1. @pc that was covered hours ago! And what does it have to do with this item about recovery, and the human ability to overcome?

    2. @pc I’m on my phone, so it will have to wait until I get back at a proper computer. I saw it covered at the beginning of a clip that was about another story. It was about 5/6 hours back, so just check around that time if you don’t have the time. Thank you for being polite also.

  1. Gaby’s courage, strength and indomitable spirit are of the highest caliber. She and Mark have embraced public service and are doing so much good to help so many. 💖

  2. That human is strong beyond words. To overcome those kinds of injuries and continue to fight for change as a public servant is mind-blowing. Modern legend💪👏

    1. @NBA1 so a video on food prep in Thailand contradicts my opinion that Gabby Gifford is a strong woman? Bwahahaha

    1. @go away Hello troll. I hope this response finds you well, and leaves you sufficiently satisfied for the attention that you crave. Please stay healthy and safe.

    2. @Joshua King I’m not russian bot like what you CNN viewers like to accuse others when they don’t agree with you but this isn’t close to “toughness.”

    3. @go away If I had assumed that you were a bot, I would not have taken the time to respond to you. I would have reported you and moved on.

  3. Much love and respect to gabby ,I saw cyndi Lauper in concert not too long ago I hope gabby gets to see her also

  4. She can be an inspiration to us all. Gabby we love you . She never gives up she never gives in. Thank you! You are blessed with a wonderful husband too!

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