1. WE are praying for people who are suffering right now.STAY STRONG UKRAINIANS😢😢😭😭😭😢🇺🇦🇺🇦

    1. @RUSTY VENTURE I don’t understand… why so butthurt… I have zero compassion… it’s being used as an excuse…

      Sociopathic tendencies much?

    2. @Truth Matters this documentary was made in 2016 after the Ukrainian government got overthrown in 2013 there’s been an ongoing civil war ever since. If you support Ukraine you support genocide. You don’t have to pick a side but understand this could of been prevented if the U.S. didn’t NATOize western Ukraine and Biden didn’t give Putin nord stream2 https://youtu.be/AEOy0eRcJxo

  2. Ukrainians built different. Stay strong, glorious people. Love and respect to you and the foreign volunteers. Your valor is inspiring.

    1. @Olivier Coen So as per your understanding Wagner is a Nazi group because they fought USA backed terrorist organisations ISIL in Syria, Libya and other terrorist organisations??

    2. @That damn crow Nazism is not only about persecution of Jews. It’s an ideology which promotes hatred and violence against other race, religion, caste, language and colour. And this was growing in Ukraine since the USA puppet government were established in Ukraine.

    3. @zeromodulus democracy’s produce traitors and snakes. Look back as far as Julius Caesar to see Democracy does not work when those ruling it are corrupt. Was Henry the VIII democracy ok too?

    4. @zeromodulus the UK is under dictatorship. Always controlled and nothing is ever in the peoples best interest. Our country is as corrupt as every other right now

    1. Yes but Russia is still progressing in the south. My guess is that these attacks on Kyiv are but a diversion, the Russian military is more concerned about taking the south, possibly the east too.

    2. @john alsop remember when Clinton spied on Trump. Remember when your demorats impeached Trump over Russian hoax. Remember when gas was reasonably ok. Remember there wasn’t inflation. Remember when the boarder was some what in control. Remember when your demorats impeached Trump but never had a chance in Senate. Remember when Russia didn’t invade ukraine when Trump was president. Remember when Trump never negotiate with Iran for oil

    3. @Brian Schettler hilarious that you actually believe Clinton spied on trump. Debunked long ago. Or that you think the president controls gas prices. Try OPEC. Or that you think the president controls inflation. Try thinking for yourself son. No one respects the fool in life.
      No one.

  3. A military with a purpose (Ukraine protecting their homeland) always has the advantage over a military going in blind with the wrong intention. My heart goes out to all the Ukrainian civilians, serviceman and foreign volunteers. I also feel for the Russian families and soldiers who are being fed lies and coming home in body bags, if returning at all. Stay strong Ukraine! 💛💛💙💙

    1. Why are people so dumb, Russia will take Ukraine sooner or later with more better forces, its just the question when.

    2. @midnite_in_november Every media source outside of Putin’s state media is the source. They had interviews on tv with captured Russian soldiers and they said they only knew they were on exercises. Besides, what is it that Russian propaganda channels say except exercises and then special military operation. Is calling it a war invasion still illegal in Russia… RT only reported shelling in Ukraine twelve days after shelling began. Sources are everywhere that the lies are not, wherever the sanitized propaganda is not pushed. Why do you think independent media in Russia was all shut down, why do you think the penalty for countering official statements rose from two years to fifteen.

    3. @Benson Dunwoody And even when Russia actually takes Ukraine, there will be asymmetric warfare. Face it, Putin has bought off more than he can chew. It’s one thing to take a country which Russia is messing up far more than had been expected, it’s another to hold a country. Russian losses are now estimated to be half of the total losses during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.

    4. @John Wang and they says “Mother, help me” and many other child words. By using Nike boots, not military equipment. And smartphones, even if they are forbidden.

      Many mass media literally are using “… Says Ukraine”. They are love “clickbaits” with zero responsibility (- “We are not a liars, Ukraine is, we just used materials!”)

    5. @PrototypeMan Still what Russian media is saying is ridiculously sanitized and what the world sees is not just “What Ukraine said” as we have our own journalists in Ukraine, often the most well known journalists to our public. Our journalists in Russia are more quiet due to the legal implications of contradicting the official message but we are getting reports from Ukraine. You can’t discount what international media is reporting as false but the sanitized Russian and now sanitized China reports and even the right wing media reports in the US are just blatant propaganda.

  4. Ukraine, *_strong_* is an understatement and we hope you will benefit greatly with some of that Canadian Military hardware we have sent and are sending to you.
    Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦❤ Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦

  5. It’s truly impressive the coordination and dedication the Ukranian people possess. Just goes to show what happens when some nations are in danger, the people will rally together and stand against a common foe.

    1. @T G If they are not why are they asking for help from the Syrians and going to use weapons forbidden by the Geneva convention like cluster bombs.

