Student Stabbed in School Brawl in St. Elizabeth | High JPS Bills – Councillor – June 9 2022

Student Stabbed in School Brawl in St. Elizabeth | High JPS Bills - Councillor - June 9 2022 1


  1. This doctor talking about donating blood kmttttttt. Nobody never send Dem go buy guns to spill theirs to the ground ☹️☹️☹️all I can see is bay madness and carelessness

  2. I think you all may know that one of the biggest things influencing these violence in schools is the music they’re listening. It’ll only get worst.

    1. It’s not a trend, school was and is a battle field. With the event is mobile phone the wider society is now viewing what teachers face each day. Sigh

  3. From the government open back these students been fighting and killing each other like crazy man. Parents need to pray for there kids every single day.

  4. Sometimes I wonder what these younger generations 🤔 are really thinking 🤔 are they the future of this country? What will this country be with these people later in life 🤔

  5. I respect all teachers but some of them are vindictive & hate children.
    I can recalled been a Grade 7 student when a male teacher with tick body fist me for no reason.
    Bowy give trouble inna him class and him want punish everybody and I refused to do the punishment.
    Three uppercut inna mi belly.

  6. If the gunshot victims are proven to be the perpetrators, nuh waste ee lickkle blood pon dem…use it on people who nah tun pestilence to the society…

  7. place police into the schools instead of security and search each student entering the school compound.. Mark Golding can’t control the pnp so how will he run Jamaica. we need strong leadership to run our country and the pnp them a crab in a Burrell in their own party… kmt

  8. That is so true. The teacher should walk away. Look at the chair she pick-up up. The young man could of hit her with it.

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