Structural Racism In Medicine: A Killer Disease And Public Health Crisis | MSNBC 1

Structural Racism In Medicine: A Killer Disease And Public Health Crisis | MSNBC


MSNBC correspondent and “Into America” podcast host Trymaine Lee moderates a conversation with Marcella Nunez-Smith, chair of the Covid-19 Health Equity Task Force; Harriet Washington, science writer, author, and medical ethicist; and Harvard School of Public Health’s David Williams. This event is part of the Aspen Ideas: Health forum.

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Live: Structural Racism In Medicine: A Killer Disease And Public Health Crisis | MSNBC


  1. Maybe we should give preferential treatment to people based on their race… that’s never caused any problems before

    1. @Greenlight 88 …White leftists promote policy that eradicates and undermines America’s people of color and then disingenuously talk about “structural racism” in medicine.

    2. @Greenlight 88 right!!! Like its perfectly fine for white people to get preference JUST FOR BEING WHITE for almost 400 yrs while black people were denied opportunities just for being black EVEN when they were qualified….at this point some people need to just keep it real and acknowledge they don’t see racism because they don’t want to give up their privilege.

    1. They provided zero hard data that would suggest “Structural Racism” within medicine. It was loaded with conjecture and unproven subjective data. It was a panel of 4 nitwits getting together to listen to the echo of their voice. Bunch of morons trying to race-bait people into believing there is racism in everything.

    2. @Skyline RS400 it’s only being proven in healthcare a thousand times over, but you white supremacists and flat earthers will deny scientific evidence to your dying day. Get your Covid shot yet?

    3. @jennyb62925 your feelings on the subject are not data. You believe I’m a white supremest because I believe in data then there is not hope for you. If I got the COVID shots is my business not yours. Thanks for play, try again next time but next time bring hard data .

  2. I have to admit that the caption caught my attention. I couldn’t bring myself to actually watch it, but somebody please tell me that they’re not putting racism in medicine now.

    1. @Heather Davidson HEATHER, you cannot promise that! If you were really in touch with your humanity, you would care enough to do your research and acknowledge the hard facts.
      Instead you deflect from your out of touch with reality white/off white bubble.

    2. Don’t feed the trolls. No point responding to people who don’t bother to watch the video. They aren’t here to engage. They’re here to frustrate and annoy.

    3. I haven’t warched the video yet i just started it. I don’t work in the medical field. I am white but i know there is racism in medical care. Whites and blacks are treated differently.




    IN ALL UP.



    1. We can’t cover all the things at once. Human success, for better or worse, is rooted in specialization. There are specialists in Native issues, Latin issues, Asian issues. Black injustice in all of society are different. Latin Americans used to be considered white. Native injustice is centered around a kind of apartheid. Black injustice is based on perpetual slavery. American “scientists” claimed Blacks don’t feel pain. Different lies with different goals lead to different outcomes.
      There are native advocates, etc. It would be a disservice to all POC to make it always 100% inclusive. 1 hour isn’t enough to cover the issues for any one of those groups. Don’t frame justice seeking by/for one group as loss of justice for others.
      Also, they do discuss POC. Just because a topic is focused on one group, it doesn’t follow that it can’t cover the ways that their injustices overlap. Try watching the video, ffs.

  4. This was very informative. Thank you all for your input. I pray that these topics be addressed for the good of all Americans. I am a Nurse and White but our Healthcare is only as good as the least cared for Patient. God bless.

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