    2. The war is in Ukraine not in Moscow.
      Ukrainians are trying to impress the west but they’re doing some serious damage to their country.
      Technically Russia can withdraw its troops right now and come back in few years and destroy everything again.
      Ukraine needs to be neutral or the suffering will continue.
      CNN propaganda not going to change anything on the ground, we the people can see the real situation on the ground. This is not year 2003 lol

  6. Here’s to a swift Ukrainian victory and a long lasting peace, God bless Ukraine! SLAVA UKRAINI!!!! 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🙏💪👍👍👍👍👊✌️🇬🇧.

    1. @Phantomman I’m not sure YouTube actually purges them. I report some of them but can’t help trolling them back a little. Feels like vindication for years powerlessness while they undermined elections and fueled polarization in the west.

  7. GO UKRAINE GO!! The whole world is praying for you! You have -TRULY- inspired me to remember that freedom is not free! I had forgotten and taken for granted the freedoms that I have due to the sacrifices of men and women I will never know. I pray for your unrelenting courage and strength to send your enemy’s home packin! 👊😡🇺🇦✌️💙💛🇺🇸 God bless Ukraine!

    1. USA bombing list: The Democracy World Tour

      Korean & China (Korean war) 1950 – 1953

      Guatemala 1954

      Indonesia 1858

      Cuba 1959 – 1961

      Guatemala 1960

      Kongo 1964 – 1973

      Laos 1964

      Viatnam 1960 – 1973

      Kambodia 1969 – 1970

      Guatemala 1967 – 1969

      Grenada 1983

      Lebanon 1983 – 1984

      Libya 1986

      El Salvador 1980s

      Nicaragua 1980s

      Iran 1987

      Panama 1989

      Iraq 1991 (Persian Gulf War)

      Kuwait 1991

      Somalia 1993

      Bosnia 1994, 1995

      Sudan 1998

      Afghanistan 1998

      Yugoslavia 1999

      Yemen 2002

      Iraq 1991 – 2003 (US / UK on regular basis)

      Iraq 2003 – 2015

      Afghanistan 2001 – 2015

      Pakistan 2007 – 2015

      Somalia 2007 – 2008 , 2015

      Yemen 2009, 2011

      Libya 2011, 2015

    2. Ukraine is a Nazi country. Russia fights ahainst Nazis in Ukraine. But western media in USA and EU countries carefully hide it. The whole world supports Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine against the Nazi regime in Europe. The President of Turkey said yesterday: “The actions of the US and Europe against Russia are modern fascism!” The President of Russia said yesterday: “Western media is an “Empire Of Lies”. The Chinese leader said yesterday: “We support Russia in their fight against Nazism in Ukraine.” And only the Western media continue to release many Fake News every day. Vladimir Putin said yesterday about USA and Europe: – “They are calling on their citizens to tighten their belts, dress warmly and point to the sanctions that are being imposed against us as the reason for their worsening situation. It looks very strange, because Russia fulfill all our obligations. Prices in Western countries are rising through no fault of Russia. This is the result of their own miscalculations. There’s nothing to blame on us.”

  8. I really admire these people win lose or draw they are with all that action .. not backing down and fighting for they’re lives ..I would hope we could be just as strong if we ever needed to be 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    1. Except the Spartans weren’t alone, they had about 5,000 other greek warriors with them. ATM, Ukraine stands alone on the battlefield.

  9. 04:40 That’s the Swedish anti-tank named AT4. It works great on anything except the most modern of Russian tanks (T90+). Easy as all hell to use by any militia, weights almost nothing, needs no maintenance etc (single-use), and we sent over 5000 of em. Slava Ukraine

    1. @KrehlmarStarted out as joint British Swedish venture New generation MBT NLAW is now Built in Belfast by French company Thales Air defence.

  10. Ukraine, we are with you! You represent the best in all of us. Stay strong and let’s all do what we can to support the Ukrainian freedom fighters!

    1. The media ain’t so truthful about this situation.
      If there is a place to get a right source of information, not CNN.

    2. Just watch out for cyber pandemic and who will they blame? Russia.
      F**k this news media.
      The USA(democrats) are pulling some political card here which might not end up g99d.

      The same lie they told us about COVID.
      Bro Just watchout for cyber pandemic as I predict.
      This people are not smart!!

  11. I love how much coverage the media gives, but discussing strategy on air is bad. Everyone can listen to it and you cannot execute it. If the news about sending polish aircrafts to Ukraine didn’t spread, they could have already completed the job quietly and the Russian casualties loss would have been more. So, media needs to stop sharing smart strategy and share it after the defeat about how this was done. So many strategies couldn’t be implemented because of how much they talk about it on air. I don’t agree with this kind of reporting and throwing away your options. Come one guys.

  12. Seeing brave and proud Ukrainian people litteraly fighting for their lives and country against unimaginable odds is truly inspiring.
    Sadly, my fellow Americans can only whine about how much it cost to put gas in their 15mpg SUV while spending $6 for a Starbucks coffee..

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