Strong Warning to Spanish Town Taxi Drivers | TVJ News - March 18 2021 1

Strong Warning to Spanish Town Taxi Drivers | TVJ News – March 18 2021


We are coming for you the warning from Spanish Town Mayor Norman Scott to taxi operators using a makeshift taxi stand in the old capital. It's believed the chaos in the area led to a tragic crash on the weekend.

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  1. It’s always when someone gets hurt government get eyes clean up the place mr Scott people can’t be so lawless n do as they like

    1. Remember that we have a reactive government. Not proactive.. they only act when something goes wrong. Never to prevent the possibility.

    1. Burke Road is a disaster ready to happen long long time ago. Vendors on the side walk. Why is Spanish Town so crazy. It seems like Spanish Town is the forgotten Town and place in Jamaica. SPANISH TOWN MATTERS

    2. @Rosemarie Lee OMG, can I tell you, right there is very bad. But it does not seem to just be a Spanish Town thing. It happens in all the towns in Jamaica. And it just keeps getting worst by the year . Too much lawlessness.

  2. In any civilized society the drivers of public transportations form a line and wait there tern.
    But in Jamaica there is too much eat a food mentality and cut troat mentality.
    Yes you can tell a country by how it’s public transportation operators behave.

    1. @Prodigy Sl Same so. Why do they have to pay extortion fee? They could all come together, and form a coliation, and stick out against this thievery, but they gladly pay. Because of one person giving in, it spread like wildfire, and now it’s too damn late. The Government, needs to make it illegal to extort people, and should get no less than 25 years. I’m angry, because that’s where I was born.

    2. @Natalie Mullings but the two gangs that is extorting the people of st catherine are Link to the two major political parties in Jamaica.
      Can you imagine gangsters have political links ?.
      So how on God earth can crimes be solved in Jamaica ?

    3. @Everton Simpson That’s so true, but don’t you think that the Government, should at least make it a crime to extort people. I have never heard anything about it. Yeah, it’s on both sides of the political parties. I think that it’s bigger than just the small sprat.

  3. If the drivers of these taxis and busses don’t master the art of framing line and wait there tern then they should not be driving public transportations..

  4. What about the monies collected by the gas station operator for himself and the extortionists?

  5. What is going on in spanish town in terms of the chaotic vehiclar traffic is happening in every major town throughout Jamaica. Jamaica is just simply an unruly country that has no values in law and order. In Other countries, downtowns are preserved with beauty, elegance and civil pride. In Jamaica it’s the opposite.

  6. Smh ! this is a long time situation in Spanish town and how long you guys are going to do it for? The law in Jamaica has no teeth to enforce it. SMDH .

    1. They need to clear the sidewalks, and find places to put the higglers, dem. Dem just spread out on the sidewalks, and God help you if you touch dem goods. Unruly, set of people dem.

  7. Canada rules by 3 government, federal, provincial, municipalities and these working accordingly the mayor is very effective in his roll this is why Toronto is envis of the world

  8. Di minister of transport is to be blame too .too much road license less people traveling what dem expect. More seller dan buyer

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