill in 1941

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