Student Barred Over Hairstyle from Face-to-Face Classes | TVJ News – Mar 7 2022

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  1. The level of hypocrisy in Jamaica when it comes to people being a rasta.Shame on the government for not passing a bill to allow these children to learn freely without being discriminated.That little boy could be the Bob Marley.Shame on the government.I hate when they do this to the kids.Jamaica is still backwards to date.Shake my head

    1. Well first of all the child didn’t start school with locks, he has grown his hair over the pandemic, people must learn to respect rules and policies simple

    2. But he isn’t a Rasta. He just grew his hair. He doesn’t have to lock his hair yet that is fine but he has no connection to a Rastafarian group. If he is actual Rasta then this is a case but he isn’t.

  2. I still can’t belive in this modern times jamaica and jamaicans still living in the dark ages

  3. The school can let him do online in the meantime until the issue is resolve. His education should not suffer in no way. Personally I think a lock hair should not stop a child from school. Doesn’t it define us as a Jamaican ? Religion or not….

  4. Jamaicans are going to accept sea people before they accept themselves and what they look like. It don’t take a much to see that these rules were supposed to be done away with after slavery. How can you deny kids education because they don’t want to cut their hair? You guys don’t care what happens to his future. Let the kids be kids, let them cut it whenever they feel like.

    1. Ikr!! Hair shouldn’t have nothing to do with one’s education! Jamaica and Jamaicans are so backwards.

  5. At here at work they would not send you home it’s discrimination all you have to do clip it up

  6. its ok for a girl to wear a low cut hair style, but not ok for a male to grow his own hair kmft

  7. They don’t put this amount of time in ensuring that the children are learning

  8. There are two standard in Jamaica they love bod Marley but fight against the realign shame on Jamaica for this double standards. Rasta is recognise World wide, but not in Jamaica. The Rasta’s needs to start their own school and I’m sure those kids will be well rounded in their studies, and remember the school fees being paid to these schools I bet they are not returning these parents the school fee that these schools took at the beginning of the school year.

  9. The principal is say he is going by the school rules. The principal need to show the policy regards the decision on the child nit being allow to attend school due to his hair.

  10. This country is going backward morally, ethically and culturally. I attended a prominent Roman Catholic high school and the school administrators didn’t have a problem with students wearing locks.

    1. Catholics don’t have a problem with anything except the word of God as written in the scriptures.

  11. A time fi unuh left the children them let them learn in peace and stop focus on foolishness the real problem is crime and poverty in our little island come mek wi reason bout that government of Jamaica

  12. High levels of discrimination…these school administrations not showing any form of cultural sensitivity

  13. These comments on here trouble me greatly. I guess every school rule that governs behaviour should be thrown out because this is 2022 and is not an issue to learning. Like girls needing to wear their skirts at a certain length, that rule must be done away with right? Cause it has nothing to do with learning. Lord help us!

  14. Since the birth of this country, we have been dealing with this foolishness. Why must this mother have to go through this nonsense of getting a letter for her child to go to school. As long as his hair is clean then he should be allowed to go to school.

  15. Cant believe these bull sh**t still happening, leave the kids let them learn. Focus on imparting knowledge.

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