Students Head Back To School Amid Mask Mandate Chaos & Rising Delta Cases 1

Students Head Back To School Amid Mask Mandate Chaos & Rising Delta Cases


The health of millions of students hangs in the balance as partisan battles over local mask mandates make it more difficult for educators to protect their students.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Students Head Back To School Amid Mask Mandate Chaos & Rising Delta Cases


    1. Your child your choice. School boards and Government shouldn’t decide for parents without scientific evidence. COVID escape a lab, I don’t think your dust mask is going to stop micro bacterial virus

    1. @Super Jaded Ha ha. I get it … you’re desperate to stay in the cult, so you make false analogies to make yourself feel better. But for the 4th time, masks clearly are NOT like condoms, as they are NOT a barrier to viruses. If they were barriers, you would be able to demonstrate this in the real world. But you can’t. What hilarious excuse will you make up next?

    2. @robotron17 I’m the leader of the cult of masks, although a pair of disposable vinyl gloves do make me feel like I can do anything. It’s part of my superhero costume . Enough about me tho, I was thinking about some old photos I was looking at on YouTube, & I saw the most eerie pic ever, I didn’t even recognize they were people at first. It was a an old photo of a village of people posing together all wearing gas masks. They looked extraterrestrial for just a moment, so eerie. It yeah, people used gas masks because they served a purpose during warfare just like people utilize medical style face masks to prevent the transmission of infectious disease. When I saw all the Chinese wearing face masks in early 2020, I knew something was horribly wrong. I didn’t need my own government to tell me that.

    3. @Super Jaded What is wrong with you? How does any of this negate the science showing masks don’t work? Total cult behavior. I show you the science, you go deeper into cult-land, as predicted.

    4. @Emerald I’m not going to be too mean to you either. But, you need to ask Cardinal Raymond Burke how his Covid-19 infection is going, he’s a conservative cardinal who was vocally anti vaccine which I’m pretty sure made him anti mask also. Find out how he likes wearing that ventilator & relying on somebody else well for everything. Who is the crazy one on YouTube? Look, I’m of an average intelligence, but I’ve had the opportunity to be around the cream of the crop. When they suggest you do something, it’s in your best interest to listen to them. They know what they’re talking about. You don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re not even even qualified on any level to advise people on their health & safety. Oh, & Cardinal Raymond Burke requests your thoughts & prayers. He’s going to need them

  1. Over sixty test positive from Obama’s birthday. Half claim to be vaxxed, the other half are putting kids’ lives in danger.

    1. @Jack Loftus, I wasn’t surprised to see your final reply to me was more inane than your first.

      When it comes to whether the vaccines are safe and effective, the only one lying to you who matters is… you.

    2. @SourDoughBill that’s true but how many compromise the President of the United States. You know a Russian drug dealer has one of his laptops and are blackmailing him.

    3. If vaccines work why are 85% of hospitalizations VAXed? Why are only VAX getting Delta variant. 99.7% recovery rate they make therapeutics to treat that are more effect then experimental jabs.

    4. @Harold Moore yea your right. The most dangerous virus in the world requires a test so you know you have it. Everyone better get a jab and wear 2 mask and make sure your 6’ apart or we all are going to die.

  2. See now that doesn’t make any sense how are the children under 12 vulnerable when you can’t give them the vaccine but the children over 12 are vulnerable so the moment that they turn 12 all of a sudden the virus just knows how old they are and remembers their birthday? Something isn’t right about what you’re telling me

    1. @Win Big with Lena & Mike I don’t know if you Lena or Mike but I’m guessing both of y’all are pretty stupid.

  3. Still don’t know how to thank Dr Omongbe on the awesome transformation in my life after using his herbal supplements for genital herpes… I’m finally free now.

  4. Now that Stanford, MIT and Yale have all come out with reports on masks and social distancing being completely worthless endeavors, Gavin will owe you millions for trampling your civil rights. Visit Arizona, Texas or any of these other open states and see that people are living normal lives outside the liberal utopias.

    Five democrat states, lead by liberal Dems are running a military grade psyop on you.

    Or just keep drinking the Kool Aid.

  5. why did DeSantis pass a law so that he cant be held responsible if children catch COVID at a public school ?

  6. Gavin newsom today stated that all immigrants from Afghanistan are welcome to California !
    Let’s hope he is recalled and voted out of office !
    Or as my grandparents used to say simply taken off this Earth due to health problems

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